The Soul Train Awards

The Soul Train Awards were taped last night in Pasadena, California and the big winners of the evening, including Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, and John Legend were all no shows.Even Janet Jackson, who did show up to support her S/O did not walk the red carpet or sit in the audience during the taping of the show.Instead Janet was photographed in the back dressed like she was on her way to do her laundry.I remember not so long ago when Soul Train was the only musical awards show for our people but over time I guess that has changed and apparently Black music’s elite have chosen to turn their backs on the show and instead show up in droves to support the corporate owned BET Awards. TSK! TSK!

Letoya LuckettJennifer HudsonElise Neal
BootzTracie ThomasDenyce Lawton
Rochelle AytesAmy HunterDrew Sidora
Faune A ChambersVanessa & Angela SimmonsTia Mowry

I added just a few more images here.


  1. they all look good….thank God we had beyonce break from this post….jeniffer is still rocking awards i wonder how many she has for all of them now?? πŸ™„

  2. Stephanie, you spoke nothing but the truth. They have turned their back on this awards show when during one time, it was the only thing we had for us.

    Sad to say, maybe its time to retire the enterprise itself. Soul Train has had a successful run for 30+ years. It should let go now to preserve the memory of some of the best legends premiering on the show and rocking it instead of a time when its own people no long consider them important.

    The Soul Train enterprise deserves better than that.

    Even the black blogs are not rushing to cover the story or post pictures because the A-list stars are not there. So sad.

  3. I think it’s unconscionable that artists like Mary and Beyonce did not show up.You know if it was any other White owned awards show they would have been right there.Soul Train has given a voice to Black music when no one else would and this is how the artists show their gratitude.If I was Don Cornelius I would take out space in one of those trade publications and light their asses up publically. 😑

  4. I agree with u. Why did the A-listers did not show up to Soul Train Awards and they can’t give that lame excuse about being somewhere else? There was no other awards show airing. Do the A-listers think they are better than the Soul Train right now for them not to show love and support to Don Cornelius who has devoted the shows around such artist? I think it is sad from their part as A-listers. It makes me seriously consider are they even humble anymore.

  5. I say to hell with them then.Dedicate those two hours to all those Black artists who can’t get major play at MTV-VH1 and on BET.I bet Lyfe Jennings would have showed up and blew the roof off that muth-sucka.Put Heather Headley up on the stage and watch her light up the mic.Forget Mary, Beyonce and all the other stuck up stars and go for those who really could use the air time.I mean who would you rather see, this guy or some whacka than whack rap artist grabbibg his private parts.

  6. Synthia, once again you’re on point. That’s a great idea especially since we are bombarded with the same celebrities every day. It would be great to present people, such as Lyfe, Heather, Leela James, on this show to showcase these extremely talented singers on a national level.

    I love each of their music (and many other “unknown” singers) and would appreciate seeing them perform.

  7. One of my alltime favorite Soul Train Awards performances was of En Vogue doing a medley of old school hits from greats like Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan.That was many years ago and all the top artists showed up and it was the only awards show I really looked forward to because I knew they were going to focus on our music.I however stopped watching Soul Train and eventually the BET Awards as well because I just didn’t like the proliferation of rap, rap artists and the negative vibe they brought to most of our shows.In other words, I just became too embarassed to watch them anymore.I won’t even mention the Vibe and Source Awards.If Don Cornelius wants to bring his show back to the classy affair it used to be he should focus on mature artists and not the Omarions and Chicken Noodle soup rappers.A show filled with artists like India.Arie and yes Heather Headly and Lyfe Jennings would bring grown folks back to the fold and expose these artists to a younger generation as well.

  8. What a shame. You guys are right, the more $$ people make the less, events they show up to. I feel like name dropping but I won’t, what a shame on these black women.

  9. I think it’s disrespectful when the so called a-list black stars don’t show up because who gave you your break before you got all a list. Who made you a-list. Who let you perform when no one was booking you? That’s rude and says alot about a person and what they think about there black audience because we still look at those awards and when they are giving out, your not there to recieve them. I knew Beyonce wouldn’t show because Letoya was hosting but Mary I’m surprised at her. Very shocked.

  10. Yes, I figured that is why Bey wouldn’t show up. They will sober up when they find they have to start from square one some day :koolaid:

  11. I am not shocked that Beyonce didn’t show up, but I am shocked that Mary didn’t. Does anyone know if Jennifer Hudson performed?

  12. she performed and it looked like she threw done, go to this site: , they have good pictures of everything. Home girl was bossy that night. Reason #2 Beyonce wouldn’t have came. But she’s not gonna walk the red carpet and go to parties were she has to see them, Letoya and Jennifer and listne to them all night. All the interviewers would have just asked about them. No one would ask about her. Why waste her time.

