The Truth Behind Reggie Bush’s Essence Cover

Reggie Bush likes White girls. It is his preference some may say. What is the problem? The problem is that some people, many sistas, feel that because Mr. Bush has a known fetish for White girls, he should not be celebrated as a successful Black man on the cover of Essence. I get it. Reggie Bush is an eligible successful Black man who seems to keep running to the White girls. Specifically Kim Kardashian, who some Black women despise for that very reason. They feel that she is the typical White girl who wants to be Black enough just to date Black men but White enough to seem exotic or different from a “regular” Black woman. I personally think that Reggie is a handsome man but seems a bit self involved and thinks he is as pretty as Kim but I digress.

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Guess what folks. Newsflash! Reggie Bush is not the only successful Black athlete or entertainer with a jonesing for the White girls. Nor will he be the last. Some people may see it as donkey bulls**t but it looks like we may have to chop this one up as a loss and move on. Also, lets be clear. Essence has had many magazine covers with other successful Black men who are married to beautiful Black women. Such as Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Forest Whitaker, Samuel Jackson, Bill Cosby, LL Cool J, Chris Rock, Boris Kodjoe, Snoop Dog, Jay-Z, Eddie Murphy (was married) and so on. In many cases their covers included their wives. Why all of a sudden are we choosing to attack Reggie Bush? Could it be something deeper? I think so. Hear my theory out. I believe that many young Black women are sick of seeing Black men like Reggie Bush parading around with a Kim Kardashian type or some other women who they feel is not deserving of his affections. It is bad enough that this chick has her own show after gaining a career from a sex tape with ultra lame playboy Ray-J. No need for Essence to twist the knife in the heart. Scenes like these make some Black women wonder what exactly does he feel is wrong with a Black women that he refuses to date one? We go on the defense. Why wouldn’t they be? It can be difficult being a woman out here on the dating scene having to pick and choose among the many losers to find your prince charming. Especially your chocolate prince charming.

Listen sista’s, although frustrated that does not give us the excuse to become bitter and attack someone for his personal choice and feel that that personal choice gives us a right to decide whether or not he should be congratulated for his success by being placed on the cover of an African American publication. In the end he can choose who he wants to love and who does not. We all can. Everyone is going to have to get over it. It is totally possible that Reggie might have some self hate issues. However in the end his partner is still his choice. Admittedly, I would love to see Mr. Bush with an equally curvaceous sista on his arm but I do not think that his choice of the opposite should somehow disqualify him for receiving props and accolades. At the end of the day, I am equally proud of him for his decision to be be a hardworking, career motivated Black man no matter what eye candy he has on his arm.

We as Black women are going to have to find a way to be mature and accept that this is his choice. Yes, I know, I know. Many of you do not want to hear this! However, here is the truth of the matter. His choices and decisions in love do not nor should they, take away or define him as a successful Black man. Think about it. Would you want those same guidelines and restrictions placed on you? I wouldn’t.

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  1. “They feel that she is the typical White girl who wants to be Black enough just to date Black men but White enough to seem exotic or different from a “regular” Black woman.” Enough said.

    I don’t understand why this seems to be an issue with so many women…but i guess i can see the frustration. However i believe that as long as what the man is doing is not affecting me personally, it does not matter. By that i mean as long as he is not taking his time out to diminish the ‘essence’ of my race, I don’t care who he decides to be with. A lot of times we place too much emphasis on what they public thinks and then tend to overgeneralize. When in fact it might not even be as close to that at all. He has never come out and said that he does not like black women. Let us leave him alone. Maybe we should think about the fact that he might actually love the woman because of who she is to him. We have only known Reggie for a short time. Anybody can find love anywhere in anybody. Love is universal and diverse. We need to get over it fast.

  2. Not this n i g g a ish again. Black women don’t nearly care about this issue as much as people would like to think. I haven’t heard any sista mention this in the real world.

    Brownsista please spare us this garbage. I had hoped this stupid story wouldn’t be posted here but it seems my hope wasn’t enough.

