Tiger Woods: Another Dumb Black Athlete?

Tiger Woods is being judged, attacked, bantered and crucified. Four things that the privileged golfer probably never thought he would have to face. In fact he is probably in a world of shock right now at how many people are turning their backs on him. Suddenly he is not the golden child. He is no longer being seen as the towering man of golf and unparalleled man of athleticism. His legacy will now include the first billionaire athlete and repeated cheater. Now he is viewed as another dumb Black athlete that got caught up in an avoidable situation and the media is loving it!

The media is enthralled by this because for years they could not find any dirt on Tiger. He was an untouchable Black athlete. He does not have a line up of baby mommas, no known drug problems, no criminal record, came from a fairly stable home. He always has seemed to carry him self with a certain level of suburbanite class that you do not see in some of the other popular African American basketball and football players. He has finally given them what they have been salivating for. Drama. His mistresses are popping up left and right to assist. The witch hunt can begin and his fall from grace can be a slow and painful one.

Let me be clear. I am in no way making allowances for his behavior or suggesting that it is an acceptable one. Truth be told his decision to cheat was… Well… Stupid. I am simply thinking deeper. Eyes completely open. The fact is that the media loves a witch hunt and that they absolutely love orchestrating one for a member of the African American elite. An African American that is widely accepted, respected and revered by the public and their peers. A goody-goody African American whom they can say to ” See we knew you weren’t perfect! We knew you weren’t all good like you portrayed yourself. You are not special and now you are going to get it”. Can you see the excitement in their eyes? The media has a point to reinforce. No black man, no matter if he is biracial, comes from privilege or extraordinarily talented, is safe. Tiger has given them this opportunity and he will be judged accordingly. Tiger gear your PR team up and Expect IT. It has just begun.

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  1. Serves his arrogant $%$% right!! I’ve met him down in Hilton Head a few years ago..an asshole! The woman he married was not even interested in him prior to even dating. She was a nanny. Go figure! He reminds me of that dumb ass Michael Jordan. When you date a man with money its rare that you really love the man for who he really is I’m sure she was not putting out! She have her own game plan that’s why in the first year she push out a baby! She could walk away right now however, the pot is getting ready to increase so she need to wait it out! Dumb ass negros!!! God forgive me!!

  2. This has nothing to do with race, and all to do with percieved opinions on this “golden child”. He could’ve been any other race, with the same golfing stats & supposed ethical views, and the media would still be having a field day. I think this is because of how outlandish this whole situation is; 6 women have come out so far (6?!), one of which has said that they had sexual relations for a year in the very home he shares with his family. smh. As I said, outlandish. I could never understand why men (& women) cheat to this extent, especially if the love is “still there”. In conclusion, this is not a race isssue. This is just a surprising issue considering the suppsoed moral fibers of Tiger Woods.

  3. Correction you can love a man with money. The majority of sista love them when they did not have anything busted and broke. As soon as those dogs get some loot…they always going left field the first chance they get. I wonder does that have something to do with there penis size?

  4. Hey BS

    So Rihanna can’t get any love for proving the haters wrong? They were all betting for Gaga to outsell Rihanna, even you were quick to highlight the projected sales.

    Back on topic….You stray you pay!

  5. I don’t bash Tiger for not chosing to identify himself as black, becasue technically speaking he’s not fully black and he has a right to honor all of his heritage..My race issue with him is he has no problem stating “I’m not black” while doing everything to align himself with white folks, I personally blame his c00n of a father for not teaching him more about his black culture, he taught him how to play the white man’s game on and off the field at the price of leaving Tiger stuck in an idenity crises..Daddy didn’t teach him what to do when the white folk turn on you, when your blond white wife leaves your @ss.

