Toni Braxton: Make My Heart Video

Toni Braxton has finally debuted the video for her latest single “Make My Heart.” The singer is set to release her “Pulse” album on May 4th and is heavy on the promo trail. Toni has upcoming performances scheduled for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Live With Regis & Kelly. Word is Toni will also be next month’s Essence covergirl.


  1. Love the song, dug the video. ‘Nuff said.

    Excuse me as I go bump 1993’s classic “Toni Braxton” LP.

    Pulse on May 4th!!!!!

  2. Really love the song. I hope Toni has some success with this one.

  3. I love TONI BRAXTON!!!!! I went to see her in concert years ago and she was outstanding!!! Her voice is different and phenomenal!

  4. If she have a remix chubb rock should be on it lol. I really like this song.

  5. I love it!! You can tell she was having fun and getting her grown woman swagger on. It would be criminal if radio slept on this one.

  6. Ohhh la la! Make my heart tooo Toni! Very nice. She looking so beautiful as always – need I say that and this video make me want to dance. It is so different from all her other videos but lots of fun. Can’t wait til’ May 4th 🙂

  7. YASSS!!! I’ma add her to the list of music I’m buying this month! LOVE the video and LOVE the song! :hifive:

  8. Love Toni, Love the song and Love the video!! Nothing more needs to be said. 🙂

  9. LMAO did Toni take all the contestants from America’s Best Dance Crew and put them in her video??? Either way I loved it. GET IT TONI!!!

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