    I dont come to this site to be talked down to or have needless interracial drivel shoved down my throat.

    Black women dont need to get over anything because we don’t care. This whole thing is a mde up controversy to garner traffic and it makes me sick.

  3. Okay, my issue with Reggie is that he is a good looking, young, successful, black man. Why let someone like Kim Kardashian tie you down? This woman has been through the ringer and you make her your woman. She has been married before and let’s not forget the reason we even know who she is to begin with. My issue is not that she is “white” because she is not white she just isn’t “black”.

    I guess I look at it like this, if he was just as fine as he is and he had no money would Kim give him the time of the day? NO!!! I love athletes or famous people period who has been with the significant other long before the money and the fame. That’s how you know if someone really loves you or not. He was probably so young and horny he was glad to be with her not knowing any better. Letting his little head think for his big head. WAIT!!! Doesn’t all men do that?? lol.

    It doesn’t matter the race to me. Reggie could have done better!

  4. i agree with Cicely.
    actually i havent heard an black women say anything bad about kim k or reggies relationship.
    its making it sound like were crying over the fact that reggie bush or that any other black man is dating a white women.

    and where is all of this “OUTRAGE” from sisters about the essence cover?
    i havent heard any.


  5. ok Cicely. i guess its not a big problem, cuz i couldn’t care less either. but Brownsista seems to have these kind of posts sometimes. it starts to make me think that black women care soo much about it. Thats why i posted what i did.

  6. Everyone seeks to exploit black women, other black women included. LJ Knight is such a woman and Brown Sista is turning into such a blog with these new writers they have brought in. This was a great place at one time to come to and read about sistas. Now in an attempt probably to gain a larger audience they are writing more stories about white women and we all know Kim Kardashian is white girl #1 for black folks to talk about. Every other article is about this white girl and her hold on one damn black man. No one is even talking about this story anymore but in an attempt to exploit black women and the hurt and pain some of them feel when they see black men repeatedly turn their backs on sistas, Brown Sista chooses to post this trash again just in case the last few times they posted it weren’t enough. I tell you black women can be their own worst enemies sometimes. I hope these Kim Kardashian posts get you the attention and traffic you want cause you will need it when your loyal readers like me start to bounce.

  7. i dont understand why people try to make it look like black girls care…come on! your making them look bad your making it seem like thier sooo desperate to care about even a celebrity who doesnt even know them. come off it ..your starting to sound like a fucking black man who loves to see black girls get hurt

  8. AMEN!!! I seee just about everyone’s post echoes my sentiments while reading this UNORIGINAL, UNINSIGHTFUL, & UNTOPICAL post.

    I especially agree with Cicley and Christine, this site getting more and more TYPICAL. I swear a site that caters to a more worldy, insightful, sophisticated sista has to be out there somewhere.

  9. Recalling some of the recent posts I’ve seen featured here I believe Christine is on point, but also more and more this is seeming like a whole lot of projection and transferance taking place here.

  10. I’m not understanding this article for the reason that I have never felt any rage or disdain for Reggie Bush being with Kim K. So what if a white women likes a black man? I don’t see the issue at all and it makes me angrier to think that other ‘black sistas’ may have an issue with this.
    What about going the other way round…I have never heard black men complaining when a black woman chooses a white man. Why is it different the other way round? No one cares Halle Berry is with a white man. And the fact that complaints about Reggie Bush actually happen makes black women seem way more pathetic than I believe they are. I couldnt care either way if Reggie Bush or any other black man chooses to be with a white woman, indian, chinese, whatever….its 2010! No one cares about that stuff anymore, we are free to choose to be with who we want to be with!

  11. PS: I am also a black woman myself and never had a problem with that Essence article, or Reggie Bush and Kim K’s relationship. He can be with who he wants to be, it doesnt affect me either way!

