Toccara Jones For Italian Vogue “Black Issue”

Who knew? It appears the fabulousness that is Toccara Jones is also featured in this month’s historic all Black issue of Italian Vogue. The pics were taken by famed photographer Steven Meisel, and if I do say so myself, he shot her like the brothas from KING Magazine would have. Steven captured all 5’10 inches of Tocarra’s lushiness and you just know somewhere out there a skinny chick is heading off to get herself a burger (lol).

Steven and Toccara brought the heat for this photo shoot. Check out more pics on the pages below.


  1. That first picture is just straight porno. I don’t think she should have done that. But the other pictures are beautiful. She is a gorgeous woman and the rest of the pictures are beautiful.

  2. Hotness was the 1st word that came to my mind. She made mama Tyra PROUD lol. She’s so (^_^) beautiful. I don’t see porno in any of the pictures. They’re tastefully done [Not to mention…some nice addition to her portfolio]

  3. I like all the pictures except for the 1st one.

  4. All of those shots are beautiful, nothing less. I love the colors and the slight grittiness they have to them. I never would have guessed Toccara could pull off those kind of shots. I love them all, and that close-up (the 4th)is spectacular.

  5. First pic = porn. Rest are tasteful and showcase her beauty quite well. Although, I’m a skinny chick and it certainly doesn’t make me want a burger.

  6. LOL…. am I the ONLY one who LIKES the 1st pic LOL. I don’t think it’s porn… I think that it was tastefully done & it shows a vulnerable side to her. I love the head shot w/ all the hair in her face & the “Shera” pose w/ the car. Tocarra looks awesome in the pics… she really rocked it! Anyone who may have had doubts about her or voluptous aka full sized girls when she was on ANTM has literally choked on their words lol. Yeah for Tocarra, U GO GIRL :-)!

  7. Get it Toccara !
    Represent for all women who are not a size four and heading to the toilet everytime they THe VOGUE’s in other areas are pushing for a movement….black women of all colors are the shyte…….Now the US VOGUE…not a chance….

  8. tastfully done?? hmmm..why is she in the trunk of the car??? is she a spare tire or something and why not pose for playboy since she showing everything short of her “nips”…but i guess its ok cause she is a “model”….its sad a time that women are in these days!!!

  9. I have looked for the magazine and can’t find it in the bookstores. Can some one help me. I live in San Diego, CA.

  10. She did her thang.. you betta work it Toccara.. Loves it (nice way of representing for the curvy women)

  11. I like the photos, even the 1st one. It’s sexy and artistic.

  12. Tocarra betta work! I have no prob with the first pic cause she’s a well endowed woman! Her breasts are a part of who she has always been. This is high-class exposure and shows that she has the chops to do more than BET!

  13. i think tocarra looks pretty. i have no real problems with the first joint. i mean….it’s a bit much of the boobs showing for me but hey it’s all good anyway. i just hope she gets more options as far as her modeling jobs. i am tired of seeing women up in king magazine. she’s talented and is very beautiful. i know she can be everywhere and anywhere….and that’s all i can hope for her to be. (except for those mens magazines…..dude’s are lame)

  14. Wow. She looks great. I’m elated to find out that Italian Vogue sees how beautiful we are. America needs to take notes.

  15. I think she look very sexy in all them picture. It funny how white women can pose like that it exceptable but when a black women does it degrading and not exceptable. Black women r the real body since back in the day. Im tired of seeing these size 2 what about the size 16 and above. That why young girls is not happy with there bodies because of the advertisement that we have to be a size 2 to be happy come on. I love the first picture it showing what she working with. Go Torraca

  16. I love all the pics except for the first one. I have nothing against nudity in photos especially if it is tasteful and artistic but that pic is not a good look for her. I didn’t look at it and was like how beautiful…I was really wondering why are her nipples so damn low and I don’t think that was what should have been gotten from the photo. Just my opinion.

  17. get it ms. toccara!! Represent for the thick ladies. Very glamourous and classy pics. I luv it!

  18. Beautiful, all of them. She’s workin’ it in all of the photos.

    Saying that it’s porn is completely prude. Come on, now…

  19. @LADY sAID:

    Why do we always have to equate everything that we do with white people. Who cares how white ladies pose. This is about us leave them out of it. Whether if someone liked the first picture or not it’s not always about them. Let us celebrate this moment. I didn’t like the first picture but that is just my opionion. I think the rest of the pictures are beautiful. I don’t even think that first picture goes with the whole set.

