The White Woman Privilege

Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, are all popular women of today who achieved a level of fame through either a sex tape or letting sex be their moniker. They each also snagged a successful brotha under the guise that they are not whores but rather exotic beings with a past. Can I be honest? The truth is that White woman can be whorish, do slutty activities and yet still be placed on a pedestal. They can also still reach a level of success through the vessel that is ho-business. Doing this while never losing their virtue. Somehow their past does not completely tarnish them and they can have a successful career after wards and be taken seriously. I’m not knocking their hustle rather questioning the system that is in place.

Why doesn’t that same theory apply to Black women? Why is it that we are not allowed to go all out hoe and receive a reality series afterwards, a successful brotha on our arms or be paid thousands to show up to events? I may not have the exact answer but I do have a theory.

White women are already seen as “special” or exceptional by society. They are the standard of beauty. This is a standard that has been in existence since the dawn of creation. Black women are seen as second best, not as beautiful as White women. Sometimes we are not even seen as “real” women in comparison to our White counterparts. So, with this system in play, society reacts to our decisions and actions with a contrasting reception. A White woman has to do something extreme to lose her virtue and even then she never faces the chance of being kicked from her pedestal because at the end of it all, she is still… A White woman. That is something that does not change and is always taken into account even when she makes mistakes. It is what makes the repercussions for her actions so lenient. She always has that to fall back on. Think of it as her “in case of emergency stash”.

Black women do not have that luxury. We have it the hardest in society over other races of women by far. For one, we never reach that same pedestal or hierarchy that White women do. That place of significance is never offered to us by society. Regardless of our beauty or achievements. This makes it much easier for us to slide down into oblivion if we make a mistake or God forbid, do some hoe-s**t.

All of this plays into how brotha’s see White women versus Black women. This is why a successful brotha like Kanye West, or Reggie Bush will become involved with a woman like Kim Kardashian, or Amber Rose. They have been affected by the system at hand. They see that they can still become involved with this type of woman and it not be a problem because she still has her pedestal. There never was a threat to her loosing it despite her stripping, giving out blow jobs on tape etc.. She is a White woman. Brothas see that society still sees them as being privileged White women but now they come with a twist. Now because of their illicit backgrounds they are more “exotic”. If they were Black women they would no doubt be considered tarnished and deemed useless but because they are White they still keep their prestige with an added flare of sexiness. Now they know she is a White woman who has a slutty side and that is something to celebrate according to the brothas. That is something that peeks their interest. He wants to be the one championed as having “tamed” her and now reaping the benefits of all of her sluttiness. Suddenly her sluttiness isn’t so slutty. Suddenly it is “sexy” and “alluring”. What a lucky bastard that brotha is having all of that all to himself.

Plus when all else fails he still has a White woman on his arms. For some brothas that alone is enough for him to be proud. He can feel as if he has accomplished something. He has won the coveted prize. It doesn’t matter if this White woman is fat and unattractive; she still is a White woman. They are to be cherished and adored. Despite their flaws, hiccups in life, and through their slutty behavior they can always fall back on the fact that they are the highly desired White woman.

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  1. I agree for the most part, but to tell you the GOD’s honest truth, I wouldn’t have it any other way… (except about the brothers donning these hoes…Lord have mercy…smh)
    But to be very honest (and I’m a little apprehensive to be so candidly honestly on a blog, but hell you posted it, so I’ll comment damnit…LOL) but I kinda feel like it is expected of white women, this is their men’s world so it’s only natural that they can live as perverse a lifestyle as they want and still remain in good social standing. Now black women are equipped with more scruples because of the direct affect of history. It’s like they are a guest in the world’s house (mistreated guest but guest non the less), so there is a higher expectation for them. Now I really hate to use this analogy but hey wth… it’s like you wouldn’t be shocked if the devil killed, stole, or destroyed something or someone, because it’s expected of him, now if GOD did the same, you’d be in utter shock because that’s not what you expect from Him. You expect GOD to set the standard and the devil to break it. Personally, I feel like history has shown me that the race of white people are a people that carry out Satan’s agenda and the black race of people are a race that have been oppressed by this particular agenda. So again, I wouldn’t have it any other way, because the Bible teaches me, that Jesus is of and for the oppressed people. So I’m not surprised in the least. For all I care white women can keep whoring themselves out, but when I see a black woman doing the same it actually resonates with me because I hold them to higher esteem mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I hate if this sounds racist and fanatical but it’s my truth as I see it…maybe my perception will change one day, maybe it won’t, idk… sorry if I offended anyone

