This is How I Made It: Ciara


I guess now we know why Ciara has been Instagramming so many photos of her youth.

The Austin, Texas native will soon have her rise to fame chronicled on MTV’s rockumentary series ‘This is How I Made It.’

Ciara announced the news yesterday, revealing January 5th as the air date for her episode.

As previously reported, the lack of radio support for Ciara’s latest 3 singles has caused L.A. Reid to rethink his strategy for the singer’s ‘One Woman Army’ album, which I hear has been unofficially shelved.

But fear not Super C fans, Ciara will reportedly head back into the studio, tweak some songs, and come out swinging in the spring of 2013.


  1. That album is never coming out. If it does it is going to do like 30k the first week. Ciara needs to branch out because music is no longer serving her well.

  2. Something she or her people are doing is just not working, and has not worked for a while. She was popular for a few years, so it isn’t like she’s less talented than say, Rihanna, but something in the strategy is way off…

    I wish her well….
    And I like the pics. She was a cute child.

  3. Well I am always supporting Ciara beautiful family. Cici a beauty as a baby.

  4. People just don’t connect with her.
    In today’s world fans have to connect with their star. Her music is the same ole shit always trying for a dance hit. Why is MTV doing a rockumenatry. Shouldn’t the artist have a good body of work first. MTV must have time to fill.The problem with these black artist they think if you’re not doing RNB you’re not doing music.The world has change. people just want good music they don’t care who sings it. I’m glad Rihanna don’t have that mine set maybe because she grew up in the Caribbean where the same radio station will play different genres of music. from reggae to rock, soca to country and western.

  5. Ciara is doing the right thing and that is to wait for the right song out because she is a great entertainer and the best dancer ever!

  6. i see rihanna is still paying bloggers to stalk ciara and plant hate msgs. she is a sick insecure dummy

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