  6. I think that it’s more to it and I also believe this doesn’t overshadow or atleast should overshadow his golf skills! People have been waiting for the chance to see him slip up and make him into public enemy number 1! This marriage seems more like a business deal than a marriage of love or atleast it was for her so of course it doomed

  7. He could say whatever he wants about his race and what he is. The media will portray him as black and not mixed. That is just how the media works especially if he is in the media with negative press. They portray Obama, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry as black even though they are mixed. Tiger, welcome to nig$a nig$a land. lol. That’s what you get. Cablasian: WTF is that? Anywho…

  8. I didn’t think he was black…I thought he was “Cablinasian”…whatever the hell that is. So now that he has messed up royally and tarnished his “golden boy” image all of a sudden he’s black?! And please correct me if I am wrong, but according to his definition of his ethnicity…there are a few ethncities that get to share this one.

  9. Let’s be serious no woman in their right mind is not marrying a man if he is not financially secure. I really don’t know what her intentions or his for that, I could care less. Wtf is “Cablinasian”, man your American you were born in Cali. Trying to hard to be different and unique. It was his time for a reality check and he got it. This what happens when you get married and not ready, Derek Jeter should have gave him some pointers.

  10. The point of the matter is tiger woods , cheated on his and now he is going to pay the ultimate price. My only issue with this is simply that when Black Men reach a certain plateau in their life many of them are not married to white women ?, In the end they lose their marriage, image, endorsments, and they money they worked so hard for. Once these woman get what they want , their out so my questions is why ?????

  11. **** I meant they only marry white women , why is that ?????

  12. As he said with he’s own mouth, “I’m not BLACK”. Remember he’s cablacaca. I could not give a damn about Tiger Woods and what he’s going through. I can’t help but notice that African American are always so quick to deny their black heritage, which leave the door open for others to disrespect you. The sad thing is that they can only get the trash that a poor white man would not take. Honestly, you are this wealthy person and the best you can do is a nanny, waitress, porn star, and hostess? Come on now, have a little self respect. It’s always so funny to me when the other race that they list as part of their mixture never want anything to do with them. Asian don’t recognize him, or any other person that is mixed with black, commonly know as a bumble bee in the asian community. The only thing these women are thinking about is, here is another dumb negro that is gaga for white women; what can this dumb negro do for me and how much money can I get out of him.

  13. It really doesn’t matter because in Tiger words “I’m not black”. But I believe his wife will end up divoring him getting those millions.

  14. Cablasian = Caucasion, Black and Asian. Tiger is all three and kudos to him for acknowledging it. Black blood does not override any other. So though I usually agree w/ u, you’re wrong here. Tiger ain’t simply a brotha!

  15. stephany your entire is quite immature the headline speaks for itself, fisr of all i would like to say black men dont owe anything to black women in this country lets make that clear! and its not like most sistas want to end with a broke dude anyway, some are just mad white women always beat you at the finish like
    second..cheating has nothing to do with race, if you need me to refresh your memory i will be more than happy to do that, so fall back and get a grip

  16. one more thing to add, i guess when the media had a field day with bill clinton he was black! i guess when they had a field day with elliott spitzer( doing his thing ina hotel room with a hooker he booked for $4,000) he was black
    i guess mark sanford media field day made it him black too, like i said you want the list i got it for you
    at the end of the day the only ones whom i think want to see woods fall from grace are maybe black women (some of you anyway)
    tiger woods is 33 , younger than most pro golfers therefore he has more than enough years to make as much as money as you could possibly imagine

  17. @OLIVER

    First of all I don’t give a d@mn what you think about my comment! Go kick rocks! And I never said that black men owe me $hit, Tiger Woods included..You’re just like a typical dumb @$$ Ni**a who always think black women are jealous of white chicks, what does any black woman has to be jealous of, the fact Tiger was screwing a bunch of bar h0’s and white trash even his wife was a d@amn house keeper for goodness sake..This fool was so bent on having a blond white chick on his arm to keep up apperances for the white folks he didn’t even bother to find a woman with some dept or substance..And yes, I called him out on it, self loathing c00n..So you take your own advice and fall the F**k back!

  18. at the end of the day the only ones whom i think want to see woods fall from grace are maybe black women (some of you anyway)

    You poor thing, do you actually believe that black woman are the only ones hoping for Tiger “Golden Boy” Woods downfall? You accuse black women of trying to bring him down while all of these money hungry, white b**ches are kicking him under the bus and airing out his dirty laundry for money..In the long run white women have done more to hurt him than any sista ever could..And believe me the white media is having a field day watching him fall, if you believe this its only black women out to get him you really are green!