  2. We as bk women shouldn’t put our guards down for bk men 2 use us as trash 2 get their attention. Bk men like most men r weak when it comes 2 being seduced by any race of women period. They r like monkeys on NG chnnel always looking 2 screw a female with the available “scent”. We should b hating on these white chicks remeber, we taught them what they know, from slavery days 2 videos of music & porn tapes. They didn’t learn it themselves ya know. We as bk women use 2 b ugly 2 white now they want what we have and desire to look and be like us now. That is why bk men run behind them becuz they act like us! The difference is their skin color and their naive submission 2 a man deffrerent from their own kind of race. They feel powerful 2 b able 2 catch themsleves a bk man who is only there 4 the entertainment and fame, then ON TO THE NEXT ONE! These bk men don’t put these women on pedestals they put them on blast for personal gain. Most r broke, needy and full of drama from past relationships they blame Bk women for. The real issue is the bk men r feeling the case of Peter Pan syndrome & looking for a way 2 avoid being called soft when it comes 2 respecting a bk women & the kids they produce by us. It’s an ego thing. Bk men choose 2 follow than lead these days. Don’t worry there r some bk men who still desire a bk women wholeheartedly which is 20% of the nation. Leaving majority of bk women 2 settle 4 less than desired bk men or change it up 2 other races, which I heard is satisfying as well. Never say, if u can’t get em & keep em;steal another chick’s man. We seem 2 think that is normal but really isn’t good 4 ur health.Believe me its more karma ur way than u can handle. Just b urself. If that man don’t like, show him the door! Most men use it a lot when they can’t handle what ur cookin in the kitchen.

  3. Let’s not b mad @ these chicks they learned what they know from the best, US! Without the bk woman a lot of what’s going on in the world wouldn’t sudside in the first place. Whites use to hate us becuase we r different from them. Now they wanna b us completely & take what we have on top of it all. They want the life of bk culture 2 b in their family line. Whites also try 2 apologize 4 slavery times by adopting bk kids & inviting us over for social gatherings as a peace offering. U see, we r of royalty & should b treated as such. I think all bks need 2 get back 2 the basics of knowing who they r & where they come from by reading up on it or asking those over 60 about what they had 2 go through when the civil right movement came about. Who was on the front lines & who opposed it. WE AS BK WOMEN DESERVE 2 HAVE OUR THROWNS BRUSHED OFF & SIT BACK IN THEM, which is where we’ve been all along until invaders came & ripped it right from under us. It’s not just the white on bk crime in relationships, its the media & discrimination that hasn’t vanished since the 1800s. It getting worse becuz our own bk community is believing that we r as whites use 2 claim us out 2 b. We r helping whites abuse us through racial slurs, defiling our bodies, killing our kids & neglecting them; & killing each other. This has 2 stop.We don’t need help from white 2 discourage us anymore, were doing it 2 ourselves.

  4. Okay, @Tonya. I do NOT agree with your 1st sentence. “these chicks they learned what they know from the best, US”

    …NO THEY DIDN’T! I have never taught any white chick, or person in general how to be a BIRD-HEAD or JUMP-OFF, because I am NOT one! And, I’m mad you said that! *side eye*

    @LJ…I’m glad someone said it!

    I was in agreement with this article the entire time, but it really bothers me that all that was said is nothing but the God-honest truth! It actually pisses me off to be honest. It makes me want to scream, and ask “why are my people treated differently?!?”

