The Return Of Miss Jackson

Janet Jackson Singer Janet Jackson has been pretty quiet for most of 2007 but a recently posted message on her official website has many thinking that the singer’s imposed seclusion after the failure of her 20 Y.O album might be over. Janet speaks of her new movie with Tyler Perry, an invite only mini concert at the Atlantis – Phase III opening on May 11th., as well as special performances in London and Cannes. Her boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, also posted on his My Space page that Janet would have a single on the Rush Hour 3 soundtrack that he is producing.

You can read more of what Janet had to say to her fans below.

Its been more than too long since we’ve spoken? How is your life going? All is well with me. There’s so much to update u on. Where do I start? Well, I just finished filming the new Tyler Perry movie, “Why Did I Get Married?” It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a film. Its an ensemble cast that includes Richard T. Jones, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba, Tasha Smith, Michael Jai White, Sharon Leal and Tyler Perry – who wrote, produced and directed the movie. I play an educated author & psychologist who writes about love, marriage and relationships and counsels as well. Its a great departure 4 me from my other roles and I can’t wait for u to see the movie when it opens later this year.

Have u seen my Vibe Vixen cover? I LOVE it! The story was great and I love the photos the fabulous Ruven Afanador shot. I’m also on the cover of famed photographer Michel Haddi’s new magazine, Sly & Chic. We shot it in the Hollywood Hills a few months ago – real classic Hollywood style – a totally different look. The magazine should be on stands in the states in a couple of weeks – I hope u like it.

On the music side, I’ve been in crazy rehearsals preparing for my performance at the Atlantis – Phase III opening on May 11th. I’m performing a mini concert and planning to enjoy the Bahamas with the kids. Then I’m off to Europe to do an event in Cannes and London. I hope you are preparing to have a great summer and I promise to keep in better touch.

Miss u! Luv, Janet


  1. Hate to admit it but Janet’s time has come and gone. It’s time she accept that and let the new girls have their moment in the sun. A part of being a great artist is knowing when it is time to just give it up. :stop:

  2. Everything Janet does now fails because she or her manager or Jermaine have no idea how to handle her career anymore.Her last album was good and I bought it but the videos and song choices for first and second single were poor.Everything has gone bad for Janet since the Superbowl fiasco and it ain’t about to get better anytime soon unless someone can get her back in good with pop radio and MTV.If her people aren’t going to work on that part of her career then everything else they try will fail.Mini concerts and such are not going to put her back on the charts.Janet is just making more nosie with no follow thru at all.I ain’t even going to get my hopes up :thumbsdown:

  3. I think now Janet’s strongpoint is her acting. I think she should focus on that. These concerts she’s preparing for sound like just special events, since we know she isn’t touring with the 20 Y.O. album. I think what she’s doing is great. Maybe she ‘has’ accepted that now she needs to chill a bit, focus on the acting, do songs here and there…that’s fine with me. I’ve been a die-hard fan of Janet’s since forever. Who knows, she may take this break, work on movies and then come back crazy in five years with an insane album. I mean, look at Cher and her longevity! Janet’s got crazy fans like that too…it can happen. I still love her; she’s awesome and selfishly speaking I want to see her do more acting anyways, so this is good for her. 🙂

  4. Janet is still the third richest black woman in the entertainment biss, after Oprah and Mariah. Janet been on tv longer than both of them so I would never count her out….over 35 years

  5. I love Janet. She is one of my favorite artist and performers.

    The superbowl fiasco did hurt her, but she needs to evolve as a women and step away from the pop music scene. She has a place in music history and all of these young artist from Britney, Beyonce, Ciara, etc. have copied her style. She has over thirty years in the business. She could produce, direct, write music and make movies.

    What she really needs is a big break. A major leading actress role in a great dramatic film that will have people talking and make the media forget about the Superbowl.


  6. [quote comment=”6822″]Mariah is Black :noway:[/quote]

    Mariah’s father was a Black man and her mother is a White woman. So, yes, she is Black.

  7. When people suggest or outright say that Janet needs to move over for the new chicks, i can’t help but wonder if thats because she is still in the way after all these years :dance1: Get’em Miss Jackson!

  8. [quote comment=”6812″]Hate to admit it but Janet’s time has come and gone.[/quote]A year ago I would have fought you tooth and nail over this comment but I see now it is true. Janet’s career has really gone downhill. The last era was down right embarassing. The terrible photo shoots and non stop comments about how well Jermaine sexes her made her look cheap and desperate for attention. Very little time and energy seemed to be put into the music and promoting it. Instead we saw Janet on cover after cover but only saw her perform on television all of 3 times last year and the last was at the Billboard Awards in December and by then the album was dead and off the charts. Now I take everything Janet says with a grain salt. Her messages mean nothing and I am no longer holding my breath waiting for new music, especially if it is produced by Jermaine, or a tour.

  9. I love Janet. But I believe her time as a singer is over. And yes her last album was good, just not promoted correctly. I’d love to see her act, become a choreographer or host some shows or something. I don’t want her to go away totally. I love you MS JACKSON!

  10. I’m going to go put my 20 YO album on right now :dance:

    A part of me still hopes they release the single Enjoy. That would be a great summer tune :thumbsup:

  11. You guys are crazy to count this woman out! She will tour…mark my words…you guys will see very soon. Janet is a bad b*tch and she is going to show you how its done. Be on the look out for 2007!

  12. Janet is the definition of real talent, so I don’t think she’s going anywhere any time soon. Sure I would like to see her in more movies because it’s obvious she’s just as good acting as she is performing. 20 Y.O. was a hott album just like her past albums. And ya’ll talk about move over janet and make room for these cookie-cutter artist that’s out now jocking her style? Please :lol2:

  13. Janet will always be a start – she’s has a few set backs but I think she can make a comeback….only if jermaine stays out of it of course.

  14. JD is still trying to get Janet and Mariah together but this time with Nelly. JD may have worked wonders for Mariah and Nelly but he is sinking Janet’s career.

  15. Janet is blinded by love just as Whitney Houston was.

  16. As long as she doesn’t work with Jermaine’s productions I’m cool with that. And to those who think Janet is over, everyone was saying the same thing about Mariah and Mary J. If Janet gets some sense and shows more maturity as a grown woman, she ain’t going nowhere. But that’s her LAST chance, if this album flops, she’s over.

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