This Chick Is Just Bad !

Just when I think I have had enough of Rihanna and her daily New York City catwalks… the chick turns around and does this. Honestly, Rihanna, who was spotted attending the “Intermix Celebrates Fashion’s Night Out” event in New York City, came out looking so fierce that there was no way I could not acknowledge her. I mean does she not look amazing or what? Say what you want about the sista (and I know some of you will), but you gotta give her props for her fashion sense. She always leaves the house looking amazing and that in itself is part of being a diva… a fashion diva. Rihanna knows how to be a star and she does it so well. Peep her below looking like a female Kanye West… gotta love it!


  1. FIRST!

    AND OMG!





    “pop diva: singer of high popularity etc etc”

    “fashion diva: ALWAYS FIERCE!!!!”


    GO GIRL!



  2. I do like it though but i think this would have been a great choice for the upcoming vmas.

  3. Gorgeous!!!!! Rihanna is stunning…This is what fierce really is…..

  4. Is it ever exhausting to always look like a fashion plate? Not for Diva’s I guess. Well it keeps her in the limelight that’s for sure.

  5. honestly the whole outfit really isnt all that.. we have seen her in plenty of outfits like this .. so i huess this is why im not so impressed.. i hate those boots that she decided to wear again but… i like the classes and the red lipstick but its not worth killin over.. but she does look nice

  6. Amber Rose had on something in the “I Don’t Care About Amber Rose” post? But I do love Rihanna’s outfit and fashion style.

  7. We can argue about this chick’s talent or lack therof all day, but when it comes to fashion…Rihanna SHUTS IT DOWN!

    I love her, more so for her sense of style than her music.

    No matter how hard you try, you cannot deny this chick is ABSOLUTELY FIERCE!

  8. *thereof

    Just to add: I think she would kill these other chicks on the runway. If singing doesn’t work out for her, modeling is always in her future.

  9. you idiots always talkin bout rihanna she can sing her 3 cds were real r&b and pop this girl aint goin nowhere u say she cant sing can u sing as well as rihanna hell no the truth is beyonce is not a diva just because she got the most money beyonces music sucks to me i dont like her she lacks soul and sings pop bullshit


    @Tee. Girl shut up, shut up! Don’ try to convince the haters they are in denial. BOreYawnSay’s days are over.

    Rihanna’s 3rd cd blew IASAFlop out the water!!!!

    Rihannna is already an ICON for fashion.

    she has broken and set industry records.

    Can BoreYawnSay make that claim????? Funny how BoreYawnSay came back so called Sasha Fierce and she has proven to be anything BUT fierce. LMFAOOO

    Go Rihanna. Keep all eyes on you! They can’t take it!!!!


  11. Fashion wise no one can touch her. She does have that it factor about herself.

  12. Rihanna’s albums might be good Tee, but for she is not the strongest vocalist, so her performances need to be upgraded and this is coming from someone who likes her, i do believe that people like her more than most of her counterparts out there, but it is going to take a little more than liking her for me to go buy her albums, rihanna fans are not sheep buying everything just ebcause it has her name on it, and i hope it stays like that, i think you clearly see what happens when someone stop living their lives and start wishing to be someone else 🙂

    Other than that she is HAWT

  13. NO she is not hot..she is a swagger jacker… I could of sworn Amber has something like this on before…

  14. Silly question- can she see through those glasses? I guess she should be able to…

    Who’s event was that? Is it that she was wearing clothes from their line?

    She definitely does make a bold statement. I wonder if she would consider going into modelling- they probably tell her she needs to lose weight though

  15. Those glasses look crazy as hell, and she still looks good. Go Rih Rih, we can’t be mad. She usually looks horrid in sunglasses, but somehow those are cute on her Those earings are cute on her too. Rih rih is going a little far on the dark side though. Come back Rih Rih. Stay away from drugs.

