The Pressure Of Getting Married

“I’m getting married!” is what some parents like to hear their son, or daughters say. But in reality do they really want to get married, or are you as parents or a close family member pressuring them to get married?

So my question is what’s the rush in getting married?, what am I missing? The Single life, the go as I want, and when I want, plus I don’t have to answer to anyone.
And, no I’m not anti-marriage. But, I think one should get married when they’re willing and able to. Although I do think one should go out, and enjoy their 20’s, especially when they’re in their early 20’s. Because, I think marriage is a commitment, and you’re not going to be able to do the things you did as if you were single.

So when I meet other singe people around my age. I breathe a sign of relief, and realize that it’s perfectly normal not to be married at our age. Maybe our reason for not being married yes is nothing serious, other than us not finding the right person yet, or we’re working on our career first. Whatever it is, family members should not get shunned because they’re not married yet.


  1. I cannot WAIT to get married, but I am so young (22), and haven’t even began my life yet. I plan to d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y live out my goals and dreams before settling down..which will be a minute before that happens! where do I start?

  2. My man wants to get married, we are engaged…But its not really that important to me. I can go in and out when I please..He dont care as long as her know where im at. I garuntee and soon as we get married, her is cont control me, just like half the marraiges out her…My mom is okay about that marriage, my Dad…”When u getting Married”, Ten thousand times…I’m 22, and my man is 23, why should we get married so young, but thats how things is, i really dont care but he does so its in August…

  3. Pressure….are you serious? Sista’s are desperately looking, waiting, praying, hoping, seeking and wanting a good man. I just got married 02-14-2010. Thank you GOD!!! I am so thankful to GOD!! There was no pressure might of fact I became a little fearful thinking that he might change his mind with all these thirsty and disrespectful women out here…LOL On a serious note it is normal to be single and unmarried. I was single and celibate for five years before meeting my husband. Reggie Bush wrote a message on this website that was powerful!! I cannot find it. I pray for my sister daily For Black it is really, really hard to find a good decent man. With men being, gay,jail,downlow, 4,5 or 6 baby mama’s, or the brother jobless and looking for a free meal ticket. It’s hard!! Pressure…I do not think that is the problem…I think not enough good men is….I come in love, and leave in peace!

  4. Reggie Bush wrote about the lack of available Black men for Black women.

  5. i dont think anybody can be pressured to get married. either you want to or you don’t, how can someone pressure you?

  6. No one should Be forced to do anything they don’t want to do , I am however annoyed with The “I do what i please , i don’t have to answer to anyone” Rant when those type of women are the first to bend over backward for a man that don’t even deserve it..

  7. I’m a lil iffy about marriage, I really don’t see what’s so important. All it is; is a contract(that wil most likely be broken) and an exchange of rings, and spending alot of cash. MOST marriages don’t work out and you spend more years going through a bitter divorce than you stay married. But who knows maybe years and years from now when I meet someone who I really care for my mind might change.

  8. I think people should just do what makes them happy. If you’re family and friends are pressuring you to get married, just ignore them. It’s your life. Hell, people will always pressure you. I AM married, and 5 yrs ago, people were pressuring me NOT to get married, and a few still do “presure” me to go back to being single. People put pressure on you no matter what position you’re in. But this is my life, and I won’t allow myself to feel the presure that people try to put on me.

  9. i am in a relationship and he need to ask me before i start moving around and dating his fine brother

  10. its messed up when you look at marriage as a contract, and something that can be broken easily. Marriage is God ordained, so its not just some flimsy contract. Your marriage will work out perfectly only if you work at it. that is the way life is. you get what you put out. i want to get married, but i’m only 21. I want marriage mostly for the companionship. There is nothing like love in this world, if you love someone, there is nothing that can bring you apart from them, regardless of money or whatever.

  11. TUTU- Ok…And can’t you truely love that person without being married? Look, that’s just my theory on it for right now at least, because from what I’VE seen and statistics most marriages don’t work out, and that’s what it seems like,(my bad I don’t have the percentages for you). I know MANY couples who have been together for 10-20+ years and who love each other unconditionally. But like I said who knows, when I meet a good woman and she wants this fream wedding i’ll probably give in.

  12. Oh and marriage should be God ordained but most of the time its not SMH.

  13. I’m in no rush to get married. Marriage is a commitment & it takes a lot of work and no one should feel pressured.

    And just cause you are married dont get to hyped. Divorces happen everyday.

  14. *And just cause you are married dont get to hyped. Divorces happen everyday.

    You are right not to get married. Don’t ever!

    @17: Look who’s talking about god, Loooool

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