The Soul Train Awards Are No More

It’s the end of the line for the Soul Train Music Awards, which have largely been ignored by the African-American stars the event aims to honor. A spokeswoman said the show would not go ahead with its 22nd annual installment this year, but a reason was not specified. At last year’s event in Pasadena, most of the winners did not show up, including such A-listers as Beyonce Knowles, Mary J. Blige, John Legend and Gnarls Barkley. The show takes place a few weeks after the Grammys, the music industry’s top awards. Similarly themed ceremonies like the BET Awards have also provided some competition.

I have to admit, I did not see this coming. I always thought that much like The American Awards, if just one or two big celebrities were persuaded to show up, then ratings would rise and ultimately more big name artists would return to the show as well. Sadly, that has not happened and the first music awards show that catered to Black music and was Black Owned, is now gone.

How this happened is beyond me as once upon a time the Soul Train Awards had every big name celebrity out there showing up and wanting to perform. I guess as more mainstream award shows started to highlight Black performers, those performers felt they no longer had a need for Soul Train and thus an era has come to an end.

And for old times sake, check out Whitney Houston performing You Give Good Love at the first ever Soul Train Awards Show. The year was 1987 and Whitney was at her musical peak.

Whitney Houston Performs 1987 Soul Train Awards


  1. Sad how we have done Don. He had a format for us when no one eles did. It must really hurt him that the younger in-for-now entertainers showed him no love. The award show is gone, the tv show is shown in old school format which is not bad at all. It’s great to see Jeffrey Daniels and Jody Watley dancing together on stage. Will we ever support each other when it comes to us? I also blame Mr. Clark for giving those artists the ultimatum, perform on the Soul Train Award Show or forget about about showing up at the, which was it? the grammys or the music awards? Or both? either way it has to hurt Don. My man Don you and your shows will always be 1# with me!!

  2. The Soul Train show should be in the Guinness Books of World Records for the longest running TV/Dance Show. I agree Don Cornelius Productions help boost a lot of predominantly black singers, hip hop artists, other ethnicities into stardom.and worldwide recognition. And what I noticed that a lot of black entertainers , in the music industry would show up for other award shows during the entire year but would not show up for the SOUL TRAIN AWARDS. And even Ms. Dreamgirl Academy awarded best supporting actress wanted to get out of appearing at a Soul Train Awards show but Clive Davis made her appear.I think Don should have a Reunion Show of the best of the past performers stars and make then sign a contract to appear at the show.And if the artist is filming somewhere
    else, he or she can film their musical act from their location and satellite to the TV audience watching the show.
    GLO-Los Angeles

  3. I actually gasped when I read that headline. Aw man! That’s messed up. I must admit tho, I really don’t watch Soul Train anymore like I used to. I’m not even sure when it comes on. But I did watch the awards every year faithfully. I do agree that all these other award shows are giving Soul Train awards some competition. But that just means that Soul Train needs to revamp their awards and bring somethin different! Maybe have each winner come down the Soul Train line to get their award or somethin! I don’t know! πŸ™‚ Aww Soul Train! Let’s talk about this!! πŸ™

  4. Maybe have each winner come down the Soul Train line to get their award or somethin!

    OMG, that made me crack up laughing πŸ˜†

    Btw, Nia Soul Train stopped coming on in 2006. I had no idea but I read that last night online as well.

  5. Hmmm. I had no idea. Unfortunate. Somehow they lost their flair…OR COMMERCIAL BACKING. Maybe big business is to blame? Is Soul Train owned by Viacom too? πŸ˜†

    BET Awards, MTV (music, movie) Awards, American Music Awards, Grammy Awards….VIBE Awards? what else is there for music? All music even? Image Awards?

    Who are these ‘award shows’ owned by? Run by?
    Why have African-Americans stopped watching the show? Because A-listers refuse to support it anymore? Why do they no longer support the show? Do they deem the Soul Train Awards “less than”? When did they become “less than”? Is it because they don’t have that same ‘crossover appeal’ that the aforementioned shows have? Is it because Soul Train is just for ‘black folk’ for the most part? But so is BET, right? No? Not really, huh?

    I’m positing a lot of questions. LOL. In my head I’m thinking conspiratorially (blame Alicia Keys and her ramblings about Biggie and Tupac). But seriously, OUR A-listers no longer care about the Soul Train Awards because it’s lost its ‘place’ in the pantheon of award shows and the notoriety gained from receiving one of these awards. We’ve jumped ‘over there’ and would rather be ‘over there’ getting ‘those awards’, ‘their awards’ even. Why? More exposure? More money? When did the paradigm shift? When did things change?