  12. Personal choice? Oh please. Since when is systemic racism, white supremacy, and internalized racism a preference or personal choice. I am so tired of Black women authors and so called journalists who want to teach us a lesson by trying to school us on what it means to be a bitter black woman. Is it bitter to say that this man, or any other Black man, or many other Black men have an institutionalized preference for all things lily. Kim is just as institutionalized as Reggie. Beauty is not objective, nor is it universal. It is very social. And in this society we laud all things white, light, bright, long hair and other things that are not as biologically possible for Black women with out ALOT of work, plastic surgery and skin whitening. So that makes me bitter? No that makes me stereotyped and it makes me less desired because of this pseudo notion that these women are any more beautiful than me or any other woman of any other race. Whether Kim IS white or thinks she’s white or whatever-I could care less. She fits the phenotype and I bet Reggie didn’t ask her identity no more than Kobe’s self-hating butt asked Vanessa. OVER IT.

  13. can be get some articles about fabulous black women please? Damn, I had to cut out ybf and now I;m about to cut out this blog. Too much negativity toward black women. What’s good? How about find some black female execs to interview so we can have share insight on how to continue to progress? You;ll still get traffic. Trust me.

  14. I agree with the posters. It’s time we start singing a new tune. If he likes women other than black women then have at it. It’s really no personal loss to me. Reggie being with Kim doesn’t make me feel any less desireable or any less fabulous. In actuality it makes me think to myself “oh is that the best he can do?”…have at it boo….NEXT!

  15. This IS NOT about Reggie Bush. This is about Essence magazine which says it puts Black women first.

    Essence has the problem not Reggie. I really don’t know anyone who cares that Reggie Bush is dating Kim K.

    So the point is why is a magazine that says it puts Black women first featuring someone who doesn’t?

    The issue is about Black love, so why not feature someone who is involved with a Black women. That is the point.

  16. FOR THE RECORD some black men do complain about black women hooking up with white men. They make comments about black women being traitors,cinderellas,finding the white knight or being with/serving “The Man”,etc. Some give dirty/angry looks or may spit on you. Ex. 1) When actress Halle showed her breast in the movie “Sword Fish”,some black men got angry that she had refused to take her top off for Spike Lee (director) when he asked her. 2) Newspaper article;two black guys who worked for a white guy (black wife) and was regularly welcomed or did work at their boss’s house killed the couple. They brutally raped the wife for hours—stating they felt she thought she was too good for black men. I could go on…MY POINT IS some black men DO have a problem with black women being with or dating non-black men. BUT when it comes to most mass media outlets “Women” (in this case black women) will talk about or keep an issue going longer, WHICH equals high ratings, bloggers,rehashed issues talked about on talk shows,in magazines,etc. Gossip & sex issues laced with drama translated into money. In other words, something true or not to keep the “Hens” quacking—note this is a saying among men about women. TO ME, some overzealous/underhanded people, media,etc. are trying to push this silly crap onto black womens’ shoulders,corner them with it or beat them down with some/many black mens choice of wanting/preferring white to black women. CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING… In many black neighborhoods there are too many fatherless children, very high no. of unwed mothers or single women headed households, drug/crime infested blocks,abused women & children,etc. much at the hands of black men—-sooooo why do folks act like black women been sooo supported,protected,loved by all black men & now it is being taken away. If you look in American black history black women had to work twice as hard to get just a little even from black mem themselves. And we worked equally hard as black men to gain freedoms & rights. I THINK IT IS ABOUT TIME BLACK WOMEN MAKE BETTER CHOICES with men,living,health,education, etc. LOVE & GOOD MEN COME IN ALL COLORS,CREEDS & CULTURES:)
    Andddddd,I would like to see more non-black men who love & support black women (fathers, husbands,etc.).

  17. i dont see the big deal lol!!
    People shouldnt be judged on who they are attracted to.