  19. Well 1st off YES his actions were STUPID. Aside from all his other baggage(race & etc), Tiger is facing what any person in a heads up position goes thru. When you are your higest ppl love to see you fail. The key is don’t give them the pleasure. Ppl are always watchin & waitin for you to fail. KNOWING this you need to always be on guard. This is a rule that these entertainers, atheletes, & public figures seem to NOT understand. I mean did Tiger REALLY think this would never come out? If he did, he needs help. There will always be SOMETHING that will eventually come up that will lead to info like this leaking. Hey just look @ Dave Letterman. The man went for yrs cheating until finally the truth had to be revealed. For Dave it was blackmail for Tiger a simple car accident, both are “somethings” that ended up revealing the TRUTH. What is done in the dark always comes to light. They are simply coming @ Tiger b/c this is the 1st time they had juicy drama on him, but he’ll get thru it like all the rest, however don’t think ppl will view him the same.

  20. Black women are sadly the most loyal woman on the face of the earth. We stuck up for OJ Simpson, and others and now Tiger Woods. Yet, how many times black men stick up for black women. Especiallly, in the media, none. I honestly could careless about Tiger Woods, and other black athletes, black women aren’t good enough to date marry procreate with,not your cup of tea, well as far as I’m concerned, we aren’t good enough to support you in any shape or form. And this whole thing of Tiger isn’t black please, anyone in the world looks at Tiger Woods as being a nigger. My mother who both parents were multiracial said something : It doesn’t matter what your ethnic background is, when the world see you, they see a black girl. The same thing goes for Tiger and any other person out there like him.

    The white man has to be the smartest man on the earth, because he always get a return on his investments. White man gives black man money for his talent, the black man marries a white woman, she takes it back to her community= gives it back to the white man. The white man knew what he was doing , he keeps his money. But, they never send out there prize women, always the ones they don’t want.

  21. Call me shallow, but I think white media was patiently waiting for this day. Why do you think they keep babbling about it?
    Tiger did not fit the “typical black athlete” stereotype, and now that this scandal has come to light, they want it to prove them right. Not to mention, they want to ruin his image.

    He was a nerdy black golfer and no one would’ve ever thought he would be involved in such a thing. But damage is already done, and these women keep coming out the woodwork (total of 7 now) adding insult to injury.

    I’m just waiting to see what Elin will do.

  22. Yeah, & while I do disagree with some posts on here, I just KNEW someone would come on here with their ignorant stereotyping. lol
    Its so predictable now. Theres not one site meant aimed at black women, where these people dont show up. go figure

  23. LOL- what game does the white woman beat the Black woman at when it comes to Black men?

    I will patiently wait for that answer.

    And btw STEFANY, you are right. Brothas have so much praise for these “other” women- but look how they fall right in line with the master race to help bring these idiotic Black men down.

    I want someone to tell me the last case any of you know of in which a Black woman was the cause of the downfall of her man… I’ll wait patiently for that answer as well.

  24. Cheating is more trouble than its worth. I remember talking to men at my job about this last year. Of course I have no way to tell if they are faithful or not but I recall at least 2 of them saying its just not worth cheating. In the end you lose more than what you gained (80/20 rule)

  25. Tiger Woods isn’t Black. According to him he’s Calbinasian. And as far as I’m concerned the Cablinasians can have him.

  26. @SISTA

    Thank you! What game are white women beating black women at..Every woman Tiger slept with was a h0, bar waitresses and porn stars but sista’s are suppose to be jealous..How much money has that dumb @$$ paid in hush money in the last week? Before this is all over he’ll be out of well over 20 million dollars to try and salvage whats left of his reputation. You got white chicks in the media throwing mud on this dude and you still have these porch monkey black men downing black women…sad.

  27. Damn, the anger in here is out of control. However I just came in here, too let many of yall know yall got it all wrong when comes to black athletes and marrying non-black women.

    The last time I checked, 75 % of black male athletes marry black women. Maybe some of you should check it for yourselves before start hyperventilating.

