Tiffany Monique Breaks Out

Now that Beyonce’s I Am…. Sasha Fierce world tour has wrapped up, Tiffany Monique, who sang back up for the singer, is ready to start making moves towards super stardom as a solo artist herself. The Newark, New Jersey native recently released “Nemesis,” the first single from her five track EP of the same name. Released June 15th, Nemesis and its subsequent video, have become viral sensations and solidified Tiffany as an artist with potential, despite what she says many of her detractors originally thought. Nemesis is “influenced by meeting so many naysayers who told me I would never make it as a professional singer,” says Tiffany. “A few record company executives told me that although I had the talent, I didn’t have the look. And over the course of my journey, I’ve encountered others who maintained a negative outlook on the potential of my success. Nemesis expresses my determination to prevail.”

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  1. Wow!!!

    This girl can sing!!!

    Powerful vocals and her own…sometimes backup singers will sound like the singer they’re backing…she’s awesome!!!…because her vocals shined through in this simple yet poignant song…just think what she’ll do to a ballad…she has serious skills…if she wrote this song…a pretty good songwriter too…I love when it ain’t hook singing, but true storytelling…great video…we’re the only people where the artist have to look a certain way…Gaga is on top of the world right now…Katy Perry is a pretty girl next door…Pink shows off her vocals, songwriting and live performance skills and her looks second to talent…Jessica Simpson was simply gorgeous, but that wasn’t enough for her to sell records…Britney is glammed up, but no knockout beauty, but has a killer body when in top form…Kim Kardashian and other tv celebrities and actresses serve their share and brand of beauty…in the music industry…we’re the only ones where “the package” is mandatory…

    I wish Tiffany much success and can’t wait to hear more…many backup singers make it big…this chick ain’t no second banana either!

    Go Tiffany!!!

  2. Bought the ep on itunes for $4.95…definitely worth it…if you like Jill Scott, Maysa, Mary J Blige…soulful vocalists…you’ll love Tiffany Monique…beautiful music…the way it’s supposed to be…not some hot-in-demand producer’s tracks with vocals…but, a singer/artist at the helm…with great production value…she knows music…read her bio…I understand why…I respect and appreciate people who take the time to learn their craft and do it well…not being the supposed package…worked in her favor…if only we support her…we really help ourselves…our soul…we are rhythmic people and music has always been shut-up in our bones! Music has always gotten us through and it’s just a beautiful gift from God!

    Get Nememsis today!!!

  3. Listened to this on another site and wish her nothing but the best. 🙂

  4. NEWARK NEWJERSEY AKA BRICKCITY STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Just had to say again…what a great talent!!! Beyonce’s glowing endorsement was on point in describing her music…please follow the links…this one song, only tells half the story…Tiffany Monique and her music is so soothing and beautiful!!!

    Go Tiffany!!!

  7. Is she also the one that acts w/tyler Perry? But yeah she was great on Bey’s tour. Almost to the point that i was certain they were lipping to Beyonce’s tracks. I’ll have to give her a listen when i get to school tmrw.

  8. I love it. You go Tiffany Monique – you’re living your life coming from behind Beyonce. I hope the best for you.

  9. She’s a great VOCALIST I just hope people don’t start leaving Bey’s band because they all work so great together and I could still see them years from now shutting it down.

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