Toni Braxton Plans Playboy Spread

If you guys watched last week’s episode of ‘Braxton Family Values’ then you know that Toni Braxton told her family she had finally made up her mind and was indeed going to pose nude for Playboy.

According to Toni, Hugh Hefner personally has asked her to pose three times in the past, but each time she turned him down.

So what has changed now? According to Toni, just her confidence level. In a recent interview the 44 year old singer dismissed rumors that she was posing for money to alleviate her financial problems.

Reportedly in debt to the tune of 10 million dollars, Toni says whatever Playboy would pay would have little to no effect on her bankruptcy proceedings or the money she owes creditors.

So when will Toni’s pictorial make its way to the masses? Probably during the fall when her reality series returns for a second season and her rumored 8th CD is scheduled to be released.


  1. If I had her body I would have done it years ago! More power to her!

  2. i thought she had posed nude for vibe..

  3. She did … So this really isn’t a stretch. We’ve already seen her boobs LOL. But hey, she’s sexy and doing her thing. Do you Toni!

  4. PHILLY__STAND UP…, Toni did practically go topless in the pages of Vibe, wearing a very sheer black top that left nothing to the imagination.

    I guess she is ready to go all the way now.

  5. LOL!! at Hugh wanting Ms. Braxton. He may always be pictured with white girls but it seems he may have a thing for the brownsista.

    I read not to long ago where Toni said if she ever did Playboy she would only do chest shots since boobs are everywhere she said they are a dime a dozen to be exact but she didn’t want to do the vajayjay.

  6. love toni braxton, she’s adorable and a delightful person. she’s one woman i hope finds love. if toni does playboy, i can’t wait to see tamar’s

  7. I know she is dealing with lupus right now, so it may be a move to empower herself, If that’s what it takes, there is nothing that i can do to stop her, Still love her and wish her the best.

  8. When all else fails…get a reality show and show you azz. SMDH! Why not a sex tape to complete the set, Toni? Toni fell off almost, if not over, a decade ago. Now, she is just a blip on the radar in the shadow of her loud ignorant sister (a la Neffe and Frankie) who will say and do anything for fifteen minutes of fame that she will never get beyond being loud and ignorant on a reality show. Its no wonder the father left this home. And, we have the nerve to say Tyler Perry’s movies degrade us?! Think again black folks. The progress we made with a black president and first lady is being eroded right before our very eyes with the sleazy people we cheer on week after week.

  9. for one, i don’t either cheer nor boo toni braxton. what i do believe is that she comes across as a delightful person. i don’t judge her on her personal decisions, frankly i don’t care. i judge tyler perry as trash, because that’s what they are. if you take every stereotype and put it in movie, and add a message to it, at the end of the day, it’s steal is trash. jmo. until we elevate ourselves as a race to censor what we want to put into the world, how can we say we progress as a people? if you take tyler perry films and compare them to step and fetch movies, would you get the same response from those racist folks who wanted to validated white supremacy and black inferiority? i know we cannot and shouldn’t worry about what others think of us, but shouldn’t we, since having a black family in the white house, want to depict ourselves as a sophisticated , educated, evolve people? why do we always have to be the one group that entertains the world with our humor? why can’t we be the one that depict the very best in human society? and for the record, tyler perry films aren’t religious based at all, because if they were, tyler perry wouldn’t be in a full body custom dressed as a woman, as humor or not?

  10. oh i meant to say tyler perry films as trash, not that he is trash. so people don’t attack me. sorry for that sentence.

  11. Though she’s never gone all the way with it and been totally naked, she has shown a great deal of her body over the years. Her Grammy dress comes to mind. That Vibe pic was another one. I hope this does not overshadow her talent.

  12. @very long…

    Wow, go Toni!!!…she’s in the entertainment business and today’s cultural landscape is what it is and her business is all about image, sex sells…Deepak Chopra says, “make your world what you would like it to be.” There’s a price to pay for everything we do!

    As black people, I think we suffer way too much with “racial embarassment”…we carry the self-image for all black people, society’s perception, sterotypes and ills as our own personal burden when it shouldn’t be to this degree. For far too many of us, our esteem comes from how others view us, more than how we view ourselves. It’s a CONFLICT OF INTEREST for white people to educate us, honor us for our real contributions and show our greatness and when they do, we don’t support it. They own the infrastructure regardless of black production companies. It’s about dollars and cents, if most people, not only black people feel bad about themselves, the more they will buy. It’s about money, power and greed in this country.

    While I look at the images society at large try to force-feed us…I have made peace with my outstanding heritage…I know the evening news isn’t representative of my people, all of us? I’m cool with white women being place on this perpetual pedestal because objects of worship always fall when it’s other than God. I strongly dislike our colorism, light skin dominating black media images, i.e. Carol’s Daughter, the music industry. I don’t buy into conformity that doesn’t suit me. I don’t think BFV is a negative sterotypical television program…some people are obnoxious like Tamar and loud too…something I personally don’t care for, but it’s no reflection of me. As for our President [whom I love], he has many black critics, Fiasco Lupe for one…also Nikki Giovanni is very upset that he didn’t bring those soldiers home (as he professed during his campaigning), instead he went after independent voters for his re-election along with other centrist moves which could be seen as compromising because war is immoral…while people’s kids are dying and loved ones are on the mend at Walter Reed or families cumbling…people make compromises, whether we like it or not…you won’t see too many people in positions of authority, celebrity that won’t, sorry!

