The Return Of Blu Cantrell

Though Blu Cantrell hasn’t had a major hit single in the U.S since 2003, that hasn’t stopped her from schmoozing with the elite and making the rounds of the hottest Hollywood parties.Blu can practically be seen at the opening of an envelope and made one of her last major appearances at JayZ’s album release party.And though we have no official word from Blu’s record company as to when her new album will drop, we do have many pics to share with her fans who may be going through withdrawal.You can check out a few images below from several photo shoots Blu has done, as well as head on over to our gallery to see Blu at various events she attended this past year.
Blu CantrellBlu CantrellBlu Cantrell

Blu CantrellBlu CantrellBlu CantrellBlu Cantrell

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  1. Blu loves her some blue contacts.When she gon’ let that look go? đŸ˜†

  2. How many albums did she release? I only remember one and the single “Hit’em Up Style”.I see she still posing provocatively and I heard that is why Jay left her back in the day.She looks good though- gotta give her that.

  3. She looks great with dark hair.It allows you to focus on her face rather than her hair color.A lot of sistahs love them some blonde hair but many look better without it.Blu is one of them that needs to leave the peroxide alone.

  4. Blu never came out with another CD because Blacktail a mens nude mag,busted her out about posing b4 she had a CD out they re issused the issue she was in…

  5. Why would that really stop her from releasing a new album though? Her label didn’t drop her so I just don’t see why she hasn’t done anything in all these years.Sistas are judged so harshly these days.Her career gets sidelined because of a few hot pics while a white woman’s career would have only gotten hotter.I tell you we can’t win for losing. :thumbsdown:

  6. You all know Black women must be punished at all times for being sexual.Unless we allow our sexuality to be controlled by others (white and black men)we will always suffer for controlling and using it as we wish.

  7. Blu had one semi-successfull album over five years ago.This was before Alicia, Beyonce, and Rihanna.These three ladies have the r&b game on lockdown and the old guarad isn’t needed anymore.This is why albums by Toni Braxton, Brandy and Monica are failing.The inevitible changing of the guard has taken place and it is out with the old and in with the new.Blu Cnatrell doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of having anything that even looks like a hit so she might as well just call it quits.

  8. I don’t agree.People thought Mariah was down for the count too and she came back.I know Blu doesn’t have the same track record as Mariah but she has a voice and fans who may be awaiting her return as well as possible she fans she could make if she has a good single.In other words, anything is possible.Besides, I can deal with Blu better than I can artists like Rihanna.

  9. I think Blu looks beautiful in the above pics and we should stop judging ppl so much on little things.Let the girl take a few sexy pics if she wants.She ain’t the first and won’t hardly be the last woman to use her sex appeal to advance her career.

  10. One of the best voices out there…I love her. Great voice.

  11. I agree Madame.I miss her sultry voice.She was a rare gem that just needs the right songs to showcase her vocal abilities.

  12. Blu has one of the greatest voices in the industry. I love bothof her albums. Can’t wait until she returns.

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