    …And then they wonder why black people are so angry, and why black women are so defensive and loud and aggressive, etc. ‘Cuz you muthaf.kaz piss me off!! LOL. I’m annoyed.

  5. i could certainly care less what ww do with their bodies or how bm percieve them. I am only concerned about me. No bw should even strive or hope for that one day her sluttiness can be showered with glory. They do this for ww because they don’t ww to feel bad about their sluttiness, so they celebrate them. If they didn’t ww would no longer be on the pedstal that they are on. But who exactly are they trying to fool? only themselves,because now American ww are known for giving it up easily, ask any European man when comes to this country how easy it is to get one. I can’t tell you how many times ive heard this from my euro friends.

    If we are looking for a good man, we shouldn’t be concerned over the men who want a woman that easily, because he’ll become just as easily bored. Yeah look at Reggie Bush, he dated Kim but he sure as hell didn’t marry her. Kim is reaping no benefits from being a slut, no matter how much money/endorsements/reality shows she has, this girl wants to obtain one thing…marriage. I doubt she’ll be getting that anytime soon.

    Men and the celebrity world may celebrate hores, but they certainly aren’t committed to them. Paris Hilton is no longer relevant, and Kim will soon be in that same basket with her.

    Don’t worry yourself over these women.

  6. LJ! I guess my thing in helping to raise boys. That we start as mothers(black mothers) and concern relatives. we start having the conversations about choice and choosing women based on more than trends, status, and ego.
    I think it is important to say to our sons that they need to be selective and also mention the important things to look for in a mate. It’s not enough to sit around blogging about this we have make sure we are doing the right thing with our own children.

  7. @COCO T what a name…your name makes me think about Ice Ts wife. I said on another blog what if Ice Cubes wife was dressing and acting like Ice T’s wife…she would get called every name in the book but a child of god! In our society there is a double standard….look at how everyone jumped on the girl from Basketball wives for dancing..she didn’t have a bucket in front of her. but, she still caught a bad one. But, Kendra can have sex tapes, was one of the many girlfriends of a 90 year old I’m mean for real? that’s hot! and the list goes on….so it’s very obivous. I think we don’t need to buy into it and make sure we are not sending the wrong message. I don’t think I’m a less than any other woman. If I meet a man who says or thinks that way he will be shown the door! period. Bossips says we (black women) hate Kim K. no, I don’t! I just don’t want to hear about her every move. period! it’s not hate boo boo. I want to support my sistas that’s doing it the right way. that’s all.

  8. Michelle Obama is one of the most elegant, educated, intelligent, beautiful Black Women known all over the world, yet in some people (crazy YT racist conservative boogers) she is seen in the same light as a lesser known, lesser educated, intelligent, beautiful Black Woman. The mentality just proves how racism still exists; how these perceptions are harbored STILL and encouraged and even in some cases emboldened.

    There’s a blogger I follow whom, well she has no idea how much her words are an encouragement to me. I’m 30+ yet I’m still a mess, still a work in progress. She teaches self-actualization and how we can challenge the social constructs around us; dominance theory, I believe it’s called. She spouts so much truth I get overwhelmed sometimes. But with her words, and reading commentary like this I’d like to think I’m growing a little learning more about ME and how I want ME to be perceived and treated, etc.

    Great write-up. I hope to contribute more later 🙂

  9. While I agree with almost every single thing said in this article, this accepted whorishness of white women is not something to be envied. The thing that does make me mad is how far down on the list people treat and view BW. What makes me angry is not that White women can simultaeously be seen as slutty-whores (garden tools) AND ‘proper’ ladies, but the REASON why they are able to be upheld by men of all races even if they are sexually loose.

    Oh, Kanyade–what blog are you reffering to? I’d like to check it out.

