Toni Braxton Denies Having Breast Cancer

Last week the National Enquirer reported that singer Toni Braxton had breast cancer and like wild fire the rumor spread quickly across the internet. Toni however put those rumors to rest yesterday as she issued a statement directly to Access Hollywood admitting to feeling “something uncomfortable” and being checked out by her doctor. Toni however says her doctor gave her a clean bill of health and she does not have the disease.


  1. Phew thank God, b/c when I heard that it just went right through me. I felt bad and prayed immediately and with her son being Autistic, that is the last thing she needs. I lost a relative to that.

  2. Today is my 19th B-DAy :banana: (virgo’s heyyy)

    i just thought i let ya’ll know (OFFICIAL STAND UP GIRL) 😉

  3. Beyonce has been hot for so long i guess people are just wanting to see diffrent Female R&B artist……. i mean when Bee desides to get a lil break they still can’t seem to match the perfection, i just think people need to stop trying to put dirt on her name 🙄

    (OFFICIAL STAND UP GIRL) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. :thumbsdown: oppppppps WTF im on the wrong one how did i talk about Beyonce on Toni braxton comment

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    Ya’ll please don’t comment on this

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