Toccara Jones Is Looking For Love

Tocarra Jones is heading back to television. The former “America’s Next Top Model” and “Celebrity Fit Club” contestant is next set to appear on the second season of the “Ultimate Merger.”

Open casting calls for eligible bachelors were held earlier this month, with the new season set to start airing on TV One this summer.

“The Ultimate Merger has been a huge success” says Donald Trump, the show’s producer. “Season 2 is going to be much bigger. I know great TV, and Toccara will make great TV.”

Above: Toccara featured in Lyfe Jennings’ “Will I Ever” video.


  1. jus dont make her mad cause she will bite

  2. Let me first say I am happy anytime a BrownSista works hard and gets positive exposure. But I am so tireed of reality shows, I want to be excited for folks but its like this again. Reality shows are taking over the basic sitcom and I miss just watching a regular TV show with real actors. We are losing creativity, producers and writers don’t even have to think that hard with reality shows all they have to do is include more fights and drama. I am glad Tocarra is with Trump and not on VH1 as an ex girlfriend, so I wish her the best she is a nice girl. I guess if she is going this route she has choosen so far the better reality shows and not the ultimate ghetto ones.

  3. I don’t watch reality shows, they scream of desperation and low class-ness to me, but i wish her the best.

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