Toni Braxton & Babyface Debut New Tune on GMA


Toni Braxton and Babyface took to Good Morning America earlier this week to promote their new album “Love, Marriage & Divorce.”

According to first day industry reports, the album will debut somewhere inside the top ten with sales of about 60,000.

The duo plan to keep up the promo, hitting the road later this year to promote the project, and debuting a few unreleased tunes during their Broadway stint in “After Midnight,” which kicks off next month.


  1. You would think the same people go out and purchase these R&B albums because they all seem to debut around the same #’s

  2. What a great performance and song. Wow, People who can actually sing and put on a solid performance without a backing track and booty shaking. I guess all they can do now to move units is be persistent with the promotion. I have my copy of their CD, which is an album, not just a collection of singles… Definitely support this album (cd), its more than worth the $13!!!!

  3. I loved Toni’s performance on GMA she was awesome. I picked up her album this week and if u don’t have it check out at your nearest music store and pick it up! It’s worth every penny!
    Props to my sista Toni !

  4. This is a very good, mature album and an example that true R&B is not dead and gone. Shout Outs to Babyface and Lady Toni….!!!

  5. Wow- a performance that is worth the money……. They have great stage presence better than some hubby and wives who go on stage.

    Love the classy Toni braxton- not like other over 40 artist who show their boobs at EVERY event.. Toni – is a secure Woman!!

  6. That is so true. One thing I really appreciate about Toni is she is very secure and don’t have to act crazy to get attention.

  7. This is the first time in a long time where I’ve read a blog and it’s ALL positive. KEEP IT UP! I bought the CD and it is indeed fantastic. Some of my favs are Roller Coaster, Hurt You, Where Did We Go Wrong just to name a few. WELL DONE TONI AND BABYFACE!!!!! WELL DONE.

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