    But everything is not always about white people so let’s leave them out of this.


  21. I personally think they could have done a “classier” job… with the first pic. That was highly unnessary… When I first saw these, I thought they were King magazine once again…booo… Good for her that she got in Italian Vogue though… That’s big time:)

  22. I’m proud of her! 🙂

    That’s really big… Italian Vogue??! WOW!

    The pix are strictly fierce!!!

  23. That is hot!!
    I’m usually not for women having to take their clothes off, but these are tatsefully done. (The first pic is up for debate). But they look nice. You go Toccara. I’m a really have to get back into working out.

  24. I wish she would put some clothes on. Every time you see her in magazines, she’s practically naked! She’s a beautiful woman, but I think she would be taken more seriously and respected if she was classy. She looks like “Superhooker” who just turned a trick in the first few pics. I’m not hating on her. It’s just disappointing. She’s feeding a stereotype about black woman.

  25. @ t&a4evea
    OH SHUT UP PLEASE…….Nope!! im going to keep on speaking my mind…while its still legal to do so….stop hating and face the truth my proud strong black sistas!

  26. She’s feeding a stereotype about black woman..thats all i was trying to say..thank you sis!

  27. Beautiful Pics. I am a 36DD and I am ashamed of my breasts. I just had a consultation with the breast surgeon at my job. Some of these comments are a reason why. Just because people are putting in DDs to be strippers and porn stars those of us with natural breast are made to feel like whores or we are trying to get attention from men. As I was talking to the surgeon I was almost in tears, desperately wanting this procedure ASAP. Thank you for this post. Toccara just made me feel confident again.

    If she had B cup Breast everyone would see it as art.

  28. This is why I think Tyra Bank’s ANTM is a bunch of bull$h**, I listen her the so called panel of queens and trannies telling these girls that they’re not this or that enough or you’re look isn’t sheek enough for Paris or France, is all crap!..They should all feel like dumb a$$es now telling Toccara that she was too big and now look at her plus model being featured inVouge Italian..I alway new that show was a joke beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this should be a lesson to all women who inspire to be anything you can go as far as your esteem and will power will take you..Luckily Toccara was confident enough not to listen to those clowns, I’m so proud to see a plus size brown girl doing her thing.

  29. Stef…ppplease
    Tyra open some doors for her and many others [Evenwhen they don’t get the number 1 prize, they benefit in other ways. Now, she is a part of a magazine spread that include Tyra herself, and other supermodels.

    Since when did tyra tell her she was too big to be a successful model? Wasn’t it Tyra & crew who picked her to be a part of the show to begin with.

  30. ppl dont make such of drama about the first picture, i though was inapropiated when i saw it the fist time, but remember this Italian Vogue, in Italy is very common to see models showing their breast through “see-true” gowns in the runway, and ppl dont det alarm or upset about that, so for them this is so natural and i respect that.

  31. Oh my God Tocarra is so sexy! I think she is one of the best looking and acting model/tv personality out there…but yet people continue to embrace fake chicks like Angel Lola Luv who get injection after injection of that poison.

  32. Stef shut-up. The only person on that show that had a prolem with her weight is Janice Dickinson. So get your facts straight. Tyra has opened many doors for all these girls. Hell she ain’t they momma or manager. It’s not her responsibility to book jobs for them. She tells them that when the show is over how they have to get out there an fight on their own. I am proud of Tocarra.

  33. @mo’star:

    I agree, if she had small breasts people would most likely take that first pic to be fantastically artistic and in model fashion. Breasts that size are Billion Dollar Business, and people put their lives at risk to get what she has and what you have.

    One of the reasons I think this photoshoot showed so much of her is because it was going against the idea that ‘Thin is all there is”, the entire issue is against the usual tide in the fashion industry by showcasing all these black models, as ethnic models are rare enough -period-. Is it is Sexy? Yes. Yes it is, and it’s also tasteful at the same time. I give Vogue points for putting her there as Sexy and not putting her in a Big Black Dress like she’s not good enough.

  34. I agree with Majesa. Also Europeans have a different and more open attitude toward nudity than Americans.

    I don’t have big boobs, but usually you do see photos like Toccara featuring models with smaller breasts. So Vogue stepped out of the box with this one. Big breasts can be sexy without being slutty.