  18. Spare us the lectures and condescension. With black men at an alarming 15% (and counting) interracial marriage rate, I doubt black women need a lecture about “getting over it”. We ARE! It seems that black men need to address their deep rooted self hatred and I wish individuals like the author would STOP being such apologists for these men. Would Reggie be with a black female who is notorious for sucking off another man on tape? Would OJ have dated a black uneducated waitress? Would Kobe have dated a drop out video ho? Would Tiger have dated a black nanny? Until authors such as this have the nerve to call black men out for their double standards, I am not interested in lectures about “maturing” or “accepting” these kneegrows and their relationships. I have grown tired of folks pushing the interracial agenda and feign horror when folks call them to the carpet on it. Black women do not give two darns about Reggie Bush (the person) or who he dates. I personally never thought of him one way or the other. But, don’t put him on a publication that WE SUPPORT WITH OUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS and expect us to sit politely, smile and say nothing but good things about it. It’s downright insulting. Reggie Bush comes from a long line of step and fetchit athletes who believe the white man’s ice is colder. His choice of a mate says a great deal about him and if he has NEVER been in public with a black woman then YES, IT DIMINISHES HIM AS A BLACK MAN. Images matter. If little black boys see black men on television and in magazines with nothing but white women on their arms, what will they value? Black men need to address their self hate and we need to stop making excuses for them.

  19. This article is stupid, when are we going to get over the race issue, please people we are all made by the same god. To hate a race would be to hate gods creation.. why cant we all just get along.. lol

  20. It’s just a cover of Reggie Bush and doesn’t represent successful black men. He is an athlete , a celebrity and I really don’t think that he love black women or white women is an issue.

  21. A black woman with Kim’s reputation would seen as an untouchable, unwife-able h0. Superhead is a h0 Kim is a “business” woman..My issue with black men like Reggie is they don’t date black women but they love white ho’s, they’ll pass over a sista for some white trash in a heartbeat..Look at Charles Barkley who doesn’t date black women but when he got busted for DUI he was on his way to a hotel with a blond he picked up to get a bl0w j0b..Why is it that black men are always willing to lower their standards for a woman of another race, you never see these brotha’s scooping up white doctors or lawyers, they almost always mess with trash, freaks and strippers (Kim Kardashian type).

  22. TJ, Beachbaby and Stefany, you all speak the truth. That is the fact of the matter. I could not agree more.

  23. Always liked them together…

    dotn you who they been interviewing….

    i dont like my coffee bitter lol

  24. i have read on several blogs that Essence has been getting some heat for reggie being the cover boy…i don’t care either way but some people do…
    even tho i don’t care, i enjoyed the read…i’m not gonna knock brown sista because some women somewhere needed to read this…

  25. I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering why in the hell this is even an issue. Reggie’s not the first, nor will he be the last to wife up a white chick… I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! the only black man i’m concerned with dating is MINE. Good Lord… Brownsista… I’m disappointed in the writing/topics here as of late. it’s as if you’re intentionally being derisive to the exact people you’re supposed to be uplifting. get it together.

  26. im a young black women and i feel like when it comes to love it shouldnt matter about the other persons ethnicity its a shame that this issue is still relavant we all know that we live in a different time we have to let go of this slave mentality he shouldnt be obligated to date a black women just because he is a black men it may be true he probably does have some self hate issues but he has to deal with that on another tip black women need to stop bieng so closed minded about dating stop waiting for mr tall dark and handsome cause he may never come and explore all your options dont limit yourself blackmen have been doing it for years black women its not a crime to date outside of your race!!!!!!!!!!

  27. KUDOS TO BEACHBABY and Val!!

    Reggie Bush and any other Black man are free to date and/or marry any nationality they prefer. That is not the issue. However, the issue is why would a magazine with a primarily Black FEMALE audience spotlight Reggie Bush or any other Black man on the cover that has an affinity for non-black women? Plus, the article headline is titled “What’s Your Fantasy”. There are numerous black male athletes, musicians, entertainers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc that promote positivity, a love for the community, and respect and love Black women. What does it say about Black women when the man that is being the portrayed as the object of your fantasies has an obvious disdain for you? Also, if we’re going to complain about Reggie Bush, please don’t leave out Terrence Howard. He’s featured as one of the fantasy men also and his track record is no different than Reggie Bush.