    I remember being excited about the Soul Train Awards. I’m sure at some point in time most R&B/Hip Hop artists were DYING to receive one of these awards. What happened? I think we’re being infiltrated people. LOL YT (Viacom) is moving us all in the direction he wants us to go. Soon we’ll be less distinctive, white-washed and no more.

    Sorry for the rambling. I must’ve had a side of paranoia with my breakfast this morning LOL

  6. How sad is this. ARe you kidding me. We all grew up on Soul train. I bet you would never see that with Country people and music. Sad man!

  7. That’s unfortunate to hear that our black stars/entertainers are not supporting the Soul Train Awards like they use to. Too bad folks don’t know their history and how it plays an intricate role in their future.

  8. I stopped watch Soul Train and the awards when the majority of R&B, and Rap music started to suck (mid to late nineties).
    That may be a problem too… no variety in styles and genre has lost former viewers who enjoy a tropicana of music, like me.

  9. It breaks my heart. I stopped watching the show too, because every artist that came on the show had to lip sing. I felt the show needed to be more alive or revived. If the show would be more like 106 with fresh faces, I mean the soul train dancers are cool, but they are the same every week. The soul train lost a little soul… I am sorry to say. I hate that the A list celebrities did not show up to the soul train music awards that always pissed me off, because it should be held in high reguards just like any other award show, “maybe more”. Black people are so busy chasing a Grammy or a Golden Globe, ……ect but you only get one, when they decide you can have it. Just a thought !!

  10. As much as we crave nostalgia as we get older, the reality in business is funding.

    Back in the 70s, it was rare to see musical acts of color on “American Bandstand” or its competition. Those who performed were in the Billboard Top 40.

    “Soul Train” showcased the acts that we loved, but were never gonna get on “American Bandstand”. Cable, Bob Johnson, and BET squashed all that when it was possible to have a whole channel devoted to African-American music that caters to youth. Soul Train’s days were then numbered as far as advertisers.

    Also, since Soul Train and the S.T. Awards were syndicated, both aired at times that are at the mercy of the programmers of the local stations. Viewers have to hunt to find the episodes. BET doesn’t have that problem.

  11. It’s so sad that the artist today wouldn’t come to support Don and Soul Train awrds. I grew uo watching soul train. And the mention of beyonce, mary j., john legend and gnarls barkley didn’t show up was horrible knowing that they a** grew up on soul train. Ol’ well Don you paid anyways.

  12. I am really not surprised by this. I watched the awards about 2 yrs. ago & all I could say was… OMG this is terrible. STMA was not the award show that it once was. I remeber when the list of nominees were artist who actually brought something to the table, but here lately it seemed to cater to artist who were left @ the bottom of the bucket or who were just less talented, IMO. A lot of the nominees were artist that were hardly played on Black radio let alone the White radio stations. I can remeber on 1 of the shows that came on in recent yrs. they nominated Boyz 2 Men & New Edition for their projects in the last couple of years. I was like are you kidding me? The last time B2M had a hit was w/ the album 2 & I know this b/c I was a B2M fanatic. As for New Edition I can’t remeber, I think it might have been in the early 90’s when they released “If it isn’t Love” & “Can you Stand the Rain”, you know that album that had all of these hits on it. Hey even the NE band members have said that it’s been hard for ppl, mainly the youngins, to take to their style & have recent hits. But the moment I knew STMA was hitting rock bottom is when they gave Ciara, sorry CiCi fans, the lifetime achievement award & she had been out on the music scene only 2 secs. That was actually the last time I watched it b/c it was like they were reaching. However I do agree that it is sad b/c Soul Train is a legend & Black owned. It did give a lot of Black Performers their shine before the other man did. By the artist not showing up was in a way a lack of disrespect. Seriously, if Dick Clark & the Grammy’s wouldn’t allow the groups to perform where would they go?? Exactly to Soul train. Oh well it’s sad, but it is what it is. In Don Corneilus famous line let’s do it once for the home team… Love, Peace, & Sooooooooooul ** smiles**.

