Toni Braxton Dances With The Stars

After having her Vegas show prematurely cancelled due to health concerns, singer Toni Braxton is back in the spotlight as a contestant on the seventh season of Dancing With The Stars. Toni was paired up with season one winner Alec Mazo and they danced the cha-cha. I can tell you that while watching Toni’s performance I was totally holding my breath but the sista completely aced her routine and seemed like a natural. Toni’s body rivals that of professional female dancers and she sashayed across the dance floor like it was second nature to her. The judges thought pretty highly of Toni’s routine as well and gave the singer a 22 out of a possible 30.


  1. Go Toni! this woman certainly put rnb on the map during the ’90s and I’d love to see her doing the salsa, rumba, and all those other dances. Ihear her son is sick tough. I also hoped she ould take out another album, libra was so mature and inspiring

  2. i saw toni too, and she did look great in the outfit especially after two kids. but her dancing was just okay for me.

  3. Toni looked great last nite 🙂 ! I am glad to see that she is doin well even w/ her illness. I hope that she has continued success on the show & w/ battling her sickness.

  4. She looks good!!! I hope she does good. I missed last night, but I will be tuning in.

  5. Toni’s dancing was great. To have never done ball room dancing before she was great. She is not going to be perfect because she is just learning. But as the show goes on and if she starys on it then she will be great.

  6. omg i missed dancing with the stars last night, toni looks so beautiful ! i love her yayyy

  7. Toni was beautiful this woman is flawless and the dancing was on point

  8. Toni is my girl I voted for her tonight that I reached my limit. I thought she was excellent.

  9. It looks like this season will be the best…Love Toni Braxton

  10. Toni’s doing very well so far. I’m so rooting for her. Think I may start voting…

    Warren is so funny 😆 and he’s enjoyable to watch.

    I wish Kim K would come out of her shell. I’d like to see her go far into the competition just to see if she progresses any 😐

    A lot of the stars are surprising me this season…. can’t wait to see who steals the title this time around.

  11. Toni was so pretty, as always. Her dance moves were so silky and smooth; she was so light on her feet. I was also kinda surprised at how sexy her legs are. Kim Kardashian? Just look at her face. As I’ve said before, she looks like a man in drag to me.

  12. Toni was amazing i voted for her lool no really she is very courageaous and i applaud her beside her legs are soon to be mine!
    wassup with the kim k hate? Last i checked she was a sista right? please

  13. Sorry, Ms. “Voice”, but Kim Kardashian doesn’t have on iota of sista in her. She’s of Armenian ancestry. Please Google her. Now please don’t get me wrong, Armenians are wonderful people. I feel sorry for them because just after World War I was over, the Ottoman Empire, basically what is now the nation of Turkey, tried to exterminate the Armenians by using mass genocide just like Hitler would later do to the Jews and Blacks that lived in Europe. Did Hitler put Blacks in those gas chambers along with Jews? You damn straight he did! Kim Kardashian just doesn’t thrill me. I’ve been told, “but she has those big boobs”. I answer, “And?”. Then they tell me, “but she also has that big booty”. Again, I answer, “And?”. Sorry, she just doesn’t do anything for me.

  14. Smooth Thug: Real Brother!
    I loved toni She is very Graceful! Her voice is one of the best out there and i hope that by doing this show she gets her confidence to perform back because she is a power house!

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