  10. ^^^Black Women Blow the Trumpet. But I think her blog is closed now; she does have a Twitter account by the same name 🙂

  11. Maybe religion isn’t the answer for everyone, but it works for me. I’m a black woman who has always grown up around white people (yes, I am the only black girl in the damn classroom…I know you see me) and I will say first hand, it is very, very hard! Being black is hard. Being a black woman is even hard. This is a white world, no doubt, but first and foremost, I am GOD’s child. No matter how much the media shoves Kim K. and Kendra and Paris and whoever else down my throat, I know I am beautiful in the sight of the Lord. I know what God wants in me and expects of me as a women. I am far from perfect, but I’m not making sex tapes, posting cleavage pics on Twitter, and making a living out of being a sexual object, so I think I am doing ok. God is my only saving grace. It is tough to be a black woman, but you know, Satan will lie and the world will lie and at the end of the you will feel worthless…if you lie there and allow yourself to be walked all over. The world we treat us like we are at the bottom of the ranks but I know I’m not at the bottom of anybody’s totem pole. The only thing left out of this article was encouragement — we as black women need to encourage and lift each other up, not just because of our skin color but because we are women — we are the last and most beautiful creation of God. I refuse to be anything less. The white girls with big breasts and big butts will come and go and many lost black men will no doubt chase after them. I don’t give a damn because I am at no loss. I am who God created me, black skin and all, and I am proud of who I am. We should all be proud of who we are and hold our heads up instead of looking at these unfortunate people who contribute nothing to this world. Know your place, ladies. Oppressed and blessed, we are the ones who are privileged.

  12. * sorry for the typos… the inspiration tends to flow without grammar and spell check

  13. Women like Kim K., Paris Hilton, Kendra Wilkinson and those other reality skanks are about to enter into their 30’s. Having a career based on T&A, looks, sex, and plastic surgery can only you take them so far. Like I said, they are about to enter their 30’s and will be replaced with new younger hair headed bimbos. Life as they knew it in their 20’s will all but be a memory for them.

    By the time they enter into their 40’s, they will be washed up talentless has beens.

  14. Black women throughout American history (i.e. Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks), have fought to hard for black women, and men, freedom and civil rights in this country for us as Black Americans to take a step backwards or to the left to gain notoriety or validation. We shouldn’t and don’t have to exploit ourselves or allow anyone else for that matter, because we were taught from an early age to have pride in ourselves. To each its own on what road they choose to use to success, though.

  15. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. BW with their heads on straight should not believe that the issue is with them. No matter how many other BW come out and claim because “you belittle BM because they don’t have what you have” BS. If they don’t then they need to get on it! What the he** are you doing with yourself then?! But back to the point (LOL!) I beleive the focus should be put on the guys who choose these “types” of women. Why should we dissect ourselves as if it’s something wrong with us? We already know the playing field isn’t easy, but I get SO TIRED of it being directed to the women. Direct this to the men, put them on BLAST and maybe..just MAYBE one day they will be able to respond as to why they choose to date, lite bright and damn near white (with ho tendancies)instead of going after a woman with substance. Perfect example is Karrine Steffans..she hasn’t got a reality show, a fashion design line or a baller for a man! Maybe it’s because she broke up so many couples in the process, but whatever. People called her every name in the book and the likes of Kim K and them are considered …”socialites”. C’mon son! I’m haiting, yes indeed! If I wanted to slut my way throug the industry, I wouldn’t get far, lol! But these broads do it and get million dollar deals?! I’m just saying!

  16. This article is so true that it is a shame. I often wondered how in the hell did Kendra Wilkinson go from a ho 2 a respected housewife(as the media portrays her 2 b now)and Supa Head catches so much hell for getting married. Its as if 2 say her hoeing and Kendra’s hoeing were different when they were not. It’s a shame that black woman have to try 2 please and keep her man when all white women have 2 do is well nothing! That shows me how the media manipulates us into thinking what they want us 2 think is rite and wrong when we need 2 step up and use our own judgement instead of letting some one dictate 2 us what we need 2 b. And while im not into white men, us sistas need to broaden our horizons and step outside the box. Who knows u may like it. Think i may give it a try. 🙂 Mayb if us black women date outside our race more often our brothers will lean 2 appreciate us more. Im just sayin!!

