Toni Braxton’s New Single Is…

posted by Sista on August 14th, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Singer Toni Braxton used her Instagram account over the weekend to unveil the title and artwork for her new single ‘Hurt You.’ As previously reported, Toni and Babyface have teamed up to record a duets album, which is rumored to have a working title of ‘Love, Marriage, Divorce.’

‘Hurt You’ is expected to hit airwaves in September, while ‘Love, Marriage, Divorce’ won’t be unveiled until early 2014.


And in other TB news, the singer returned to Vegas over the weekend where she kicked off her new tour. Babyface is expected to join Toni for a few dates, and with any luck, they might debut their new single live on stage.


  1. Yes toni is back.

  2. I CANT WAIT!!!

  3. Sexy Chic

  4. Looking forward to it! Toni needed to make adjustments to this new industry and now it seems she’s ready to take back her career, at a pace and lane, but still fabulous as always! Every time I see the phone commercial with the cute young couple slow dancing, it reminds me how we lost so much, while the industry’s greed practically erased a huge portion of our music and creativity!

  5. I think she needs to sport the short cut

  6. I think they need to change the album title. It is boring and depressing.