  28. I totally agree with you Young Hollywood. This stuff shouldn’t even be an issue anymore.

  29. So what if he dates white girls? Who cares? Contrary to what some folks think, everything is not tied to self hatred. Some stuff is just preference. HIm being with white chicks should not make any black women hate herself. If it does, that’s an issue YOU need to deal with. People need to accept that people like what they like and are gonna do what they are gonna do. Why let it get you so wound up if you can’t control it? If it’s all that, worry about the brothers who are checking for you and don’t bother with the others. It really is that simple. Just let folks live. Sheesh. Black women have far more important issues to be stressing and complaining about.

  30. They seem to be total opposites to me. She’s obsessed with her looks & has a “Look at Me” disorder. He seems like a laid back brother. I don’t care he dates outside his race; to each his own. I just think he could do better.

  31. I don’t give a crap about him being with a white women, he could just do better than Kim Kardashian, for real.. there are way more beautiful white women out there thatn her.

  32. Who cares about Reggie Bush or any black man that dates other women? If they don’t want us, than so what, last time I checked, black men weren’t doing big things in the world, to be jonesing for them, anyway. And please don’t bring up Pres. Obama, because technically, he’s more white than black. Before anyone jumps down my thought, I mean his background. Back to the topic: If Reggie Bush wants to date Kim than so be it, I’m not checking for black men any wasys. But, it is nice to hear when a successful black man is dating or married to a black woman. But black women why is this an issue, how many times, and how many ways can black men make it known that we are not what they want.

    All what nonblack women have to do, is get pregnant and leave them, the one clear way to get a black man out of their lives is to ask or demand child support, everyone knows that is the black man’s kryotonite.

  33. This post was written by Kardashian or Bush’s camp to let people know how they feel. Who takes the time to write this post. Personally, I’m not attracted to black man and has no desire to be with one, so Kim and Reggie doesn’t bother me in the least. She and her sisters can have all the lack man they want. But, don’t get pregnant and ask for child support, tha tis the black man’s kryptonite.

  34. Essence has the problem not Reggie. I really don’t know anyone who cares that Reggie Bush is dating Kim K.

    Val said,

    “So the point is why is a magazine that says it puts Black women first featuring someone who doesn’t? The issue is about Black love, so why not feature someone who is involved with a Black women. That is the point.” I agree.

  35. Accolades to Christine, TJ, Beachbaby, and Stephany, my thoughts exactly. We already read about this last week. What is the purpose re-hashing this? I really am tired of being told as a black woman what I should think, feel, and behave. No woman from any other culture has to clean up the garbage we do. When a Caucasion woman speaks her mind, she is being Feminist. When an African-American woman speaks her mind she is Bitter. We could discuss all day about Kim and Reggie, but truth be told, we don’t have the time. If we want to see Black men abandoning, rejecting and disrespecting Black women, we can just look outside our door. Can we ever have a forum to bond and discuss things that uplift us? This is the first time Brownsista has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  36. @ NAJ,

    I agree with you. Didn’t read the article. Don’t care anymore. My issue from jump was the magazine, NOT Reggie (with his fine young self ha ha). He can date who he wants, but featuring him on the cover with the captions surrounding his magnificent bod, saying, “BLACK, LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS”, well, that had me scratching my head…but whatever.

    I wonder who they’ll feature on the next month’s issue?

  37. I agree with Cicely, ME, Zy, and Bohwe. The more we (as black women) think of ourselves, the less we care about black men who prefer other races. Our focus is not on these men, but instead, on bettering our own lives.

  38. 1)As a black woman who has dated mostly non-black men, I could care less who Reggie is dating – or the color of anyone’s chosen partner

    2) I do find it interesting that for a magazine targeted to black women, they chose to put someone on the cover who doesn’t date black women. In my mind, maybe George Lucas or David Bowie would be better suited for the cover? They are white guys but they have been with their black counterparts for a LONG time. Of course, its not likely this would happen because neither is young, hot and buff and that’s what sells mags, and they are white, so their chances of being on an Essence cover are slim.

