The Return Of The Queen Bey

Is Beyonce’s break from the music industry about to be over? Well, according to producer @LOSDAMYSTRO, the singer’s new single could debut in as little as three weeks.

Here is what the super producer had to say via his Twitter page:

Listening to New B record Dream wrote…F**KINg INSANE! WOw!! She About to Kill the game again! Had to Listen again!! Yall C in 3 weeks!” he tweeted. “Thats what they sayn now.. But it is the music Business. could b sooner r lata..

This tweet of course sent Bey fans into convulsions and they soon started hitting him up with questions about the new single, prompting him to respond:

All i can say i Ladies yall got anither Athem!! RT @Beyoncelite: @LOSDaMystro Is it a BIG record like the sound of it?!!

Rumors have been swirling for sometime now that Beyonce’s short lived sabbatical from the industry was about to come to an end. Producers from Ne-Yo to The Dream have been taking to Twitter to talk about the direction of the singer’s new album, which reportedly has been in production for months.

So it appears when Beyonce told fans at the last stop on the European leg of her tour that they would be seeing her again in about a year, she wasn’t lying.


  1. Yayyyy!!! I’m so excited! I know many will complain that she’s coming back too soon, but who cares if the music is good. Other artists aren’t even waiting a year before they release a new album. Such is the state of the industry.

  2. I’m excited too. What will she think of next? How will she ever top Single Ladies?

  3. Yesssssss !! So glad to know that she gave up on “I am Sasha Fierce” album. Eagerly want to hear her new album.

    I NEED B……:)

  5. I CANNOT wait! She’s about to blow up the spot AGAIN. She seems to be in a VERY happy place in her life right now. Judging by the last few performances I’ve seen her w/Jay.
    Once she gets started, there is NO stopping her, she’s a machine. Her work ethic is like NO OTHER. And I agree w/the first comment, it doesnt matter how often an artist releases as long as the music is good as mentioned there ARE other artist who drop records months apart. Bey hasnt had an album out since what 2008………..THE END~

  6. She could quit today and come back tomorrow with 50-11 albums in between; don’t care. As long as the music is good, better, best, that’s what really matters, as most of you have stated.

  7. Yayyy!! Rihanna, Beyonce, No Doubt (allegedly)…this year will be wrapping up in the best possible ways

  8. Can’t wait for the album, but I do wish these producers would just shut up already. I’m sure Beyonce doesn’t want them saying anything at all if they accidently “leak” to much info that might be the end of them ever working with her again. But like he said who knows it could be longer than people really think.

  9. Can’r wait for the new album hopefully it’s a completely different direction for her, but either way she’s so talented that I know it will be worth listening to.

  10. usually i would say that she needs to take more time off, yada yada yada, but Im actually excited to hear some new material from her.

  11. I agree with Sean, shut up and let us do the talking! I’ve come to the conclusion that Jay Z has a very low to none sperm count cause this chick (I’m a stan) should have had about 2 at least 1 kid by now!

  12. @bored lol you is a mess. But i agree. Let me see him. I give him 5 kids lol.

  13. Beyonce’ know WE love empowerment and she always provide a female anthem to keep us singing and dancing in the car, at the gym, or cleaning up the house! I can’t wait for the next dose and I hope it’s a natural progression from BDay and not I am…Sasha Fierce.

  14. yeah right…shakin ur cooch in front of the screen is screaming female empowerment. Nasty put ur close on indeed!!

  15. If beyonce comes out with some good music, R&b Soulful digne of a legend [and i am not referring to the young pop garbage she’s been selling these last years,] , I will no doubt buy it, If Not then i won’t, Either way her fans will buy her dirty tampons so she has nothing to Worry about.

  16. OMG, I hope this is true. Can’t wait to hear some new music from Bey. She has truly been missed.

  17. Thanks guys for the positive comments for Beyonce, it’s better to know she has real fans then fake ones. I can’t wait for her to come out and run the pretenders out of town…

  18. I’m excited for Bey to return! Beyonce is amazing and the anticipation is great.

  19. @Bored take note, Beyonce says she will have children “WHEN” she is ready. Ready or not she is about her paper. Hopefully Jay will catch her off guard and not take thoses birth control pills/method which ever she uses.

  20. I can not WAIT until this new music comes out. I’m tired of the same ol’ same ol’. A bunch of chicks that can barely sing, but get mad love because they are “real” or they have “struggled” or are “down”.

  21. hmmmmm, am I the ONLy one who honestly feels like Beyonce’ never left….during her “hiatus” she managed to release multiple videos to “give her fans something to enjoy while she was away” and still stay heavy in the media with vacation press shots, dereon news, and the whole nine yards. Released “Why Don’t You Love Me” as a UK single and all kinds of stuff so yeah….I can’t really say I MISSED her, ’cause her face was always on my an urban site or television ad like the Loreal Lip commercials and magazine spreads you see EVERYTIME you pick up Essence,etc. so yeah. not disrespect,and she does what she does….I personally haven’t liked any of her albums except her Debut. And I refuse to buy this one unless the music is truly good. No more, the video making and over-exposure making me want to buy it. Single ladies video was INCREDIBLE ( spent countless hours learning the dance moves) and If I were a boy’s vid had a nice storyline. However, the disc itself…6 record breaking grammy’s or not….was honestly wack. I’m sorry. I went to CD tradepost and got a good $4. But good luck to Be on this next one. Happy her fans are happy, and I’m not a hater….but I’m definitely not a supporter either. Glad to see a Black woman on top tho 🙂

  22. Yay!!!!! Bey is back!!!!! This news makes me really happy 🙂 The urban/ pop scene has been super dry without her.

    If you are not a supporter, why would your opinion matter? Why would you even care?And, the long paragraph? I don’t get it. Maybe because its Bey people feel like they just have to say something. Is that it? *shrugs*

  23. Umm, she releases like a new song and music video every other week. I am so over Beyonce and her over hyped gimmicks.

  24. I really hope this is true. Can’t wait until we start seeing promo pics and vids. I’m getting waaaay to excited.

  25. I can not wait for new B music. She never disappoints.

    BTW of course B never goes away because her fans/ haters won’t let her.

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