The Perfection of Black Women

From the outset, let me thank for inviting me to say a few words concerning the greatness of Black women. It is truly an honor being able to have the rare opportunity to share some very important data with such a prestigious magazine.

Recently, the on-line magazine Psychology Today approved an article written by one of its London-based employees who attempted to attack the sacred image of Black women. Their basic argument says the concept of beauty cannot be attributable to Black women as it is a characteristic exclusive to non-Black women. (Kanazawa: 2011, Psychology Today). Interestingly, due to the soaring numbers of worldwide plastic surgeries getting done by non-Black women to obtain the ethnic features of Black women, I would say non-Black women would not agree with Psychology Today’s conclusion.

So, in actuality, we all really know Black women are beautiful. What I have discovered is although applicable, the concept of ‘beauty’ is insufficient when describing the global Black woman as it does not express her distinct overall essence neither does it speak to her illustrious legacy. Beauty, or should we say “natural beauty” is part of a harmonic force consisting of aesthetics, motherhood, intelligence, legacy and sophistication. Natural beauty then is an aspect of a much higher concept.

Therefore, a more appropriate concept (minimally) to describe Black women would be to say Black women are perfect.

For several years I have been examining specific data which expresses Black woman’s greatness in general and her perfection in particular. I then tested that data with some dysfunctional relationships some of us experience. I have also researched various blockades preventing Black women from realizing their perfection. Some of my findings are as follows:

(1) Aggression shown against Black women is not because they are less beautiful but Black women are being attacked because they are the personification of beauty and the ultimate archetypes of perfection which subsequently breeds envy in both women and men.

(2) Negatives targeting Black women are distractions meant to keep them from becoming enlightened concerning their perfection. It’s like this. If you are too busy trying to convince yourself you are not ugly, your level of awareness will never even consider perfection.

(3) Some Black men have raised the anti-Black woman banner because he has stepped away from his primary source of love and inspiration: Black woman. Metaphorically speaking, the fish has decided he doesn’t need water anymore.

(4) Black men are emboldened against her because Black women do not expect or require literal worship from her Black man which is an ancient practice that kept relationships solid.

(5) Black women are “guilted” out of conditionally loving themselves.

Granted, accepting the perfection of Black woman concept may not be easy to grasp initially, especially when Black women are subjected to a constant parade of negatives. Nevertheless, Black women are the ultimate survivors and thus the provability of Black woman’s perfection is easy to do.
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Naj Kamau, M.A. is an author and research specialist who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He can be contacted at
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  1. Wow! Thank you for confirming what I already knew to be true. Black women are the epitome of and set the standard of beauty. Often times, people want to shy away from the word conspiracy but, in this case I would say the evidence outweighs anything otherwise. Caucasian genetics are recessive and their birth numbers now prove that. They have to attack the Black mother to prevent their extinction but they are doomed and their actions have sealed their fate. Brothers and sisters please research melanin and you will see that WE are gods and thus life started with us and we should not accept mediocrity.

  2. Peace Brown Sista, I really enjoyed reading ” The Perfection of Black Women”, an excellent article. I have also read
    Naj Kamau’s book Orhemah: A Cosmic Study in her Seduction, which is full with profound knowledge.
    5* book!

  3. This is a marvelous addition to this website…it’s wonderful when WE realize our beauty…globally it’s undeniable…the world will continue to emulate us, from our slang, swag, intellect, talent and physical attributes while in denial! Great perspective!

    I love the photo…it just jumped out and spoke to me and I immediately clicked on…look forward to reading more posts!

  4. stokely carmichael said before leaving the u.s. in total disgust said,”black fathers go home and tell your black daughters they are beautiful”. the article was good, but not until we believe black is beautiful ourselves , how can we make the world believe that. we have to focus on changing our own preceptions of beauty and particularly black beauty. why is it that the majority of black owned magazines,blogs,t.v. shows,etc. solely focus on the black female celebs that look white, or closer to white views of beauty. why is it that Beyonce and Halle Berry is on a peddlestool in our communities, while darkskin beauties such as keisha night pullmam, or kelly rowland are ever mentioned? why is it that black blogs love to discuss an Armenian Kim Khardashian but rarely discuss Jennifer Williams the chocolate black barbie doll, that has grace, sophistication, education, beauty. Why won’t the black blogs create a superstar out of her, than jumping at the chanceto indirectly throw kim kardashians face on our screen as the ultimate black man’s fantasy. black blogs want to decipher and criticize psychology today for giving this doctor a forum to speak, yet black blogs are guilty of the same thing. i.e. colorism. if jennifer williams was lighter complexioned she would be on more black blogs discussing how fine she is. I honestly don’t need a black doctor telling me about how my aesthetics is the envy of the world, when evidence speaks to the contrary, and when my own community glorifies all that which is nonblack. look at jlo, the girl was held as the poster child for black women. and the woman is a white latina. black folks irk me.

  5. Thank you thank you! This is crazya great article. Us sistas need to be honored for loving ourselves on our own…

  6. @BOHWE
    I am co-signing 100% with what you say. To add to this sentiment: I hear time after time how other women are trying to acqire black features. How about all the black women who are trying to acqire white features. Look at Beyonce on her new cover looking more like Farrah Fawcett. Mary J, with her platinum bobs along with Hilson and her honey weave. Enough already.

    The main people that have contributed to the idea of black being ugly are black people. Our men have contributed to this by rejecting us over and over again when having “options”. Our women have done so by bleaching their hair, skin, and shaving down their noses.

    Black will become the epitome of beauty when we celebrate, Kenya Moore, stop ridiculing Alek Wek, and love Lauryn’s (old) locs as much as her lyrics. This entire degradation of black beauty is our own fault and we must accept responsibility for it now.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post, and I believe more blogs should put out positive images about Black Women, which is exactly how our post “14 Reasons Why Black Women are Awesome” came into existence.

    We should realize that we’re perfectly priceless, and be done with all these ridiculous studies and aggravating news flashes.

    No matter what the media declares or the public portrays, we should stand strong behind our convictions.

    We must realize and truly believe that we are bold, we are strong, and we are beautiful, and nothing or no one can change that as far as I’m concerned.

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