Toni Braxton Honored

Toni Braxton was honored last night with a star on the Las Vegas Walk Of Fame.Toni has been performing before sold out crowds at the Flamingo since last year and even agreed to have her contract extended until August of 2007.The coveted star is awarded to performers who have helped make Vegas famous and has only been given out to 3 performers prior to Toni.

Toni was also presented with a check for autism research in name of her son Diezel who was diagnosed with the disease last year.Autism now strikes 1 out of every 150 children in the United States and has become nothing short of an epidemic.To learn more you can visit Autism Society Of America.


  1. I have always liked Toni Braxton. She is a beautiful and talented brown sista. She should look into altering her son’s diet.
    I saw a special several years ago about children with autism, adhd, add who were a part of a special experiment. The doctors and nutritionists changed their diets and combined certain foods together that helped managed their disabilities and kept it under control. And, this was without medication!

  2. Those statistics are crazy.1/150 is just too damn many.For years they have been saying that vaccines may cause autism because in countries that don’t have these vaccination rules don’t have these problems.I swear I just don’t trust nobody.Lord only know what they are injecting into kids these days in the name of safety.

  3. ok toni looks GOOD and i have almost all of her cds and some of her dvds………………….BUT, in the 2nd picture, couldn’t they have used photoshop to eliminate the unattractive corns on her toes; that is not a pretty sight. toni, u need to wear comfortable shoes, avoid tight or too-small shoes, get regular spa pedicures (including foot massages), have hubby give u regular foot rubs (with scented lotion) and don’t forget to exfoliate your feet in the shower. and NO i am not a hater, even tho’ my BF is practically INFATUATED with toni. i still love u Toni! and u get brownie points for having smooth legs and ur heels r not ashy. u go girl. congratulations on your las vegas star!

  4. I saw Toni’s vocally challenged performance at the Allstar show and it was really sad.Someone needs to step to Toni and let her know that the mumbling on stage is killing her career.Why won’t she just sing? The low voice with the indistinguishable lyrics are not cute.She gave the same lackluster performance at the New Year’s show she performed on a few months back.I can’t see how her show is successful if she sings like that every night.I miss the old Toni who used to sing her heart out.

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