  13. I think del said it best. We, as black people, just don`t support our own. After we reach a certain status we forget where we came from. These artists of todays generation really couldn`t care less about their musical legacy. As already been stated Don gave our black artists a format in which to showcase their talent when no one else would. Sure times have changed but you should never forget where you came from… I`m Ol` Skool, I`m a 60`s baby who`s really fed up with the lack of gratitude with todays generation of artists. As I have vented before about their music, the hip-hop culture, the whole 9 yards it`s really a very sad state that music is in today. In fact I no longer listen to all this crap that they call music nowadays. Thankfully there`s a station around my hometown that plays all the oldies from yesterday and that`s what I listen to. I can`t tell you the last time I listened to a hip-hop song. First and foremost I`m a Michael Jackson fan and a huge fan of the 80`s….

    I`ve also become a fan of classical music and find it to be a great genre of music with the likes of Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Bach among others. I just recently purchased some classical music and I plan to expand my library. Sorry for the rambling, now back on point. Back in the day every Saturday afternoon we would look forward to Soul Train and the Soul Train line as well as seeing our stars. You even had the historical dance groups such as “Electric Boogaloo”(that featured Jeffrey Daniel one of the greatest dancers of our generation besides MJ) In fact Jeffrey and Michael worked together during Michaels` “Bad” era. You also had another group who would appear on Soul Train called “The Lockers”(that featured Fred Berry, RIP, formerly of `What`s Happening) The good ol` days. Soul Train is the longest running TV/dance show in history so I`m sure Don isn`t hurting for money, and it still runs in syndication and he owns all the rights. However, as stated before the lack of gratitude must surely affect him in some way. I say BIG-UPS to Don & Soooooooooooooul Train!!!

  14. Our black stars don’t support the Soul Train Awards because they value Grammy’s and MTV awards more…They don’t feel like they’ve reached star status unless they’re praised or nominated by white award shows…That was really disrespectful and a shame how they snubbed the Soul Train Awards last year, one of the first black music shows that gave black artist a platform to perform…They should all be greatful for Soul Train.

  15. They had a separate show for the Lady of Soul awards also. The Saturday morning show has been showing throwback episodes for the last year or so. I think part of the problem is that syndication tends to lend to spiky ratings. They may be able to bring the show & the awards show back one day, but they need to get on one network (i.e. TVOne) at one set time & stay there. They also must lose the lip synch element that the Saturday morning show was known for. I was running on the treadmill last week & “Showtime at the Apollo” had Teyana Taylor on. I always watched Showtime religiously, but I gave up on them last year after months w/o new episodes. I guess they are back to shooting new episodes again. They should also contract with a network for one set day/time slot. I have great memories of so many exclusive performances at the Soul Train Awards. Two that immediately come to mind is one years ago where En Vogue came up through the bottom of the floor. Another one I remember is Janet performing “I Get Lonely” for the first time. When they get to the end “bra” moment, the crowd lost it! Oh well, I guess I can always hit up You Tube to see if they have the performances.

  16. that’s ridiculous. I grew up watching soul train. you know I haven’t heard from many black-on! award shows in a while……soul train, vibe, source, etc. you know I have noticed that the real urban shows and awards have disappeared. the last host I remember being on soul train was shemar moore. after that I hadn’t paid attention…..mostly because I couldn’t find the channels it came on.

    viacom is snatching up every damn thing. ever since viacom took BET away from us the channel just hasn’t been the same. I can’t relate to anything on that channel. rap city is gone, 106 and park…, I don’t want to go there, and the damn reality show…….it’s like a black MTV. where’s the dedication to music and breaking in new artists….shoot what happened to BET news? I don’t want a news break that is 30 seconds long I want an actual program…..bring back jackie and tavis smiley.

    sorry…..i just had to get that out…there’s more but, back to the whole soul train situation.

    Don Cornelius is the man. I wish that people would do right by the man and his establishment and attend the award show and make it something explosive. I used to like watching the award show because I knew I was in for a night of artists that I love and appreciate. but I guess what they should do now is join up with a channel or make one of their own…..that way they can fund the show and people will find it easily. I used to dream of going to soul train….as an artist but hey I can dance too. now I guess that’ll never happen.

    shiz has changed too much for me and too fast. I hope everything gets sorted out so they can bring back the Soul Train awards maybe next year or 2010. The grammys never stopped….why should soul train?

    peace you guys.
    i’m ghost.

    oh and I remember some dynamite performances. ha janet is the first to come to mind. “I Get Lonely” was the bomb. but when that part near the end where she took off the corset and cuff’s and showed the goods a.k.a. her bra….yo the crowd lost their darn minds. I remember watching that and saying man……she’s awesome. still think so. one of my favorites. I really do hope that they bring back all of the soul train award shows and the syndicated television series.

    now i’m ghost.

