Toni Braxton Says She’s ‘Angry’ at the Music Industry


Has Toni Braxton lost her desire to make music? According to a recent interview she did with ‘Good Morning America’ while promoting her new Lifetime movie ‘Twist of Faith,’ the answer is yes (To check out Toni’s new movie, check your Lifetime schedule on Comcast cable TV).

According to Toni, that certain spark is missing and though she doesn’t go into detail, Toni says she is “angry” at the music industry.

No doubt Toni’s anger stems from the fact that R&B music is slowly becoming relic. If you look at the state of urban radio you will notice a lack of females, a lack of groups- male and female and a lack of bands (people who actually play instruments). Every facet of R&B has slowly been replaced with Hip-Hop, a form of music that requires neither singing, nor the ability to play an instrument.

When asked if she planned to retire, Toni didn’t really have an answer. However, I think it’s safe to say that fans may not be getting that album she promised last year when she released her summer single ‘I Heart You.’


  1. I’m with you Toni I am angry at the music industry too, the music that they are letting run the show is garbage and it’s like they’re settling and allowing it to be that way.

  2. I would co-sign with her … but there are too many ways these days to get your music out and entertain your audience. You just have to be creative about it. She strikes me as someone who wants the industry to work like it did 20 years ago when she hit big but those days are long gone. She has to find other ways to make it work for her.

  3. I’m angry with the industry too but if she’s angry fight back!!! Make music ppl want to hear don’t entertain the idea of “retirement” just because the industry is goin 2 hell in a hand basket.

  4. toni you look beautiful, as usual and I agree with you. the music today is crap but dont loose hope!! there are people out there who still listen to real r&b music and hope it makes a comeback. the hip hop music today is nonsense and people need to wake-up.

  5. R n b and rap has gone bad. It use to be an art when u look at artists like krs one and mos def. Now its ridiculous and looks like a fad or a cult. everybody wants to b called barbie or bootylicious. Its just stupid now and if ur not feeling it then ur a hater. compare kanye ten yrs ago and now…skirts and masks? The music industry is a straight freak show for the young dumb and full of… Stupidity and sex sells these days. I want my tribe called quests and xscapes back. its all about money. Omce again, we need a bse label. Brown Sista Entertainment ran by brown sistas with sense.

  6. She’s upset at the wrong ones, she needs to be mad at the consumers, they are the “boss”, and decide an artist’s future.

  7. She has every right to be angry, starting with herself, after “love should’ve brought you home” she changed up her voice and her music has sucked after that, not to mention other artists nowadays they couldn’t sing their way out of a hole. We need more Anita Baker type singing for crying out loud and not all this crap all over the radio. Who’s signing these people on paper for real?

  8. Her music has changed too so no wonder she’s mad. After her first album it’s been a bore fest after that.

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