The “Wendy Williams Show” Is About To Go Live

Wendy Williams Show Urban radio shock jock Wendy Williams is ready for her close-up. The most hated woman on radio is bringing her special blend of celebrity news and gossip to a television station near you- and sooner than you may think. The “Wendy Williams Show” will make it’s debut this coming Monday on Fox stations all across the country. The hour long morning talk show, executive produced by Wendy herself, will first have a six week trial run and if it can withstand it’s competition (The Today Show, Regis & Kelly), will be picked up for the fall season. I personally think Wendy has this in the bag. Wendy will have the hip urban female audience that will tune in from their homes, jobs and college dorms and Today and Regis & Kelly will keep their audience of suburban housewives who have never even heard of Wendy Williams. And though I personally have never been a fan of Wendy and what she does on the radio, I will be tuning in from time to time to see what celebrity guests will be brave enough to do her show. Hopefully Wendy will even throw in a few musical performances, ala the Tyra Banks Show.

Btw, doesn’t Wendy look super fit in that pic of her above? She clearly missed a few meals to make sure she looked as good as possible.

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  1. So it was this show she invited Michelle Williams in during her interview. I hope to see Michelle perform soon than.
    Wendy is definately not boring, so I smell success in the air lol.

  2. Wendy’s radio show is # 1 in her time slot…she will definitely draw an audience from all walks of life.

  3. Despite what others think about Wendy, I enjoy her show for some strange reason. I guess b/c she goes no hold barred on what she thinks about ppl whether good or bad. One thing that you can say about Wendy is that she is HONEST about her true feelings LOL. I will def check her out to see what she has cooking LOL.

  4. I aint a fan…she had that VH1 reality show the Wendy Williams Experience and I didn’t like it, just could sit through a whole show. I’ll pass on this one…but wish her well!

  5. ***I meant I just “couldn’t” sit through a whole Wendy Williams Experience Show…

    she had me channel surfing/snack hunting

  6. Haven’t listen to her show, but she seems really funny. She reminds me of a Black Fran Dresser- the woman who played, The Nanny.

    I’m going to watch, i hope she has the sexy papi , Alex Rodriguez to discuss his drama. lol. I know it’s wrong, but Alex is so fine to me, if he wasn’t married, I’d would so holla at him, I couldn’t be his friend, cuz I would throw myself at him, evry chance. lol. I don’t need publicity, just having that papi would all I need. Just add to comment on Rod.

    Back to Wendy Williams, she’s funny, I love her commercials.

  7. I don’t want to see this idiot on television! She’s a HATER, she’s no Tyra or Ellen.

  8. LOVE HER! She’s going to be just fine and if she don’t last on TV….Radio will always welcome her!

  9. I hate to admit it, but Wendy Williams is funny as hell. She just concerns me sometimes because she doesn’t have limits. She won’t stop short of trying to publicly ruin celebraties with outragous gossip stories. Sometimes she is too over the top and just flat out mean spirited. I want to watch her show, but I almost feel like its wrong to support someone like her. She’s like Karrine Steffens. She sparks your interest but in a very bad way.

  10. Sorry, but I just don’t like this woman nor do I respect her approach..I might peep it out just for curiosity sake but I doubt I’ll support her show..Wendy is very odd looking to me something about her just looks off, too much hair and she’s built funny.

  11. Hey now, Stephanie! I’m a suburban housewife and I don’t watch Regis. LOL!

    Wendy WIlliams is too much for me. But when her show was on the radio here, I liked listening. Sure, most of it was over the top, but I enjoyed it! hehehe

    I’d watch her show on tv at least once. Just like I did with Tyra.

  12. I respect Wendy’s honesty she doesnt allow ANYONE to intimidate her. She is a very smart and witty woman whose is good at what she does. As long as they dont put her up against Tyra (Tyra is a positive image and Wendy is somewhat negative but they are both talented I would hate for either one of them to have to cancel the other + vs – = the higher sign). We are good for dividing ourselves as though there isnt enough room for two successful black women on television.

  13. Plus Tyra won a daytime Emmy– especially beating Ellen and Rachel (the young beautiful Oprah on the rise and getting PAID). Oh White society is ready to get Tyra out of there and replace her with a lesser or even trashier show which most of us will tune in to see. However, I trust that Wendy would put a more Positive image of herself out there. The girl does have a heart, and she keep it real (she too will suffer scrutiny once she blows up just like Star Jones–both untameable). I will be rooting for them Both!

  14. in DC its’
    9am mike/juliet
    10a rachael ray
    11 news
    12 tyra
    1 divorce court
    1:3 cristina court
    ….so what time is wendy on?

    I just think as bad as she looks she has balls to make fun of others.

  15. Wendy will probably be picked up, she has a very strong fan base. My husband can’t stand her but shes ok…personally I would not take advice from her though, not the way everyone else calls to get advice……..that’s what my momma and friends are for

  16. Wendy did not miss any meals… she highly recommends plastic surgery. I am sure she had a little lipo touch up before her promo and TV debut. ..LOL!

  17. You can either love her or hate her. She is who she is. I like her and I liked her TV show, never heard her on the radio. I know the show will be interesting if she has people performing and interviewing on her show. I know she will be “in your face” on the show. Unlike Tyra, she will ask the questions we all want to ask and know.

  18. Also, I forget to say..good luck to Wendy but I don’t think she will translate well on TV. I looked at a few episodes of her VH 1 shoe and she just looked crazy all the time.

  19. Wendy has been on the air since I was 5 years old. I didn’t like her then and I don’t like her now.
    I am throughly against leaving mean-spirited posts, but Wendy is just well… not a positive image for Black Women, hell, women period. And to be frank, she has a face for radio. The thing I like least about Wendy is that she is not “who she is.” She grew up well off and her family is in Jack and Jill, yet, she has this “hood” persona. PLEASE!

    There is nothing I hate more than middle class blacks pretending to be “Ghetto” or “hood” for the sake of “keepin’ it real.”
    I wish her the best in that I hope that she invites God, Buddha, Muhammed, Kabblah, Santeria — something into her life, because nobody is that mean without some pain hiding underneath.

    Peace Y’all.

  20. I wish her luck but she is hateful..I mean her shyte sounds personal sometimes.But good luck…

  21. Sometimes she can go too far, someone is going to hurt her one day. She didn’t have to talk about Method Man’s wife having cancer. That is private. I don’t know how she found out but she had no business repeating it on the air. Good luck to her though.

  22. Candy, you are definitely on point with how you feel and I share that same feeling as well.

    mo’star, Wendy doesn’t seem to respect that there is a time and place for everything. That was heartless and uncalled for. Maybe she doesn’t know any better since her business with her husband is so public. IDK.

  23. I don’t like or dislike her. I used to listen to her radio show sometimes while commuting to work. It was entertaining for the most part because she is so over the top.

    Just hope she knows how to tone it down a bit as not to alleniate new viewers, but still keep it real enough for her current fans.

    Wish her luck.


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