  13. lol I’m like CHris Rock! I ain’t saying she should have did it, but I understand. We all have our insucurities though. But like I said before I don’t care from Aretha down to Rhianna if you don’t show up at the Soul Train awards two years in a row your an uncle tom. I grew up on soul train when that’s all black folk had and for them to forget that because they got extra dough and not include them self in a respectable tradition. That makes me mad!!!:mad:

  14. Letoya nose and breats job really complimented her features…she had too wide of a nose during her destiny child days. Competition is HOT out there so i guess she wanted to be one of the key runners!:cool:

  15. She looks devine I agree, I need her to put out a nother album now though, right now while Beyonce ain’t looking, lol. I think Letoya can take that top summer spot. She needs to go for it.! I’d put it out around April or May.

  16. :lol2: While beyonce ain’t looking?? that is too funny. πŸ˜† I hear you though, I really do!!!

  17. Who the hell is talking about Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake? They are not our people.They are White men trying to be a part of our culture but I personally will never accept them.Why do I need knock-offs of Black men when I can partake in the real thing?

    Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake together can’t match the talent Lyfe Jennings has in his pinky.

    We were talking about our people not showing up to support an event that has supported them.

    You know nothing about that.So why don’t you go back to RUSSIA and leave the soul talk to the sistas.

    BTW- shouldn’t you be somewhere doing an Antonella Babra or something?

  18. What is your problem?…Janet was in the house so if its elite your looking for THERE YOU GO!, Janet looked nice and cute on some backstage stuff….so shut up. Who cares if Beyonce didn’t come she has better things to do GET OVER IT!. Black people sometimes wanna act like there saying something musicly every yr..when thats just not true. Justin is kicking your ass all up and down the place….you got Robin Thicke??? killin your sh*t. Step ya game up and your elite will make a effort.:dance1:

  19. Who does this chick think she is talking to? Justin Timberlake is a modern day Elvis leeching off of Black culture.He is hardly kicking anyone’s ass.His Black writers and producers are kicking ass.

    What is it with all the new stupid people showing up trying to talk smack but can barely write a complete and coherent sentence?

    Maybe you should get HOOKED ON PHONICS Russia and step up your game?

  20. Debra has spoken!! Russia shut up. You are a true cyber thug talkin all that smack. Debra? can you ban this chick or sumthing :stop:

  21. Janet was just one out of how many a-list stars? If you were there no prblem but the rest of them should be ashamed. Especially the ones nominated. I remember when Mary didn’t have a grammy but she had a soul train awards. Not just her though, all of them, they break they necks to go to those other shows though.

  22. The NY Post is reporting that Jennifer Hudson tried to back out showing up at the awards show and now this crap with American Idol/Simon Cowell.

    This is the price that you have to pay when you are in the entertainment business. Everything you say and do is twisted to make you look and sound bad. This girl is new to the game and already being fed to the wolves. The green-eyed monster is always watching and hating. The price of fame just isnÒ€ℒt worth it sometimes.


  23. I hear that. I admire celebs but I certainly don’t want to be in that business. :stop: Anything you say can and will be held against you πŸ˜†

  24. Hi, I am so happy to be a part of this blog. I totally agree with everyone who is disappointed in the African American stars who did not participate in the Soul Train Music Awards. This is so sad. Everyone needs a history lesson of how not too long ago before there was a BET or VH1 or MTV, Soul Train was our only vehicle for soul music on TV. They young stars of today needs to make a public apology to the Soul Train organization for their:brownsista: lack of good judgement. They should learn to support this organization whole heartedly, because if you dont know your history you will never begin to appreciate your future. :brownsista:

  25. Beyonce has already been confirmed for guess what y’all? The darn Kids Choice Awards? Can you believe that? She will go to The Kids Choice Awards but not the Soul Train Awards.

  26. Okay here are my two cents, two weeks too late…

    I have to be honest, I’m not going to watch the Soul Train Music Awards. I’m tired of the award show season period. I’m not inclined to watch because it will just repeat what took place at the Grammy’s.

    Looking at the photos from the red carpet had me wonder – wtf? Who were those people? I recognized maybe two or three people, but the rest I’ve never seen before. THEY walked the red carpet?

    And if ‘Bootz’ of the FoL ilk is on the red carpet then I know that is an event I could do without (nothing personal against Bootz).

    Finally, I had no idea Robin Thicke was white! Say what?! He can sing. But I agree with Debra – JT is the modern day Elvis ripping off the sound, tone and music of black people.

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