Tisha Campbell Rocks Rita

Actress, singer and new mommy, Tisha Campbell-Martin, recently did a guest stint on Lifetime’s “Rita Rocks”, where she, along with series regular Nicole Sullivan (Mad TV), performed an amazing version of Beyonce’s hit single “If I Were A Boy.” As many of you may know already, Tisha can sing her behind off and before joining the cast of Martin back in the mid 90s, was probably best known for her roles in the hit movies “Little Shop of Horrors” and “School Daze.” Tisha sang in both of those movies and even recorded an album (Tisha) back in 1993 that produced the modest hits “Love Me Down” and “Push.”


  1. And don’t forget she was in Rags to Riches waaay back in the day

  2. Tisha Campbell is actually a regular on the show, so good for her!

  3. She’s Janet in My Wife And Kids, this is how I know her. This show was a big hit in France. I had no idea she was a singer.

  4. Tisha can truly blow…hearing her voice is what’s missing from black music…passion and soul…boy, can you feel her!

  5. tisha and tichina have been friends 4 a verrry long time, or @ least have worked 2gether …little shop of horrors, martin, punk’d (lol)…i wonder whats next=)

  6. Thats how you sing people, stop believeing in p–y and a– and weave and start looking for more for your money 🙂

  7. She still has those amazing vocals. She has always been a great singer. She has been in the business a long time and has not limited herself to demeaning roles. Way to go Tisha and congradulations to her and her fine hubby on their new born.
    Keep up the good and talented work Tisha!!!!

  8. Yea she’s very underrated…The ones who deserve shine doesnt get it…. I like Gina..U go girl…I remember watching her in House Party also! Gotta go cop that Martin on dvd

  9. She is a regular on that show. She is not a guest. I watch that show all the time it is very good and funny.

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