  28. Tiger Woods: Another Dumb Black Athlete? WeLL he is black and he is dumb. Thus he is a dumb black athlete.

  29. @stephany

    the fact that you use words like n!gga speaks volume about your value system but as a blogger if you`re going to report on stuff make sure they`re accurate, first of all his wife was never a housekeeper ..smdh! she was babysitting her sister`s child when she was introduced to tiger woods by another golfer in the name of jesper parnevik, elin is the daughter of barbro holmberg who was immigration and asylum policy minister in sweden and her father thomas was a radio journalist..uh doesnt sound like white trash to me

  30. I want someone to tell me the last case any of you know of in which a Black woman was the cause of the downfall of her man… I’ll wait patiently for that answer as well
    ““““““““““““““““““`i also want to know a case in which a white woman was the case of a black man downfall..hey O.J SIMPSON was declared “not guilty“ by an all white jury..lol

  31. STEFANY December 7, 2009 at 5:12 pm
    at the end of the day the only ones whom i think want to see woods fall from grace are maybe black women (some of you anyway)

    You poor thing, do you actually believe that black woman are the only ones hoping for Tiger “Golden Boy” Woods downfall? You accuse black women of trying to bring him down while all of these money hungry, white b**ches are kicking him under the bus and airing out his dirty laundry for money..In the long run white women have done more to hurt him than any sista ever could..And believe me the white media is having a field day watching him fall, if you believe this its only black women out to get him you really are green!
    you must obviouslt have reading comprehension issues..where in my post did is say black women are waiting for tiger woods to fail? lol, of course the media is having field day and? the media is out there for ratings and tiger woods= ratings either its good or bad news, tiger woods is 33 he has won 14 major golf championhsips which 4 shy of the record 18 won by jack nicklaus, he has enought time ahead of him to win as many titles as possible and make as much money as possible
    let me ask you this..this drama has unfolded for almost 2 weeks have you heard of any corporation withdrawing their ads or endorsements?? they know better , as soon as they walk out , others will walk in…sober up and get a grip
    tiger woods will be just fine!

  32. @OLIVER

    And the fact you speak like a house ni**a says a lot about you as well..Housekeeper/babysiter, “oh my goodness” what an upgrade! You’re talking about speaking facts when Tiger (pill popping sex addict)Woods has a string of 10 h0’s parading in the media, give me a break.

  33. Preach Stefany & Sista!!!!! Some very VALID points!!!

    Oliver you sound BITTER, dear!!! Get a grip of yourself and understand where these (black)women are coming from. 75% of black males might indeed marry a black woman, but for HOW LONG???? And WHEN they divorce who do they run too???? Hmmmmm, Im sure it is not ANOTHER black woman!!!! If you dont like what is being said on this post………….2 words for you——-GET LOST!!!!!!!

  34. @stephany

    lol…it takes a very virile to be able to have 10 mistresses, why do you care? pill popping? once again why do you care? lol, like i said reading comprehension seems to do you no justice, i can babysit my brother`s daughter does that make me a babysitter? even if she was a babysitter why do you care? lol, at the end people date/marry who they want
    @ adrienne
    next time when black men turn to you( per your words) turn your back and lets see if they will stop living because some black women turn thei back on them..lol

  35. i could careless about Tiger or Tigger Woods. He isn’t doing anything major to help any of us -the people who HAVE NOT.

  36. Once again, he is an athlete, he is black and he is stupid. So the answer to the poster’s question is “YES , TIGER WOOD IS A DUMB BLACK ATHLETE”

  37. I’m sure he is clear on the fact that they think his behind is black … always did and always will. I have no sympathy for him at all. And he is just what your headline states: another dumb black athlete. These men know the media wants to skin them and they continue to give the fodder to mess with. Don’t blame the media, blame the subjects of the scrutiny. He made a hard bed so he has to lay in it. I hope she takes every dime of his money.

  38. Once again OLIVER you sound bitter! You need to get that taken care of!(You must’ve been turned down one too many times by black women-LOL).