  17. Aww Man!!
    I grew up on Soul Train also. But I stopped watching it once they started having people sing to a tape/cd instead of performing live. Also, they haven’t had new shows in a long time. It is nice to see some of the older shows now. But I am not surprised, Soul Train has not been supported by Black artists. There is no need to have a show with dancers, with other shows on now i.e. Dancing with the Stars (although I do watch that) Also, Black artists are now mainstream, you can see them wherever you want. Although, I do think that the Soul Train Music Awards were heading to doom when the Lady of Soul Awards started. Trying to tackle too many markets.

  18. Hmm…Maybe because I don’t know much about Soul Train other than it was old and showcased some ethnic performers, I don’t really care.Just part of the next generation I suppose. I hate to say it, but one day, when and if this nation ever does come together, many things will die. Not saying that all black stations, shows, magazines, etc…that fade are a good thing. It’s certainly not if it has come too early and or if the reasons are wrong. But in this case, if this award show has been taken over by the Grammys, VMAs, BET awards, and whatnot…because all of these ethnic artists are at those shows now, it’s not a terrible terrible way to go. They’re only so called “White Shows” in my mind if sticking to the idea that black performers don’t belong there. Many people here didn’t even watch this show, much less knew when it came on or that it didn’t. So it seems to me, the time for this has simply come. If it’s because black artists have moved up to the mainstream shows, then so be it. They’ve risen, isn’t this what shows like Soul Train one day wanted?

  19. This always happens, can black people not keep their history or is it showing the bad things which have happened with Soul Music. I think that this should not be allowed to happen because it is not right.

    Even with sweet soul Music, everyone agrees it was great music but we cannot change Music industry’s outlook. They are insisting that they will not bring it back.

    I had to play Whitney three times in a row, that was great.

    Soul train was the programme becse you knew that all the nest moves will be showcased.

  20. @ kanyade
    I use to work for Viacom via BlockBuster Video one summer for extra cash. I was totally freaked by the contract I had to sign to work there. OMG! I felt I was signing away my life. My paranoia about Viacom owning everything went into overdrive the day of 9/11. As I changed channels on my TV, I saw Dan Rather’s face (CBS News owned by Viacom) on no less than 1/3 of the stations!

    I agree with those who point to a lack of variety (too much hip-hop not enuf soul), syndication (I have probably watched only 5 shows max and all “accidentally”), and poor production/format/lack of creativity (Do any of you remember when 3LW’s track went silent? They were singing but their mikes were not on!) led to the demise of the show. Yes, Majesa it was time to pull the plug.

    Ladies and Gents
    Soul Train Awards is another casualty of the globalization of world economies, the homogenization of American culture, and a huge lack of black self worth. Since the late 80’s there has been less of a difference culturally between “us” and “them”. Our views, styles, tastes, and preferences are dictated by our god of marketing Madison Avenue. As long as we look to the opinion of the majority to validate our culture, art, experiences, etc. and not start appreciating and loving who we are our own damn selves, we will continue to lose/giveaway the remaining outlets of uninhibited black expression through neglect and nonsupport. When the next Bob Johnson arise lets give him/her the support he/she needs so that relevance, integrity and moral fortitude will not be exchanged for a few billion dollars (lawd have merci).

    I predict in 20 years, it will be normal to shave our babies head and bleach their skin at birth. Then make them wear wigs and weaves by the time they are 2 years old and this will be considered the right thing to do.

    Yes, indeed. I’m paraniod. So what?

  21. I am not suprised but I am sadden how so many black celebs just ignored that award show, especially when it’s honoring them. Soul Train was BIG!! That was our BET awards before the BET awards……….Heck it was bigger than that! Soul Train is a major part of our history and I am really sad to see it ignored. It was OURS for goodness sake, we always complain that we don’t have enough…………..look what we do with what we’ve got. πŸ™

  22. @Steph:

    I hear you; some of us somehow feel that we need white people to validate our self-worth. What does that say about our physche??!!?? Here`s a conversation with some of us as a people with ourselves and it goes something like this:

    “Gee, I don`t really want to be white I just wish white people would love me.” “I would feel so much better knowing that they except me, it would bring such value to my life.” “Maybe if I cater to them more with my hands out and do a little buck dance they`ll be impressed and welcome me into the fold.” “I`ll try it and see what happens, what do I have to lose except a little self-respect”? “Besides I really want to be excepted into their prestigious club.” So off they go to give it their best shot. Afterwards the white man says to them, “Congradulations you passed with flying colors, that buck dance was really good.” So off they go skipping like little red riding hood saying, “La, la, la, la,la, he loves me; now my life truly has meaning.” This is just a fairy tale, but I wonder how close is it to being a REAL story.. Hmmmmmm…..

