These Prada Heels are Smokin’

If you have a cool $890 to spare, which is about the equivalent of what you would spend on 80 packs of cigarettes if you lived in the state of New York, then you can have yourself a pair of these smoking hot Prada heels.

And when I say smoking, I mean literally.

What would have been just another strappy sandal, was embellished by Prada with patent leather pink lips featuring a dangling cigarette and smoke to match.

The 1980’s club inspired shoe also features a foxy ankle strap and half inch platform.

According to the company, the shoe is a homage to the decadence that was the early days of Studio 54.


  1. As hot as they are, i would never spend that much money on UNCOMFORTABLE shoes!

  2. What makes this shoe worth almost a grand? These designers kill me with this ish. This shoe isn’t even cute. It looks like a child’s project gone horribly wrong.

  3. Ah no way I am paying $890 for shoes seriously? LOL Those shoes are not that cute.

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