    That’s his issue if he (or you) choses to stop living or not!
    What does that have to do with to do with anything I said??? Hmmmmm……

    Anywho, as far as the question is concerned, Is Tiger Woods another Dumb Black athelete? YES, along with whatever else he claims himself to be!

  39. ADRIENNE December 8, 2009 at 4:37 pm
    Once again OLIVER you sound bitter! You need to get that taken care of!(You must’ve been turned down one too many times by black women-LOL).
    lol..yeah i saw that one coming…its 2009 let it go already! i`m not bitter..geez whay should i be better about a man who makes more money than anyone in your circle has ever made since slavery..i mean we`re talking $100 mil/yr here…why should i sound bitter talking about the first billionaire athlete on earth? lol and how old is he? 33?
    like it or not,believe it or not this whole drama will increase tiger woods fan base higher than you can imagine.. i asked a simple question here….can someone tell me why no corporation has withfrawn their ads or endorsement??? they need him more than he needs them, he may be dumb…but we have to admit he`s a hella important dumb man

  40. I think all these extra women coming out now about a so called affair are lieing maybe the first 2 or 3 were true but now it’s getting rediculous, and there will be more “affairs” coming in the next few weeks i guarantee. This is kinda like the MJ molestation case where all the parents kept popping up every weeks they wanted their 15 mins and they got it.

  41. Tiger Woods indeed messed things up and he will pay the price. I have compassion for Tiger’s attempt to distance himself from being labeled “black.” Black men as a whole have an identity problem why they prefer other races of women over their own (in disproportionate numbers), it’s a slave mentality, a by-product of slavery and not just color-blind love. In Charles Barkley’s book, Tiger stated how he was tied to a tree his first day of school, clothes stripped, first grade I believe, by kids in a mostly white Califorina suburb.

    He will survive this as Kobe Bryant did. People remember the incident, which was worst than 10 H0s, but he dominates a white-male sport, so off with his head. Elin is now a star and her interview and story is already worth millions, but she’ll maintain a low-profile. I feel for her too, especially, if it’s true of women in her home, what a violation!

  42. For some reason, we humans have a problem handling “Excess”…I love biographies and documentaries…the word often used for a downfall, addictions and meltdowns is “Excess”…ironically, God give some people just untold wealth and fame and then require them to have the same balance of a man with much lesser means whether rich, upper-class, middle-class, working-class or impoverished …I guess Tiger is symbolic of the saying…”God is no respector of persons”…I believe deep down inside Tiger, others, even myself at a point, don’t or didn’t feel worthy and respond adversely with subsequent loss…self-destruction…Tiger is no exception!

  43. I’ll go along that he was messing around with one, two, maybe even three wenches. But I feel that all the others that have come out of the woodwork since then are only trying to get themselves a cut of Tiger’s money. The bottom line is that Tiger messed up to begin with in the first place.

  44. DId Oliver actually read the post? If so, your comprehensive skills are lacking. Your posts are so far off base it’s laughable. Seriously take your toys back to your pram until you’re able.

  45. Gatorade just dropped him and all those other companies will follow suit now that the white press (the men and the women) is trying to brand him a drug addict.

  46. @SISTA- I don’t think Tiger’s worried about them all the money he has but I BET you Nike won’t drop him(the one that matters most lol).

  47. lol…it takes a very virile to be able to have 10 mistresses, why do you care? pill popping? once again why do you care? lol, like i said reading comprehension seems to do you no justice, i can babysit my brother`s daughter does that make me a babysitter? even if she was a babysitter why do you care? lol, at the end people date/marry who they want

    The same reason you care, the same reason you’re debating his wife being a housekeeper versus a babysitter, hell it’s news and this is a blog to express one’s opinion.

  48. Oliver,

    Find you something else to do or better yet another hobby because you suck at this one! I no longer wish to debate with you about the comments you are making that really dont make much sense anyway!

  49. You may not be making “allowances” as you put it, but you are the FIRST AND ONLY blogger, media, or whatever who has brought up race.

    These people go out of their way to portray themselves a certain way and when they are caught doing the opposite, yes they are going to be talked about.