  17. This article struck a cord with me! When you visit other blogs you are bombarded with images of black athletes, black actors, rappers etc… with non-black women and these women are considered the “trophy” girlfriend or wife. When you see a post of black actor, rapper, athlete etc with a black women you should see the ignorant comments people leave. What has happened to us as black women that we continually “allow” this nonsense. You better believe this is only going to get more blatant and worse before it gets better. Black women we truly need to get grounded in spirituality and education so we can at least put up a formidable defense again nonsense like this that is only there to divide and eventually conquer us! Just think how the world views black women now at this rate in lets say 2030 what do you think the view its going to be? Even worse, young black children male and female are going to grow up in this world with those ideals that places them low on the totem pole. So i say if we don’t stand up for ourselves at least do it for the next generation of black men and women so they can at least have a fighting chance.

  18. Conisdering we were the first female to appear on the earth they could not have had the standard of beauty since the dawn of creation. It is time for us to stop holding them up. Believe me you don’t want to be like those ladies mentioned at all. They all have rich parents to fall back on to buy their new image in the media when they have had enough and there trust fund is being threatened to be taken. That is the difference.

    If Lawrence Fishbourne daughter is trying to be like them I would question her upbringing just as I questioned there. Money can’t buy nor give you class plain and simple.

  19. white woman privilege only last until the first wrinkle show up then they are thrown away.

    they end up the next twenty years spending large amount of money at doctor rey rey office in beverly hill to stay irrelevant.

    few yesrs ago demi moore complianted she couldn’t get a job because of her age, now she know what it is like for a black woman trying to fing a acting job at 20.

  20. The same brothas that drool all over the kendras, Kim K, and Paris are the same ones that would curse Karrine Steffans who turned her experiences into a hustle and never has to work another day in her life. They call her a hoe, slut, snitch, lame, whack whatever. Karrine was abused sexually, physically, and mentally by her own kind. She became a product of her upbringing. She did what she did to survive and for love and affection she missed from her own daddy. However these bitches who grew up with silver spoons in their mouths did it for shits and giggles are placed on a pedestal. White men never publicly disrepect the white woman, that is why they get away with it; their men protect them. Our men, the same ones who came from a black women will put us down, and call us out our name! I dont get it, Im done Im just done!

  21. Blacksista, Girlll!!!! You are ALWAYS on point! You are a breath of fresh air in such a stale atmosphere my beautiful Blacksista! 😉 lol 🙂

  22. @Kanyade – What’s the name of the blogger you’re talking about?

  23. it’s not just looks. I was asking my husband the other night:

    why is it white women can do **** and its alright, but if we do the same, we are wrong.

    personnality-wise: like, why is it that if bw are shy and quiet or quiet but not shy, we need to liven up/we are not strong women/or we are just plain stuck up? but if ww are shy and/or quiet, she is so lady like, classy, sensitive, feminine, and mysterious. oh, and lets not forget, she is a good listener and an understanding woman. on the flip side, if black women are more outspoken or if they stand up for themselves, they are called loud, ghetto, common, and the likes. however, if a white woman is outspoken, she is confident and secure. if she is angry and stands up for herself, she knows how to draw the line, and she is strong. or she is upset and needs to speak her mind (white bw are known as terminally angry).

    how about music videos: she is never required to shake her ass to perform. she just has to be there.

    and when it comes to sex, this is how the brothas treat it: black women who wont give it up soon enough, are often seen as a tease or they are given ultimatums. or, as i had a few brothas tell me: “if you look good, dudes will look at you and automatically think that you already been ran through so many times. you cant possibly be sexually moral, or celibate, or a virgin. you aint special. and they can tap that. its just expected.” or else its “oh she aint giving it up; she is frontin,” moving on! if its a white woman though, they seem to let sex be on her terms. she is a decent woman with a good head on her shoulders. and they will throw out every other flattering adjective out there to describe her.

    ok i could go on. but im tired of typing. someone finish this for me.

    OH! i forgot. my husband’s answer was simple and straight-forward: “they are all just brainwashed.”

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