Tika Sumpter Joins ‘Sparkle’ Cast

Actresses Tika Sumpter and Carmen Ejogo are the latest names to be announced as stars of the upcoming ‘Sparkle’ remake by Salim and Mara Brock Akil.

Carmen, probably best known for her role as Alean in the HBO original movie Lackawanna Blues, will play the role of Sista, while Tika will take on the role of Delores.

Cee-Lo Green will play a singer who serves as the girl’s opening act.

The part of Stix Warren will be played by actor Derek Luke, with Jordin Sparks playing the role of Sparkle and Whitney Houston rounding out the cast as the girl’s mother.

Editor’s Note: Though I’m not fond of Derek Luke as Stix, the addition of Sumpter as Delores and Ejogo as Sista, is nothing short of brilliant.

Ejogo, wife of actor Jeffrey Wright, was amazing in Lackawanna Blues and is an excellent choice to play the role of Sista. Kudos to the Akils for bringing her on.

As for Sumpter, she is on fire due to her roles on ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘The Game.’ No doubt ‘Sparkle’ will up her profile even more. FYI: I have gotten a peek at the script and it is a complete re-write. The Delores Sumpter will play is nothing like the one in the original.


  1. Great news!

    I thought they were going to ruin a Classic. I can see Derek Pulling off “sticks” even though I think Usher could have had that role and he could play Satin or Levy. Eh. Can’t wait to see the film.

  2. I agree that with the addition of these 2 beautiful women; the movie will probably be very successful. I think adding Carmen Ejogo as sista is an excellent move. She played the heck outta her role on Lackawanna Blues, which was an EXCELLENT movie for all those who have not seen it.
    Tika Sumpter is so beautiful and I cannot wait to see what she will bring to the table playing Delores. That role was very small in the orginal so it will be nice to see what will be added to the role this time.

  3. Tika Sumpter was terrific on One Life To Live and I will watch Sparkle just because she is in it. Go Tika!

  4. people will be surprised by this movie. It’s gonna be good and do big things. Whitney is gonna shine as the mom and i believe carmen will be a great sister. Jordin, not sure and tika should be fine.

    r kelly is doing the music so i know it’s gonna be on point

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