  23. It’s sad but I am not surprised either. How are you doing Terrance? As always you make a lot of valid points. I agree a lot of people in our race feel that they need to be validated by the Anglo Saxon standards. It does not matter if its talent, looks, etc. And once a lot of them get validated they don’t think about the source that helped them reach cross over status. Where the Anglo Saxons have the competitive edge is no matter how big they become example, the Faith Hills, Shania Twains, and the Celine Dions they still reach back and support the Country Music awards and American music awards by showing up. Not supporting our own when it’s a worthy cause just reminds us that as a race we have not arrived and still have so much to work on. Now to me it also shows a reflection of low-esteem and self worth to want to be validated by another race to prove you’re worthy. Don’t think for one second just because a lot of these celebrities have fortune and fame they don’t have low esteem and identity crises as well as non famous individuals. It reflects in some of their actions and music etc. I wonder do you think once black celebrities reach that A-lister status they don’t look back due to the fact that the Soul Train Music Awards don’t have or bring the financial support and fame as the other awards? I am just wondering but still it looks like to me if they have made it as an a-lister they would reach back and help improve award shows such as the STMA so they can one day say this is the 77th anniversary. To me reaching back to your own when it’s a worthy cause and keeping the legacy alive rather than seeking another’s approval is proving that you are just as worthy as any other race on this planet. It shows that you are capable of maintaining and sustaining something that pays tribute to your ancestors, our history rather than letting it be forgotten or wasted away.

  24. I also wanted to add, the key to acceptance from anyone is first loving and acknowledging yourself for the way your creator has created you.

  25. @Real Talk:

    I `m doing just fine. Your post was very well said. I agree that we, as a people, certainly do have a long way to go. The sad part is some of us have been brainwashed to think that approval by the white race is the icing on the cake, not realizing that they never really except you they only tolerate you. There`s a big difference. Millionaire, Billionaire, it doesn`t matter, in their eyes you still don`t measure up. No matter how much ass you kiss, and you can kiss until you leave your lip prints, to them you are nothing more than a nuissance…. When you truly love yourself you don`t need validation from another race to measure your self-worth….

  26. I knew it was over when they started letting 10 ppl present an award. And when did it come on TV? Like life it’s run it’s course, πŸ™

  27. To Majesa,I tried to go my other sites and let your comments go. But if you really didn’t care about Soul Train and you really dont know much about the show why comment? Obviously this “old” show that showcased “ethnic” artists was something you DON”T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT. It was a part of OUR/BLACK culture. The artists that performed on the show were black. It was in the later years it showcased more white artists that performed black music. But it was for us. Soul Train didn’t want it’s artists to leave and no this is not “US”rising , it’s us making a terrible mistake that should and can be corrected if “WE”want it bad enough. The show’s faults can be corrected and updated. It’s just a matter of again, IF WE WANT IT BAD ENOUGH…….old and ethnic.

  28. Well, I don’t really know what to tell you. I didn’t grow up on Soul Train, so obviously I’ll have a different perspective. People see something in this show’s death that I simply don’t see. I don’t see Black artists ignoring their pasts, or black artists and people trying to please a white audience, or anything like that. I simply see a show that, despite what it’s done for the black music industry and whatnot, has met its end just like any other show that hasn’t been doing or done well. I say ethnic because it seemed that the soul train awards had different ethnic people on the show, and not just black people. If everyone loved Soul Train so much, the show wouldn’t be canceled. “We” would be watching it, or at least the people that loved it so. But from the reactions, it just wasn’t the good old Soul Train that it was even when it was doing a little bit better. If the show’s faults can indeed be corrected, then it isn’t the viewers and self-hating artists that brought it down the way people are saying.

    You may have seen my comment as a dagger thrown right at the heart of Soul Train, but that simply wasn’t the intention. I can comment just as anyone else can, regardless of whether or not my perspective and reaction is the same. That’s why I like to read the comments on this site, they’re often quite different.

  29. The state of today’s music has really gone to the dogs. The industry only wants to promote certain artist and there is no variety. The Soul Train music awards tries to celebrate all the black artist in the music business and not just the mainstream artist who seem to only want to be at the white peoples awards shows. Folks forget where they come from.