  16. @Darksista-i commend ur realness and giving us pure facts and logic without emotions. ANd ur a fan-u get extra points. Ok ok we all know she is dropdead gorgeous with a fashion sense that has 2b in the genes, but who cares???? I mean if she was a model i understand they hype but since she is a singer who cares. Its funny cuz her vocal game neva gets this much hype-just her fashion & when Chris went ultimate fighting on her. I swear i just can’t see the ooh & aahs. PRetty girl, limited talented hmmm sounds familiar..,.oh i no why it does, cuz that’s the whole music game now.

  17. @ lily ..wat makes u think she shud be able too?…wrf? ppl do the dumbest things 4 fashin.. wheter its nearly beakin and ankle or sumthin like this… i swear she cant see thru those glasses… notice eventually she took them off

  18. @ Iris

    What do you mean she’s short? I thought she was like 5′ 8 or 9?

    @ whoever said she had to lose weight to model. I agree. I think she looks great but hollywood is crazy. Rihanna is borderline fat to the girls that work the runways. But who knows, she’s hot enough to change the standard.

  19. That layer of bright red lipstick set against a backsplash of black and cream is what’s “fierce” here.

    Imagine if she wore a nude lip. Then it’d be the funky shades with the studs/faux diamonds.

    Take away that and you’ve got RihRih in all black. Not too fierce….I’m telling ya’ll, that red lipstick is making a SERIOUS comeback!

  20. clarifitcation: I wasnt tryna call her fat or anything when I said she would be told to lose weight. That’s just how the indstry is, remember when Ciara suddenly was sporting a skeletor look when she got that modeling contract (whatever came of that?)

    By the way- I think Kate Moss is like 5 6 or 5 7, so I’m sure Rihanna can try to fall back on some modelling, or at least print work in magazines.
    She is recognizable and to me will stand out among all those strung out looking chicks

  21. RUSERIOUS i hope youy still command me when i post on the next beyonce post because i got something for her too 🙂

  22. hey DARKSISTA remember me??? I’ve been looking for you. So any luck on finding a comment of me degrading talented artist?…..(I didn’t think so either)

  23. You know your a hater when your already ready to bash someone on their next post not even knowing what it is yet. It could be them donating $100,000,000 to Saint Jude’s Hospital.

  24. @darksista- trust me ma i don’t care none of these lil girls. im for the likes of Jennifer, Alicia, Jill scott, Lauryn Hill, Crisete, even Solange(that girl cd blew my mind). As for Beyonce, i never will dispute her talent vocally,(people get crazy saying she is this over the top dancer),but she is boring now, average, always naked & a clone.

  25. @ truthteller, she’s like 5’4 outside of hills…look at rihanna when she takes pics with other artists. there is actually a very famous photo of beyonce’ and rihanna and beyonce’ towers over her.

  26. @ iris.. rihanna is 5″8″ u have 5″7″ or taller..wat u talkn about

  27. oh yea where the hell did u see that she is 5″4″… i hate when ppl come on here and state facts they no nuthin about…as u can see she is taller than beyonce… not taller than ciara.. but she is taller than most ppl….the heels prolly make her like 6

  28. so amber gets a bad post or being fierce and rihanna gets a good one yet both do nothing but model clothes..smh..amber even had this style first..hate it or love it, amber is here to stay and has kanye backing out for her!! lol

  29. I would go into how different rihanna is from amber since she scored many number ones even more than a certain person many stans for, but it would be a waste of my wonderful time,If all of you are really that bold, and if you have that much power, then make rihanna disappear until then Sit down

    @Ruserious: Girl!!!!!! Sandcastle disco was my anthem love that song to death, T.o.n.y too and i can’t stop playing fragile by chrisette and i can’t even start on “giving myself” I see we listen to the same thing 🙂

    17: Did i hurt your feelings that much boo boo? Now you’re gonna follow me and haunt me online? I am so scared ROTFL

  30. in my opinion rihanna is not tall she has long legs giving the appearance of height she is shorter than beyonce’ who is 5’6”

  31. @ iris.. think about wat u just said.. she has long legs so she seems tall.. doesnt long legs = length on top of it she has a long neck and torso.. the girl is tall and no she is not taller than bey.. how the hell do u even now have usen them in person together

  32. I wasn’t really following you I was just trying to find you to check and c if you found my so called comment of me degrading artist, but i see that you can’t so your officially “dismissed” love your word lol.