    The same thing happened to Kobe and he’s not mixed. The former Governor of NY, Eliot Spitzer (white) and Chipper Jones (white, major league baseball) from the Atlanta Braves was crucified in the media when he got some waitress pregnant. His wife divorced his ass right quick.

    Besides Tiger DOES NOT CONSIDER HIMSELF BLACK. Never has and I doubt he will now especially considering all the women who have come out are all WHITE!!

    I swear we as a race always pick the wrong horse to back………sigh.

  50. For ONE, Tiger has never embraced the Black community or his black “roots” so therefore, he is not black. For two, the media reeaaalllly f**ks me up because now that he’s not perfect anymore, he’s black. They can all kiss @$$.

  51. First of all I do not comment on this blog, but this brother is bothering the f…. out of me! Oliver, the forum is “BrownSista” not “BrownQueer”, not “BrownBrotha” this is for ladies only. Why would a real man try to spit facts and/or ignorance and drama on a blog for women? Do you not have a damn life? Are you gay and you feel welcome among us girls? If not GTFOH and start your own blog for men only!!! This is for women only. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and this s…. about Tiger is not about black women or white women. It is about a no good athlete who got caught cheating. Who cares, this will blow over once he starts playing again. This is not to take to heart or personal. This becomes personal when you have a man or he/she on a blog looking to start drama for no reason at all.Oliver stop being so combative and just state your opinion without bashing. The last I heard this site was for ladies only so Oliver GTFHO and join the boys and chit chat all day long!!!!

  52. First I am not a huge Tiger fan, however he put his pants on, one pant leg a a time like every other male. He was doing his thing and he got caught. I am sure other high profile athletes (black, white, asian, PR and others) have all been unfaithful to their loved ones.
    The thing is he got caught!!! Is just that simple.
    I do howver believe that he should have been smarter with his personal life because of what he has accomplished.
    Will he golf again? Of course!
    Will the wife forgive him?
    Of course!
    Will the media eventually lay off?
    Of course!
    Tiger is just the topic of conversation right now.
    The media should focus on more important things going on in the world, like global warming, the never seem to end wars,
    black on black crime (genocide against ourselves), child molesters and rapist that get away with it, only to become repeat offenders…..
    Must I go on….no need to, I am sure you get my point..
    Lets move on and let him solve his issues..
    Basically who cares!!!!

  53. hey Oliver, like everyone else said you cannot, and should not come on a woman’s blog, trying to spit facts about his endorsements and his worth… we will always overpower you, cuz we are stronger and smarter than YOU, and always right!! 🙂 and no one gives a damn. and you are absolutely ridiculous if you think that him cheating is what is going to “broaden his fan base…” this is not freaking popularity contest. he is not a regular everyday celebrity, where every publicity is good publicity. you sounded so juvenile saying that. this is the beginning of the end of his career. that being because, no matter what kind of money he gets a year(i don’t care if they swipe his ass and 2 milli falls out) he is the only “negro” in his field at the TOP OF HIS GAME. and like my Mama always say’s “…these people do not like you” they are always, always looking for a way to bring us down. if you don’t know it, better do now. he has robbed himself of the modest respect the world had for him, that is why he has not shown his face. have you thought about that? he is not going to talk about this, ever! and only God knows when he’ll come out of hiding. i feel sorry for him though, because he knows he has lost a lot of respect from a lot of people (not me cuz i don’t know squat about him or golf), and then there is his wife… black or no black, no body should go through the disrespect her useless, good for nothing husband is putting her though. SMDH.

  54. Exactly Tutu & Tina. I mentioned that in my second post that this is not the first time I’ve seen that on black women blogs. Some of these bitter guys go on lots of sites that are made for Black women to spread their racist hate speech. I follow about 5 blogs for Black women and its always the same thing. Same hate speech.

    I just read that Elin bought a mansion in Sweden. I think she’s gonna hit the road soon. I’m waiting to see what she’s gonna do.


    I find something kind of feminine about a man sitting up arguing with a bunch of women?

