Tia Mowry Quit “The Game”

Tia Mowry is leaving “The Game.” The 33-year old actress broke the news earlier this evening via her Twitter page.

Besides falling ratings, Tia’s reasons for leaving the show reportedly include her desire to devote more time to her reality series Tia & Tamera.

Rumor has it Pooch Hall may also be headed for the door. When asked about the situation by a fan via Twitter, Pooch responded by saying “They workin it out. BET is my first home.”

Sound like a contract issue to me. Brittany Daniel reportedly bailed on the show because her salary with BET wasn’t quite up to snuff either.

Whatever the case, The Game isn’t what it used to be and I stopped watching ages ago. Still, the show pulls in over 2 million viewers, which is huge for BET. I think they’ll ride it out for season 6 and then call it quits.


  1. This show is a hott mess. Im glad tia left the show it was a good move for her career wise.

  2. Melanie and Derwin are pointless now anyway. The other characters have enough drama going on to sustain the show, I think. I want more of Jason and Chardonnay!

  3. I used to like the show but not lately. I don’t believe the relationship between Jason and Chardonnay, also it seems like Melanie let the whole surrogate thing go too quickly. Like you can tell it was “written out”. IDK, I guess it happens with all shows but why don’t they just pull the plug all together and stop letting people go, piece by piece. smh

  4. I will miss Melanie and Derwin but hey Chardonnay and Jason have a great storyline. I find it very convincing and the reason I started watching again. I wish the show the best of luck and will continue to watch.

  5. Hey if they really want to be creative just give Melanie’s role to Tamera… just kidding but hey its a thought.

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