  33. Where are the RHianna fans?? did u see her performance at madison. that alone is ammo. HORRIBLE.
    IF she spent time on her stage game as much as her fashion, she would sound like JHud. The song is so hype, if your voice ain’t all that you better move. Im sorry B slays her stop the comparison.
    if you like RHianna u might as well like B. THe both are naked, sing about nuthing, its just B got talent vocally, and Rhi fashion wise.

  34. AT least CIara dance, cuz she don’t sing. But what the heck Rhi bring 2 the table. REel talk i seen her b4 on stage & gave her leeway cuz she was a newbie, but naw, its been like 3 years. Rhianna fans–ya’ll wud pay 2 see her?? See Crisete Michele don’t move, cuz her vocal game is beyond, but RHi?? SHe better learn to dance.

  35. honestly people? rihanna was known as a singer and the last video she has done that was her own song was flippin umbrella! her gettin her ass whooped def boosted her career…diva? really tho? she puts clothes on calls up the paparazzi and says “hey! im dressed up and about to walk across the street *hint hint*” SHE DOES NOTHING. can’t sing. can’t dance. and world WHAT ABOUT THE STYLISTS?! if anything that’s who the diva is…why doesnt anyone give the people that dress these women up the credit cuz u clearly kno when the stylist is off duty – hence the horrible acid washed jeans and that tired pink sweater…i’m not a hater i just want the real diva to get credit…it would be different if maybe she was a fashion designer or model or actually sang or acted or DID ANYTHING. however she doesnt…divas are versatile and when they have an art…THEY SPECIALIZE IN IT…

  36. RUSERIOUS But the difference between bey and rihanna’s people are that beyonce’s fans expect people to PRAISE HER thats the difference, and why do you care what she brings to the table? you are not wasting anymoney or time on her are you ?
    music is veyr relative, my older sister ivory swears that rihanna can hold a tune, my mother says she can’t it’s all about what you hear, rihanna sound horible because you want her to sound horrible it is that simple, she sings lives her voice is not the best but it is def not ear bleeding material,She lady gaga nor beyonce will never be on chrisette michelle’s level or any of the great vocalists you might bring up but i think vocally each of these chicks can hold their own, it’s not always about the voice though i wish it was but its not! it’s about making music people love, i.e alicia keys don’t get me wrong she is the closest thing to a virtuoso right now but her voice is definitely Not the best not at all!!!!!!

  37. Voice-here we go with the why do u care bout her-hellooo we are on a blog-where u talk about errrybody whether u like them or not. im not neglecting my child or staying home from work to type this so the why do u care topic-people end it.
    back to RhiRhi-i never said she can’t sing-she is decent. i don’t get goosebumps, but she don’t make my ears bleed. I said her stage game is Garbage, just like Keshia Cole’s was- she improved, still not great but better. There are many aspects to an artist. My theory is if u lack in one department, u betta make it up in another. i guess Rhi makes it up in Fashion, but ur a singer not a model.

  38. (cont.) So when i go 2 ur concert and ur voice is soso, and ur stage game is garbage , what willi say. Well at least she looked hot. Now, some may say she is ok on stage, im not 1 of them. ONce again look at Ciara, she has a cute voice, but when u compare her 2 real singers she can’t hold a note 2 them. but… her stage game is ridiculous cuz her main talent is dancing.
    Now stop with the only Beyonce fans get crazy. Every famous person has “stans” who go 2 far. Rhianna got them-check the comments. i got a ? just 4 u. Why don’t u like beyonce and why do you like Rhianna, and her fashion game, if u include it, better just be the icing not 1 of the main reasons.

