Tina Turner Back On Stage+Promo Pics

After an almost eight year hiatus, singer Tina Turner brought her famous voice and even more famous legs back to the stage on Wednesday night, opening her North American tour with a hits filled concert at the Sprint Center. The 68 year old (wow) Queen of Rock n’ Roll said it was simply time to hit the road again. “It has to be now,” she said. “I can still do it. I’m still in shape enough physically, mentally and I think this was about the best time to do it.” Tina performed fan favorites such as “Typical Male,” “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” and “Private Dancer.” Wowing fans for over fifty years, Tina said she can “still give a great show,” adding that her longevity inspires fans of all ages. “Why I dance at such a pace is because it feels good with the dance and I’m known for that kind of energy,” she said. “Young kids can really relate to that as well. So I think that my fans’ age group ranges from young to old, to my age, because of the energy projected from the stage.”


  1. i agree stephanie, that woman rocks and she looks amazing at 68…..wow!

    the original, the one and only, I love tina, and i feel like if you can keep on doing what you doing, and you aren’t getting on anybody’ s nerves or stepping on anyone’s toes you might as well rock it, girl!
    Stephanie you are right i feel so close to her [not at stanning point] like i feel like everyone have to go through something in order to better themselves its like a universal rule for me, If you never struggle you can take a lot for granted and be very full of yourself and arrogant, But miss tina over come a whole lotta crap [holla for kicking ike’ s behind in the car ^^ that’ s how its done] and girl if you can still sing bless us with another album show em how its really done Tina NO ONE can compete with you !β€œWhat’s Love Got to Do With It?” is mine


  3. She looks amazing. Black don’t Crack πŸ™‚ She reminds me of Beyonce’s mother.

  4. liyah what? tina knowles looks scary to me! I just came back to mention how beautiful she looks !

  5. ahh she does kinda remind me over mama knowles as well…but i love tina and i really appreciate her. she is real talent and im happy that she knows how to recognize real talent to. you know that you are talented when great legends like tina turner commends you on how talented you are and tells you that you inspired her to go back on tour (beyonce). go tina im going with you all the way through!

  6. Tina is amazing. She’s still sexy. I’ve been a huge fan since I can remember. I’m glad to see her back in action again.

  7. OK all you entertainers and all Brown Sistas everywhere, stand back and behold a true master at work; Ms. Tina is gonna show y’all what it’s really all about. Ms. “Dark Sista Is A Pisces”, I know you know what I’m talkin’ about :hifive: .

  8. Tina got it, she looks great! The girls of today only can hope that they age this gracefully, go Tina, (BLACK DON”T CRACK).

  9. Behold a true legend. 68 yrs. old and still gorgeous vivrant talented energetic with grace and class. I’m inspired and getting off my bum to go to the gym. πŸ˜† Love her!

  10. Miss Tina Turner :bowdown:

    Just WOW! So amazing and inspiring….

  11. Tina is looking good 68 years old? I’ ll scream it on top of my lunges if i looked that good hey!

  12. Dear God, can I please look like that and have that energy at 68!! She is beautiful!

  13. :stop: :stop: :stop: plastic surgery anyone???? I can love her work ethic “ike beat that into her”…but enough with the surgeries ok!!!

  14. :booty: :stop: she need to sit her old *** down!

    And you need to shut you dumb ass up.

  15. @Weap yes you need to stop she probably perform better then your girl it you a men or she probably perform better then you if you a woman lol (just joking). But she is a great performing i seen her when came up my way. If you still got go for it. She move better then half of these young girls out here. She love what she does why not perform. Go tina do the damn thing.

  16. @ Liyah- She does remind me of Mama Knowles. Tina Turner is just way more fabulous. I love Tina Turner. I can’t believe she’s still performing! She must take really good care of her body. :bowdown:

  17. @ “Weap”…
    “She need to sit her old *** down!”, you say? Yeah, and you need to go crawl back under that rock you crawled out from under and don’t come back out ’til we tell you to!

  18. Ms. Tina is gonna be here in Los Angeles later this month. She’s gonna wear that stage out and tear Los Angeles up!

  19. Weap: Let me just guess the kind of entertainer You praise?Moron
    Thug: You know i’ ll be there but wait a minute You live in Los angeles too? Holla!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ms. “Dark Sista”, I was born at the General Hospital, I went to Roosevelt High school in East L.A., went to East L.A. College, then went to Cal State – Long Beach. Just this last saturday me and my wife went to the Angel City Classic football game at the Coliseum between Morehouse and Prairie View. Every summer, on the last weekend in July, we go to the Central Avenue Jazz Festival right there in front of the Dunbar Hotel on Central and 42nd. Every year we make it a point to go to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. parade on Crenshaw. So, yup, we’re homies :hifive: .

  21. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe we’ ll do dinner lool [i’ m serious]your wife and yourself my husband and i i’ m so interested in meeting you , You are a very intelligent person, and i wanna congratulate your wife she got one of the few good one πŸ™‚

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