    The Naomi shot with her breast exposed is beautiful too.

    I’m happy these sistas are making history in the fashion world.

  35. I got censored, but I what I wrote was that big breasts can be sexy without being slu**y. Maybe that’s what Vogue was trying to show.

  36. Gosh, y so much animosity (sp?) towards the 1st pic of Tocarra??? So if the shot of Tocarra’s boobs are porn, then what is the shot of Naomi considered? In that pic Naomi’s tit is COMPLETLY exposed, while Tocarra’s for the most part are hidden. In Naomi’s shot she’s spread across the bed w/ flower petals. In Tocarra’s shot she’s in the back of a car. However both women are semi to completly exposing a breast, so my question is, Is Naomi’s pic MORE classy b/c of the set up than Tocarra’s? Even though Naomi is totally EXPOSING her breast & Tocarra is not? I have to agree w/ Mo’ Star & Majesa. I think the reason why most of you don’t like Tocarra’s photo is b/c she has BIG breast & I am willing to bet that a lot of you will sing the praises of Naomi even though she went farther & showed her’s b/c hers are smaller. Let’s be reminded that Tocarra is all natural & many women would pay big bucks to get what she & many others have. Not to mention, it’s not like she is sliding down a pole w/ her legs spread wide open.. she is sitting there innocently covering her chest, while Naomi is like bam here it is. Also let’s not forget that in Europe, ppl are not as prude as ppl here in the states.. they are more open to sexuality & sensualilty (sp?). So Tocarra was just going w/ the flow of another culture & their practices. Nevertheless being that some Europeans are open to the beauty of the body & it’s shape, they, for the most part, treat & take pics of nudity w/ the up most taste & class. There’s nothin wrong w/ these pictures.. it only shows a woman who is COMFORTABLE w/ her body & all it’s glory.

  37. Stef shut-up.
    @ STAR

    First of all you SHUT THE FU** UP,

    I never said Tyra directly it was more of ther panel, so you get your damn facts straight before you try and tell me to shut up!..That’s my opinion whether you or anyone else likes it or not.

    Since when did tyra tell her she was too big to be a successful model?


    I don’t recall saying Tyra said anything in my statment, I said her panel of freaks and no I don’t like her show but I am pround that Toccara was able to use it as a stepping stone because a lot of girls don’t make it after the show.

  38. Stef, I agree with you a 100%.

    I agree with Mo’star also. Toccara is just showing how fabulously natural she is. Women with big breasts shoulnt be condemned because of what they have. Some people are just jealous. Probably have a chest flatter than an iron board.

    My breasts are big and sometimes I wish they were much smaller but after seeing Toccara’s photoshoot, I think I’ll have a much more appreciation for them and just learn to embrace them.


    I always thought Toccara was beautiful regardless of her size, that’s what it’s all about plus size women and women of color breaking down doors not saying Tyra didn’t help make it happen but it’s very hard for women with meat on their bones to make it…I hate the fashion industry’s one sided mindset when it come to size.

  40. “This is why I think Tyra Bank’s ANTM is a bunch of bull$h**, I listen her the so called panel of queens and trannies telling these girls that they’re not this or that enough or you’re look isn’t sheek enough for Paris or France, is all crap!.. ” Stef

    There are no kid gloves in modeling [What do you expect?]. This is one of the thing the show is teaching. Some people in the business will always find a way to tear your look appart [You too this/you lacking that]. You need strong comfidence if you want to model. The key component is the way you RESPOND to towards the critics [Will you crack under pressure, harm yourself & your career, or will you prove the nay sayers wrong?]. One thing you fail to mention is the criticism is balanced. You also hear praises. In a way, some of the critics on the panel are playing the devil’s advocate.

    One thing I like about the show is some of the runner ups also succeed ALONG with the prized winner, and that’s a beautiful thing.

  41. What’s the difference between that pose and say a pose in hustler with Naomi Campbell. I am not saying these pictures aren’t beautiful but let’s stop kidding ourselves. These are no different than the poses in the porn magazine. We can show how beautiful we are without showing every inch of ourselves. We are beautiful because GOD made us that way.

  42. SnijanaFleur,

    I understand what you’re saying and I agree with you, the modeling industry is tough if you’re not emotionally strong..I guess I just found some of their criticisms to be kind of nit pickey, I felt some girls got eliminated for stupid things however, I was glad to see Janice leave the show she was too obsessed with thinness and sometimes too critical considering she’s made of 80% plastic and look a damn mess.

