Tom Mison Talks About the Importance of Abbie Mills

Tom Mison Talks About the Importance of Abbie Mills

“Abbie Mills Questions Dominate Tom Mison’s Comic Con Appearance

While the character of Abbie Mills may be gone, her spirit still looms large over the Sleepy Hollow universe. No one knows this more than actor Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane), who attended London Comic Con over the weekend and was inundated with questions about the character’s death during every interview and panel.

During a Q&A session on Friday Tom echoed the sentiments of Fox CEO Dana Walden, saying “A decision had to be made” about the character’s future, but added “I don’t know the machinations of the politics behind it.” Tom also told fans “It’s not my fault” and that he and Nicole Beharie (who portrayed Abbie Mills) didn’t know the fate of her character until about two days before the finale was to be taped. Tom also called the decision to have Abbie claim her sole purpose was to push his character forward “slightly misguided.”

And the hard questions didn’t let up during Tom’s roundtable with the press on Saturday either. If anything the questions got better, especially the first one which I believe was asked by Lady Jenevia.

Abbie Mills represented more than just another character in the show. When you have a woman of color in the lead role, it’s not just a woman of color in the lead role. It immediately means so much more than that, across the whole of America. There’s a woman of color in a position that not very long ago she wouldn’t have been. It comes to symbolize so much more. So when something like this happens, when they kill off said character, of course it’s going to mean an awful lot more, consequently.

Tom Mison gets it and I love that about him.

I’m still not watching season four of Sleepy Hollow though 😆


  1. I saw the bottom video over the weekend. The top one has me in stitches though. They talk about Cumberbatch and have his pic and props from other British shows during his Q&A. I think it’s safe to say Tom and Sleepy Hollow in general aren’t that popular in the UK. The audience was small. It was like just a small patch of people. Might as well have held that panel in a closet.

  2. I saw another video where Tom was at a larger table and when the moderator asked if the audience had any questions no one had any. Tom then started thanking them for coming trying to fill in the gaps of quietness. I felt a bit bad for him. I don’t think any of his panels were actually filled with fans. I think it was maybe a few with mostly random people who wandered in.

  3. I was browsing the Comic Con tag on Friday night and I saw a tweet from a guy who asked Tom what his favorite cereal was. Dude said he had no idea who Tom was and that he was just sitting in the audience. I don’t think Sleepy Hollow has the same following over there as it has over here. I also think it’s likely much smaller. The U.K. only has about 60 million people and is roughly the size of Oregon.

  4. If it wasn’t for the press and fans the Tom Mison crowd would only ask him about his fingers, hair and skinny jeans. I swear he has the most ding-bat group of fans ever. For three seasons now they’ve been asking him the most asinine questions. Who are these damn losers? So happy fans came through and represented for Nicole. Now let’s get at the writers and producers. Bring their asses in for inquisition next.

  5. Never let Abbie Mills be forgotten. Keep coming through Bermaids.

  6. Tom is a liar. If they consulted him before killing off Katrina they damn sure consulted him before killing off Abbie. Tom is not the puff ball y’all seem to think he is. Nikki Reed said Tom came to her and told her not to play her character romantic opposite his. I know fans may like that, but what gave him the right to do that? When did it become his job to tell another actor how to do their job? If the script called for romance then so be it. He’s knows exactly what happened and I bet he’s as happy to see Nicole gone as the writers are. Now he can get a love interest and play the macho man without having to worry about upsetting the Ichabbie shippers.

  7. I still won’t watch the “new” SH. You see how unremarkable TM is w/o his long hair and period clothes. I don’t think he’ll be able to carry the show on his own.

  8. Tom has always been a really basic white guy. Nerd even. He’s not like Michael Fassbender or Christian Bale. He’s a total doof ball who lacks any type of sexuality. He comes off as asexual if you ask me. It isn’t until he puts on that wig and takes on the character of Ichabod that he becomes sexy. I doubt even his fans will seek him out when he moves on to the next show because of how average he is. Truth be told, I don’t really think he has any fans. He’s dull as dish water.

  9. I agree with Tricia. I believe the guy is not what people think he is. I will not be a bit surprised if he has a lot to do with what is going on with Nicole. I refuse to put him on a pedestal until I find of more about what happened, if ever. For me, he seems a little sneeky. I feel that things are not as they seem.

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