“Tiny Tonight” Gets a New Co-Host


Tami Roman continues to try and diversify her reality show portfolio.

The “Basketball Wives” star, who few seem to know actually had a budding acting career in the early 90’s, is looking to add talk show hostess to her long list of credits.

In the wake of her most recent show “Belles” being cancelled by TvOne, Tami finds herself with a little time on her hands, and has decided to use it by playing co-host alongside Claudia Jordan, Trina and Tameka Cottle on the VH1 talk show “Tiny Tonight.”

Tami announced the news late last night via Twiiter, saying she was “overjoyed” to be working with Tiny, who she says she first met back in 1994 while working for MTV.

“Tiny Tonight” returns to VH1 with all new episides on September 20th.


  1. Good for Tami because I will not be watching the BBW franchise. I caught a couple episodes of her show Belle, wasn’t bad, but low ratings will kill a project. I hope she really gets her ducks lined up and get a break-out role, she’s a very good actress, IMO!

  2. Have y’all seen Tami’s YouTube page where she gives updates after each show to set the record straight? It is a mess. She is still as mean and violent as ever. How anyone can see her on BW and then offer her a job is anyone’s guess. I think she knows BW is all she has so she is playing the bully for all its worth.


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