  56. Well first of all…I agree with Tina. The Web is huge. Certainly Oliver can find a feminine site just for men. Because he is definitley not equipped to deal with a man’s man site. Where he will risk being called out.
    And as for Tiger…I believe that he’s had his share of affairs. I’ve always heard that behind the scenes he’s a wild child that got married too soon. Evidently he wasn’t ready to settle down. And unfortunately for him he has to pay for being foolish. I bet he never really realize just how serious marriage is. Lol!
    And another reason I believe this is most people with money, fame, and power, feel that they are unstoppable and can do anything they please. Thinking that special privilages are awarded to them and they are different from the rest of the world. which in some cases it is true. But in this case all he has done has shown up and is biting him in the a$$. And these women are happily waiting on their payday. They knew sleeping with Tiger was like hitting the Lottery.

  57. I wonder when some of our brothers will wake up. Stats show that black men are more predisposed to date outside of their race more than any other group of men. Black women are good enough to be nurturers, support them when they don’t have a dime, believe in their dreams, when nobody else will, but somehow we’re not worthy to marry? This is why it is sooo important more than ever that sistas start supporting each other more, and building a unified front. Many times, we are all each other have.

  58. Does rape and abuse equal love?
    Though OLIVER is clearly here to enjoy the beauty and flesh of the Black women who are posted here- he clearly has hate towards those very women and is now hell bent on trying to put them in their place, which is why he is trying to convince you all of the Black man’s hatred of you and love of all things non Black.

    To OLIVER I say this and then I leave you. Marrying and dating a woman is not the same as loving them. Tiger doesn’t love his wife or mistresses anymore than Kobe, O.J. or Dennis Rodman loved theirs. O.J. killed his white ex-wife, while Dennis abandoned the white mother of his child and beat his girlfriend (Carmen Electra). Kobe as we all know was so hungry for white flesh that he raped for it, risking his career, freedom and marriage to a Mexican woman.

    I could go on and on with these tales of wealthy and famous Black men throwing their white wives and mistresses under the bus, but you all get it.

    I mentioned rape earlier and I hate to go there, but I will to make a point to Black women and mostly to OLIVER. The statistics on Black men raping white women, as opposed to white men raping Black women is off the charts. We all know that men do not rape for sex. They don’t. They rape out of hatred and their hatred for white men and a society that has oppressed them is what has led them to rape white women at such ASTRONIMICAL rates. You all know this is true and the statistics can be found on the FBI website.

    White men raped Black women only while it was legally feasible for them to do so. Once civil rights laws were passed and the white man knew he could go to jail for his crimes of violence against Black women, he stopped. This however is when Black men started their quest to conquer white woman. When they got legal access to marry them they also got access to beat, rape and abuse them which is what they have been doing every since.

    Black women, don’t ever argue with a Black man over white women when the proof is in your face every single day that Black men hate white woman with a passion and not with love. Black men want to lay and conquer white women only as an insult to white men and their race. There is no love there, only a desire to sexually use and humiliate them.
    Think about that ladies. Think about all the times you have heard Black men tell you how submissive and sexually open white women are and then tell me I am wrong? This is the Black mans reason for dating white women solely. This former Black Panther (his name escapes me) wrote a book (Soul on Ice) in which he talked about raping white women as a form of revenge on white men. He also talked about being in jail and having a white guard pull a poster of a white woman off his wall and tell him to use “one of his own kind” instead. This guy really went through his love/hate relationship with white women in that book and it was quite a read.

    OLIVER is just like the Kobe and the OJ’s and the Dennis Rodmans. Their desire and need for Black women is what keep them near us which is why OLIVER is here. Their desire to always get back at the white man however is why they keep playing with fire (white women) even though they know they will get burned.

  59. Why are people hating on Tiger so much.

    He is the richest athlete in the history of mankind. Just on that fact alone he gets a pass. Why do people care who he dates and who he doesn’t.

    Last I checked, in this country you are free to date whomever you want. Its a civil rights issue.

    These women will all go away after some payback. He can afford it. He has got plenty.
    He made a mistake. He will learn from it. The sponsors will be back again once he starts to win tournaments.

    He just needs to put his mind to his game and win some tournaments. Whatever money he lost will be back again.

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