    They’re strageties to being successful and people have to either make trade-offs for the bigger picture, to get ahead, the long haul or the best optimum outcome or exit, that’s life. I do believe you can be principled and in the words of Jennifer Lopez, “work hard and don’t hurt nobody!” Tyler Perry chose his lane and I don’t feel he has brought us down at all while employing 85% of black Hollywood and his Madea character (love Family Reunion) isn’t in every film, we don’t know what he’ll be producing a decade from now…

    A lot [NOT ALL] of hip hop certainly did, it’s been quite the minstrel show and only a few moguls and artists truly profited!

    We should speak out, express our outrage of negative portrayals…we must also work on countering with positive images and solutions…by supporting positive independent media, whether it’s a subscription to
    Ebony Magazine or a small film opening at a very few theaters (American Violet) or buying music of emerging or struggling artists…watching the African Channel…buying black art, turning a run down property into a neighborhood storefront walk-in art center and teaching young kids about positive media images…Dr. Dennis Kimbro says, “Asian people don’t complain about Hollywood and their exclusion and negative images, no, they bought Paramount Pictures!”

  13. I could have sworn earlier she said she wasn’t doing playboy…she can miss me with the “I’m now more confident” when she’s practically been naked since her 2nd album.

  14. Oh Toni *sigh*…you need more people girl cuz I don’t believe you. PLAYBOY does not equal EMPOWERMENT.

  15. One thing is true. Playboy does not pay a grip for celebrity pictorials. No one does it for the money. They do it for the prestige. The last I heard Playmate of the Year was only paid $100,000 and Playmates of the month are paid $25,000, with the average girls getting paid just 5,000. Celebrities are not allowed to tell what they are paid but again, it isn’t about the money for them it is about the prestige. No amount of money Playboy paid Toni could help with her really huge money woes.

  16. I think Toni posing for playboy is kind of lame. She should pose for KING magazine instead. Playboy lost most of it’s swag when the had Heidi Montag on the cover lets be real here. Also what is she posing nude for anyway? She’s a singer she needs to work on the Braxtons album and stop the madness.

  17. people need to cut it out just because you are sexy and look good is not a reason to pose nude. she needs to get back to her roots with jesus and let him guide her because with his leading she will not need to empower herself by showing even a slight part of her body. she is too sophisticated and talented to lower herself to this type of standard in my opinion.

  18. Toni should leave this to people who lack talent.But her financial situation is crazy… so,I guess she should do her thing.

  19. Go ahead Toni!!!

    (I asked my mom and she said the same thing… proud!)

  20. This is boring. I will be glad when women, period, find more exciting things to do. Showing your boobs and twat? Classless, overdone, and uneccessary.

  21. i hope that the posters who are so strong in their convictions towards toni posing, will write her a letter or an email to address their concerns. It’s funny, people are discussing whether she should pose nude or not on a gossip site. the irony.

  22. Come on Toni, it can’t be that serious. I am really disappointed that you would pose in this spread for Hugh. To me black women in the spot light are giving up so much of their identity. I am a black woman that was raped by a white male in the 90’s and child was conceived out of it. Abortion was not an option in my family, because I too was a preachers kid. The baby is all grown up now, and I vowed never to allow anyone to degrade me like that anymore. Slavery was over decades ago. Have more integrity for yourself than that. You’ve never stooped that low, why now. Is money, cars, fame and glamor that important to you that you’ve forgotten you have two sons, and your mother knows best for Gods sake. They will get older. Sista Sista, it just don’t get that good. I had more respect for you than this. You’re the last person I would have thought would do something like this.

  23. Remember, Fame comes and it Goes!!!
    Once it is gone it is Gone!!!

    It is sad the extent people will go for the all mighty dollar. There is nothing wrong with having money, but greed is another thing. It is like people are not satified with what they’ve been blessed with. They forget when they die they can’t take it with them. It just goes to someone else. Give me heaven any day. Any day. I agree with Smokie and Neka, DON’T DO IT.

    Anyway a nigga can be kept looking stupid they will be kept that way.
    Again my daughter is considered white, and took all the genes of the father, but I have raised her to always have Integrity for herself. Hugh Heffners kids haven’t exploited themselves and never will.

    He has taught the oldest daughter how to handle his affairs and the oldest son in whom is 24 years of age is being groomed to take over a portion of his company. Thats smart thinking, we as black folks focus too often on dumb ass shit that last for only a moment.

    They use their own race up and spit them out, what makes us think we’re any better. After the PlayBoy bunnies reach a certain age and leave the mansion, you rarely hear anything else about them. A few have made extra money for themselves, but their bodies have been exploited to the world.

    Toni, you’re so much better than this.

  24. why now,? this is what she should have done a long time ego why now she is 44 really she does look romantic anymore.she is old if may say.

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