    3) Oddly enough, I usually think of Kim K and her sisters as Armenian or bi-racial…

    Finally, I don’t even read Essence so I had no idea this was even an issue until I came across this website yesterday.

  39. Tutu could not have said it any better. We live in a society where love is free and holds no restrictions.

    Most brothers usually regret their decision in the end…asking themselves why did I make that decision. I feel that coloured women are more independent and less restricted in our choices, as that of our coloured brothers.

  40. If sistas are angry over the Reggie cover then don’t buy the magazine. Nearly half of black women are not married and they put a brotha who doesn’t date black women on the cover of their Love issue. I thought that was a careless move on Essence’s editors. But don’t get mad, spend your $3.95 elsewhere.

    I used to get angry when I saw a brotha with a non-sista. But then I got smart and realized there are fine and successful Latino men, white men, Asian men, etc. who I can date, appreciate my beauty and know how to put it down in the bedroom. If I marry a brotha, great. If I marry a non-black man great.

  41. Honestly I don’t think anyone really cares about Kim or Reggie. Kim( even tho I think she is a pretty lady) is in fact a boob head who only became famous after she had her legs spread w/ Ray J shown around the world. Reggie( who is hot) seems to be nothing more than a athelete who is boring & self absorb. I guess that’s why the 2 match, they are both too into themselves… so I say let them have @ it.

    As for the race deal, it’s to each’s own, but please believe that no one is worrying their pretty little head over those 2 or any others for that matter. Like someone once said, as tacky as some of these brothas are, white women(or any other race other than Black) are doing us(Black Women) a HUGE favor by dating/marryin them. We should thank them & give them gifts for taking some of the losers off our hands.

  42. I cant believe people are still on this mess. I love the Kardashians even if they do tend to date Black men. SO WHAT! Reggie is STILL fine. Most of my best friends are NOT Black and date Black men. Thats so 1956. Of course I dont like those who date other races based on stereotypes or validation but thats their problem not mine!

  43. Val,Cogent &Chocolate girl …you ladies are right! If it was any other issue within the year, but it was titled Black love, which doesn’t make sense to put Reggie on the cover. Is he fine, sure! Do I really care who he dates, no. But as a Black women the media tends to forget about us and I thought Essence magazine was that getaway. But it seems they’ve fallen into the societal trap and to be real, their in the business of makin money.

    But next time, put David Bowie or Robert Deniro on the cover. Men who are about loving women which includes Black women.

    Aldo, I think it’s interesting how Kim K has many features that are similar to a Black woman, but has the tine and hair of a European woman.

  44. Preach BeachBaby, Christine, & Cicely!

    And that’s all Imma say.

  45. I agree with all the women citing we dont care who he dates.. I think its not “BLACK LOVE” I think many women are hurt by the title and she not being black…second I love my brothers I was telling my best friend last night she fits the profile of Kim Kardashian but she has the right to want to date foreign men which I would never brag about I told her she would never be happy telling God what she wants instead of praying for love finacial security and a healthy family from a good man regardless on race those or my views.. I am a black woman who respect the views on love with any race

  46. Umm ok, the article was to represent successful black men, not successful black men who date black women. Last I checked, Reggie Bush is a successful black man. So what is really the big deal. Let Essence put him on the cover. Every black woman who is taking the issue of Reggie Bush dating a Kim K. and being put on the cover of Essence to represent a successful black man has some serious issue with themselves. Maybe they are feeling so bitter because they can’t find a man as successful as him. Let him be with Kim and love Kim. Is he really hurting the public? He’s strong, successful and has found someone to share his love and success with. I wouldn’t care if Kim K. was Caucasian, Asian, Russian or anything in between. That does not mean that he has self issues. She was just a woman who entered his life at the right time. Obviously he seems more in her than just a “white” woman. So why is everyone looking so deep into his preference? Just get over it. Live your life and let them live their’s. Case closed.

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