  30. Soul Train has been a major part of black music development and black culture in general, but the reality is that everything must come to an end. It’s always sad to watch a great tradition end, but it’s necessary for bigger and possibly better things to come. The last time I watched the Soul Train Music Awards was back in 2005, and it was a pretty sad turn out to say the least. No one was there to accept the awards and live performances were horrific at best.

    Fortunately for me “The Best of Soul Train” still comes on out here every weekend, so I get a chance to remember the good ole’ days of Soul Train every weekend! It’s pretty funny seeing the crazy styles of dress and funky hair styles from back in the day too…

  31. @ Pearls…….What kind of ‘contract’ did you have to sign to work at the video store? I had no idea Blockbuster, too, was owned by Viacom! What don’t they own! πŸ˜†

  32. I was a big fan of soul train awards and it sad that they cancelled. I know they come on in the city like 3 or 4 oclock in the morning they was showing the back in the days soul train they was rocking i was like damn we wearing the clothes from back in the day. It felt real good to see that rerun of the show.

  33. @Mejesa
    You really dont know what your talking about. We did grow up watching Soul Train because it was the only show where you could hear black artist and black music. I was born in 1980, and I can remember in the 80’s excited about Saturday morning soul train.
    Please go back to sleep.

  34. I said I didn’t. I was born in 1988. Even if it was on, I don’t remember ever really watching it. So I don’t feel like I grew up on it. Maybe you watched all the time and you feel like you grew up on it. Not all people, even OMG Black people, grew up the same.

  35. Stop picking on Majesa. Her response illustrate the point I made earlier. She doesn’t have a clue because “WE” do not vaue and celebrate our culture. She was also born after MTV began homogenizing our taste & too early to remember when BET was something good to watch (pre ’97). I admire her willingness to spend some time learning from us “old” folks.

    As for Viacom…..I don’t remember the exact details since the summer of 2000 but there was language about being obligated to protect “trade secrets” and not working at another video store or owning your own video rental business for 3 years after resigning would be a violation of this blah blah blah. The contract listed all of its subsidiaries and it an eye opener. I had no idea they owned everything.

    Are you sure Viacom does not own you? Are you really, really sure? Better check your forehead for their trademark. LOL Viacom is the forerunner to the anti-christ!

  36. @Kenny… I have to agree w/ Pearls… Majesa just came @ a later date & was just too young to know what Soul Train was about. I too was born in 80 so the memories of the train are very vivid in my mind. We might not have been around in the 70s when the show was really poppin, but in the early 80’s it was still jumping. It’s just another sign of, dare I say it, that we’re getting old. And Majesa just reminded you lol. It happens all the time, you think your still 18 & then u run into someone who was born in 89, who approx. 19-20 & you think man I am getting old lol. Now we see how our parents feel. Hey I remember when Mtv 1st launched & when it really was all about videos & not reality shows. I am also quite fond of BET’s Video Soul w/ Donnie Simpson & 2 of my fav TV Shows were Miami Vice & Alf. If you ask anyone born past 88, they don’t have a clue lol. Like I said just another sign of aging lol.

  37. Terence, you hit the nail on the head. We have to be accepted by white people. Blacks subconsciouly want to be white. I look at integration in a whole new light for this reason alone. We demand equality in all aspects of life but in the back of our minds we want to be accepted by/like them. (I know I am about to catch hell for that statement!) If not, then why do we forget where we came from (Soultrain)? Why did our old skool artists need to cross-over? Many of the artists’ decisions were not solely based on gaining money, they wanted whites to like their music which would, in a way, allow whites to accept them.
    We have all done this. Most of us have to kiss ass in order to keep a job. For some of us, we truly believe in the equality mumbo jumbo and that blacks don’t have any forces working against them. Some of us believe that integration had only a positive effect on the black american’s psyche. A few of us can’t see that they’re being played and the only one to save them is themselves. Intraracism, self-hatred and ignorance are diseases that needs to be cured.

  38. We, my family and I, watched this (and other) show everytime it was presented on television. Unfortunately, some of the TV Guide’s didn’t list the date and time of these shows (although, TV Guide was a little better about doing it than most), in order for persons interested to find out about them until it was too late.
    Also, sorry to say some of the time (more than you might realize) it seems as if people are no longer interested in watching these shows, and it doesn’t surprise me that the black ‘elite’ doesn’t think much of them either. Why ‘cater’ to your own kind when there are ‘other’ venues more to your liking? Don Cornelius did the best that he could with what he had at the time, and truthfully I think he did an excellent one at that. Kudos to Don and the people behind these shows, who wanted nothing more than to give our people the ‘lift’ that they felt was needed.

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