Tika, Rutina & Naturi’s Glam Photo Shoot

Up and coming actresses Tika Sumpter (Gossip Girl), Rutina Wesley (True Blood), and Naturi Naughton (Playboy) are all featured in a 1970’s inspired photo shoot via the October issue of Essence Magazine.

The editorial was photographed by Tim Petersen, styled by Agnes Cammock and is meant to pay tribute to 1970’s TV sleuths such as ‘Get Christie Love.’


  1. Terrible shoot with no cohesiveness at all. Essence should never use that photographer again.

  2. i agree DANA, but I must admit that it is nice to have some other black actresses on the cover for once.

  3. Personally, I would have did an Harlem Renaissance pictorial. This era was a time, when many black artists created a strong prominent black identity. Instead of the 1970s when black film was a walking tribute to black stereotype. For the life of me, I can’t understand why so many black folks and black entertainers are so in love with this decade. Black folks need help.

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