  43. Bria who are ‘We’?
    The only person I see in this particular spread is the beautiful Toccara \o/. It seems…you need to stop kidding yourself.

    I don’t see porn. This is a fashion spread. She’s selling what’s on her [the jackets, the lingeries, the jewelry, the makeup… In essence, this photoshot is not really about her.

  44. Naomi’s shot is beautiful, too. Anyone who’s seen a porn magazine can tell you that that’s not what’s in there, at all. Be daring, take a look. Completely different style, completely different purpose, and an entire different style of photoshop. Nudity in Art has always been, and it shouldn’t be twisted into something it’s not. It’s not, at least to me, degradation or pornography or some embarrassment to women.

  45. Tocarra looks amazing. Tyra has some pull. I wonder if Eva is regretting leaving the Tyra camp.

    Just wondering.

    Click name!

  46. The pic with her hair blowing in the wind is nice and also the pic on the second page. She looks elegant in photos but when she opens her mouth she sounds so much like a ghetto chick

  47. She is absolutely gorgeous,sexy and beautiful.She makes a perfect model and i just loved to see her modeling for Italian Vouge

  48. @ my Brownsistas
    Can we agree to refrain from using the term “Shut Up” and just start our comments with “I disagree”. “Shut up” brings out the ugly in a person, makes one very defensive.

    Tocarra gives great face! I would even say her gaze is stunning. Great print models have that same look. I mean when they can be pictured in the midst of crap and chaos or something ugly and still look unscathe and glamourous. In every pic she is mesmorizing. She really grabs your attention. I didn’t know she had it in her.

    @ Liyah

  49. My only prob with the first pic is the way in which she is holding her hands. I just wish they were up a little higher because I’m like “where are her nipples?”

    What people need to underestand is that this is HIGH fashion. They love to take things that are ordinarily considered low class and turn it into art. I think that some of you should take a gander at Art and High Fashion Magazines before you say that this is porn because these types of pics are common place.

    And let’s not forget, it is called modeling for a reason. Models are objectified; that’s their job.

  50. After looking at Naomi’s pic and looking at Toccara’s for the 50th time, I can see the art in it. I don’t think that it’s pornographic. I have to agree that they are showing that big breasts are beautiful too. I agree completely because I too have big breasts.

    @Mo’Star: I’m glad to hear that Tocarra’s pic has helped you to become more confident about your breasts. I can understand wanting to have surgery because of not feeling comfortable. I too have consulted with a surgeon, but I realized that I loved my breasts, granted that they could be a little smaller. Know that you are beautiful in all your glory! Much love to ya Sis

  51. Im glad that she is on Vogue, because it was a goal of hers. But I think she’s selling out. She’s not that big. If you want to represent for the big chicks then represent.

    overall the pics are fierce. But she kinda reminds me of Beyonce’s mom though :s

  52. @ Candy

    I know right. Its like her nipples are facing the ground…like “down arrows”

  53. @ my Brownsistas
    Can we agree to refrain from using the term “Shut Up” and just start our comments with “I disagree”. “Shut up” brings out the ugly in a person, makes one very defensive

    Thank you, I don’t appreciate being told to shut up because someone has a different opinion from mine, after all this is a discussion blog.

  54. @ Stef
    You are welcome!

    Everyone…. have a fabulous weekend. See ya next week.

  55. Wow!! Tocarra looks absolutely gorgeous. I love all the pictures. Can anyone tell me when and if this issue of Italian Vogue will be released state side?

  56. How can I get an issue of the magazine? I think Tocarra has on one of those nipple covers actresses wear-especially ones that work on a network television show.

  57. WTF the first pic looks like two gallons of milk ewww… the others are cute…lolo

  58. ok, Toccarra looks gorgeous- the European culture has alwas worshipped the body as a natural and wonderous thing. Is she baring more than anyone else in the european magazines? no -Naomi does photos topless all of the time…. just because Toccarra carries a little more up top doesn’t demean or degrade anyone. Let the girl do her thing and represent the 90% of america who is not 5’10 and a double 00. I am a petite women who has body issues because I’m not “thicka then a snicka” but she’s teaching me to love me for who I am…. and that my man does the same.

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