The Presidential Debate

Did you watch tonight’s first Presidential Debate? I was on the fence, but eventually decided to tune in.

Like most of the Twitterverse, I was not pleased with my president’s performance. However, that will not stop me from voting for him because I know where his heart and ideas lie.

These debates however are not about people like me, they are for those voters who are still undecided. If you are such a voter, did either the president or Mitt Romney’s performance sway you to vote one way or the other, and if so, why?


  1. I think President Obama went out of his way not to appear on the attack, while Mitt was! But, regardless, Mitt will get a slight bounce, but those who heard him say no PBS funding know he dug a hole for himself and will lose that bounce on the campaign trail. Right now people are just happy to see Pres. Obama under-perform…but, this is just like the NBA finals, that one lost will make him come back with more fierce determination and his camp, volunteers and supporters will step-up!

    This is a blessing in disguise because as I have my complaints about the Obama administration, to go backwards would be such an injustice! Unfortunately, his camp didn’t keep his youth base galvanized and those who bought into the “hope” dream! He took over at the worst time, next to the great depression! But, he will be re-elected! Thank God!

  2. Where did his Mojo go? Hope Obama gets it back soon.

  3. But, he will be re-elected! Thank God

    Obama supporters are waaay too sure of themselves. Nothing is written in stone. The election is a month away and the Republicans are working overtime to get him out of office. I hope apathy does not set in and people stay away from the polls thinking others will do the work, come out and vote and make everything ok. All Obama supporters need to have a sense of urgency and get out there and vote.

  4. I adore Mr.President Obama because of his policies but most importantly his geniune love for humanity. Never have I’ve seen a President that interacts with everyday people and show geniune love and compassion. He is the only President , I can remember that makes a honest effort to help his people and those around the world. You have to respect and love the fact that he makes it plain that he’s deeply in love with his wife, and physically into her. How many Presidents can we name, that openly admires, flirts with his wife. Or the fact that his children are crazy about him. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with politics or running a country, but this President home is inorder , so therefore he will keep the country in order.

    He may have lost the first debate but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, win or lose he gave the world a new type of black man , and black family. A black man that loves his wife, into his wife. Makes her a pirority, loves his children, loves his community and community. Has broken down every negative stereotype. Most importantly, he has been a positive influence over black children. Please visit the youtube videos of about black kids crying meeting him, breaking down. His Presidency is so much more than a failed debate. And I love him for that. He’s a good man with integrity, and a pure class act.

  5. “I hope apathy does not set in and people stay away from the polls thinking others will do the work, come out and vote and make everything ok. All Obama supporters need to have a sense of urgency and get out there and vote.”

    Say that, Sista. The voter registration deadlines for many states are coming up soon. For some states it’s as soon as this Saturday. Check your state’s deadline at Then actually register to vote at

    Obama 2012. Forward

  6. I was just browsing Politico and Huffington Post and both are reporting the huge gain Romney is feeling after his showing at the debate.

    Folks better be vigilant next month and come out to vote. In most states registration to vote is still open.

    Come on people! Come on.

  7. “The two parties have combined against us to nullify our power by a gentleman`s agreement of non-recognition, no matter how we vote…May God write us down as ***** if ever again we are found putting our trust in either The Republican or The Democratic Parties”.

    WEB Dubois (1922)

    Nearly 100 years later we, as a people, are still grasping for straws in a futile effort to obtain political justice from a nation that has NEVER shown ANY justice when it comes to its` millions and millions of descendants of slaves. And one of my heroes, Brotha Malcolm X, echoed similar sentiments as those expressed by WEB Dubois in his exposition about both parties.

    Elitism is the call of the day and The President is nothing more than a PROXY for The elite…He`s THEIR President, not the people`s. If I run society/corporation why would I allow others to choose my president? The President is elected by an assembly, the electoral college, to perform his duties as mandated by The Elite. Politics is nothing but an insidious game perpetrated by men who lust for greed and power…Don`t believe the hype.

    MJ and the Golden 80s 4ever!!!


  8. Before the first debate, I was an undecided voter. Although I am a moderate democrat I have had fears that President Obama lacks the skills to truly fix the economy and most importantly, move congress forward past the constant gridlocks. Much of me hopes that if Obama were re-elected that would force many politicians in the GOP to start working with him finally since the last four years they have done all they could to make him a one term president. But I fear that even if Obama does win that will just ignite the republican/tea parties more to be even more stubborn and get even less done in Washington in an attempt to ensure that in 2016 the GOP wins for certain. Inspite of those fears, thanks to the debate I realize that although Mitt Romney seems like a strong candidate and I appreciate his values, I don’t agree with his policies on medicare

  9. Oops, my iPad sent my previous comment before I was finished… I was stating.I don’t agree with Mitt Romney’s stances on Medicare nor the degrees of tax cuts he is willing to make. While I agree we shouldn’t borrow more from china I don’t believe we cut federal and good paying jobs and cut programs that help the poor and underprivileged all in attempts not to tax the people who can afford it most. Obama had a poor showing and it’s obvious he didn’t prepare much. But if he is able to execute his plans, I believe he is the better man for the job. But yes, all who have posted before are correct this is a super close race and Everyone needs to vote. No matter who you support. Every vote matters. And although I live in the state of Kansas where the electoral votes are all but sure to go to the republican candidate, I’m STILL going to vote because too many people have died to ensure I had the opportunity.

  10. president obama may have lost one debate, but that doesn’t mean that he lost the war. he wasn’t on his game, but realistically,could it be a tactic that president obama used. sit back and study the man’s technique,find out his weakness and strengths, study his body gestures and movements, and his views on certain issues, and then for the next debate pounce on him. or maybe president obama was just like, give mitt a win, because i rather be with my wifey on my anniversary. i honestly think that if people vote for mitt over his debates, than oh well.

  11. obama ilk tart??may? kaybetti ancak bu son olacak. Ben ne olursa olsun obamay? daha samimi buluyorum.

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