  39. @Voice- since u act like im a B fan, check my comments on her madison post, check archives if ur bored-C i just don’t like her, u hate her that’s why u get blinded & can’t keep it factual. The same reasons u hate B should apply 2 Rhianna. I rememeber ur comments bout B being superficial, songs have no depth, overexposed clothes wise-That’s Rhianna 2.

  40. @ ru serious.. thank u girl…. i agree wit wat u said…if u lack in one department u shud make it up i another. which rihanna does not do, her voice is not ear bleeding but its not decent. well not all the time.. but her voice is not sumthing u can easily listen to without flinching… beyonce’s music is not all meaning less.. she has a lot of songs that mean alot… now there is no difference btwn rih stans and some bey stans.. they are both the same …sum of the garbage that cums out of rih stans motuhs is mind blowing, so u cant throw down one without doin the same to the other

  41. the only reason some people don’t see beyonce a s a vocalist is because she dances as well. But the truth of the matter is Beyonce outsings ANYBODY in the industry right now. It not all about belting or power she has versatility, control, and power. Am i lieing?

  42. @Ruserious
    Thank you for the five comments i appreciate it, I never called you a beyonce fan or stan i was just answering to your question,
    Why you feel treated as a beyonce slave is up to you to figure out
    now let me answer to your question, I never said i didnt like beyonce, matter of fact when iiwab came out and all
    the so called fans were going at her calling the song boring, I was the one defending the fact that for once she had left that crazy sexed persona somewhere and let the icon in her shine
    I perfectly made it clear that i don’t like beyonce’s stage persona i feel like she let her sexiness overshadow her talent that is My opinion, For example why not sing halo,hello or broken hearted girl tonight instead of whatever that was she just did, I don’t know about you but to me people with VOICES should
    leave the gimmicks to those who don’t have one and that is MY opinion, you and many others labelled me a “beyonce hater” when i had made clear from day one that i didnt hate the girl but whatever she let come over her, and that is MY opinion on the whole subject
    the same way i give beyonce her props for being a very good singer ,I have also said from DAY ONE that rihanna was not as talented as beyonce but i liked her (her person) because first of all we have the same birthday lol, i loved her style, love a lot of song from her and for another personal reason, But when push came to shove i was the
    first person to say that rihanna coulndt hold a note compare to great singers like Jennifer hudson, again you werent there or maybe you read whatever you wanted to read , and that is in both case your problem, Just like you said whatever applies to beyonce applies to rihanna and i agree but here is my problem like i stated before PEOPLE beyonce STANS want people to destroy rihanna but not speak a word against beyonce and like one of my sisters said beyonce had done NOTHING in this world for anyone to bow down to her unless they want to
    it’s okay to say dang rihanna is wearing a skimpy outfit onstage but if you say the same about beyonce you are a “hater” and blah, it’s okay for beyonce to walk in the street even without an album, but for rihanna its being a media whore , many beyonce fans were happy when rihanna got hit by chris, but had jay-z donned it to beyonce and a rihanna stans had spoken who knows where we would find the body, beyonce people are treating rihanna the same way jennifer lopez people treated beyonce at first and in my opinion beyonce fans just like the lopez fans were threatened, again that is my opinion
    So gain take that word “hate” roll it around and throw it away and fish for a new one because it’s becoming more and more pathetic, beyonce never harmed anyone i love for me to hate her, My little niece was raped when she was about 5 years old now the bastard that did it I hate him, beyonce does not have that much power on my emotions and she never will, How about you ?

  43. I love beyonce for being versatile but in my opinion again she is more of a singer version of a video vixen, than the singer she should be, Now i’m not saying stop making club bangers, I’m saying you cans ing stop making it all about your club bangers and a little more about your music, But at this point of the story it is already to late, for her to claim her title as the icon she could have been unless you’re looking at it from one of her people’s point of view, but trust me , people who can still think rationally and snap out of the hyptnose know the real deal, I’m guessing you are oneof those people ? 😉

  44. ok so VOICE once again I’m just asking but let me get this straight anybody who shows a some skin in a performance you don’t really care for? Am i right or wrong?

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