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Though Toni Braxton’s stint on Dancing With The Stars was short lived, the singer isn’t licking her wounds. Instead, Toni is said to be returning to the music scene in 2009. The soulful diva, who set the world of R n’ B music on fire with her throaty vocals during the 1990s, is back with a new attitude, new record label (Atlantic), and a brand new song that is said to be a leak from her upcoming album. Melt (Like An Iceberg) is said to be a remake of a Claude Kelly classic and produced this time around by Harvey Mason and Damon Thaoms, the duo who also worked with Toni on her Libra CD. Other producers said to be tagging along include Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (Brandy, Beyonce) and Evan “Kidd” Bogart (Christina Milian, Britney Spears).

Songwriter and budding singer in her own right, Keri Hiolson, is also said to be contributing tracks to Toni’s upcoming CD.

Click here to listen to Melt and check out Toni’s new photo shoot below, which I was told is in conjunction with a reality show the singer is working on.


  1. I actually liked Libra, even though it didn’t do well. Melt is nice, but not a comeback single

  2. I hope everything goes well for Toni’s album. I don’t think it’s impractical to expect to go at least gold, with solid promotion and at least three released singles. She’s a real legend! Her and Anita are the only ones holdin’ it down on alto

  3. I`ll definitely be keepin` an eye out for Tonis` new CD in `09. Aside from being really gorgeous, she has a sultry voice that I just love. Her voice is hypnotic and it takes you inside the music. She definitely brings that grown folks music that is missing on the scene today. She has the ability to make one appreciate the artistic journey. Aside from, my girl, AK I don`t support todays` “mainstream'” artists because they lack that connection with the listener. Toni does connect; no gimmicks, no over the top production, no overkill, just great music. Anyway, good for Toni.

    MJ & The Golden, Golden 80s forever!!!

  4. I like this song. It’s very sexy. Good luck Toni. I’ll buy it to support her, she’s had a rough time lately. All the best sista :brownsista:

  5. @Smooth Criminal: Where you been man? I haven’t been able to have my political discussions with you. And where is the Michael Jackson quote (ha-ha)? I love Toni Braxton I just hope that they don’t try to make her sound like what’s out today and go back to that classic TB sound.

  6. I was a major TB fan back in the day. I don’t know how a woman who was selling ten million albums plus ends up on Dancing With The Stars. Her management and label were terrible. But she still has that voice. I hope she stops trying to do a Mariah(refuse to age and mature with her audience) and comeback with great ballads.

    Stop dancing!! JUst saaaannggg!!! :thumbsup:

  7. Toni can sing. Those pictures are from Ebony Magazine (2005) for her Libra album promotion. I can’t wait for her new album.

  8. “Libra” was a good album. I thought it was one of Toni’s best. Toni has just ran into the problem many female singers like her have faced( Vesta, Mikki Howard, & so forth) ladies that can sang but as they have gotten older they have faded out… @ least by mainstream status. “Melt” is a good song, but I think this time around Toni isn’t really into making “comeback” persay b/c I think she has well figured out who her core audience is & she is more than likely just focused on good music that she can luv & that her fans luv. So as long as those ppl who support her are loving “Melt” she’ll be happy & if others like it too… that’s great. I wish Toni much success & if this new album sounds anything like what she tried to do on “Libra”… I will surely buy it.

  9. The song has a nice groove to it. I’ve been a fan of Toni’s since the “Boomerang” soundtrack. It’s good to see that she’s getting back out there. I wouldn’t call this a comeback, because she never really left. Her show in Vegas is proof of that. Much luck to her!

  10. I like the song :thumbsup:

    Hopefully Toni can really garner the success she’s out for this time around. Agreeing with previous comments, “Libra” was a good album. Toni’s voice is special and I enjoy listening to her. I hope she targets the proper audience and finds her lane {music industry wise}.

  11. Melt is nice, Tony has a voice on her and she know the CD is mine when it comes out. the thing is The industry these days is only looking for a fresh young face talented or not to milk the life out of her and bring up the next one, I hope toni has a great fan base to back her up, I know she have me :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  12. Not a very good comeback song. Toni needs to come stronger than that.

  13. Toni… this is NOT a comeback single… and those pics are certainly not her best either. what’s with the hair? :thumbsdown:

  14. I’ts a nice song, What the hell is a comeback song? Seems to me that if people like it they’ ll buy it :thumbsup:

  15. It amazes me how it is okay to down some brown sista (usually the darker ones) and others like Beyonce and Rihanna can do no wrong. Don’t deny it because it is the same group of individuals who make these comments on every post.

    GET OF TONI! She has an amazing voice and always have. She has sold tens of millions of records too. Too bad she was born to brown for some of you brown sistas. :brownsista:

  16. toni is one of my favorite singer if not number one. I dont care if she has a “comeback” (but I am sure she cares lol), if its good music I am buying it.

  17. @Voice it’s amazing that you say a good video does not substitue for a good song, yet, when that Single Ladies and that Other Song came out the first thing I heard most of you say is I have to see the video. Don’t get me wrong I agree a good video does not make the song that is why I am glad videos are dying out and maybe now we can get back to real music. Toni Braxton has never made a bad song. She may have made some songs that didn’t go to number one but she has never made a bad song.

  18. her Secrets album is in my deck right now. I have heard that Libra is good but I never listened to it. I wish her well. :brownsista:

  19. iam south african and certainly looking forward to toni’s new album, i absolutely love her and her voice… she has the most unique voice in music today, i have all of her albums including the extremely underrated libra…if u dont have it guys get it and listen to the track shadowless now thats music…not this overproduced meaningless crap thats saturating the market currently…i have no idea why that album wasnt well promoted but anyhoo iam glad she is releasing i certainly will be getting that album…..i love me some Toni.

  20. I love Toni that’ s all there is to it, And honestly a video does make a song, Didn’t everyone hated Sl and started to milk it after the video? The thing is today’ s society Is visual What look good can clearly overshadow what sound which is why I can guaranty you that in 5 years or so Rihanna will be called many queen and amazing singer, because the girl look good, You can stay being upset but we as a people made it clear that we want our entertainer to look a certain way, live a certain way and talk a certain way In order for us to embrace them, Don’ t be surprise now, when the most ridiculous song make it number one đŸ™„ I support toni and i will always support her

  21. Wooooooow! I’m already melting like an Iceberg myself. You just listen to the beat that’s topped by that incredable Toni voice like no other – what more can you ask for. I hope the full cut for the cd has more of kidda same melodies. I woudn’t really care about the videos and what society thinks. She has her fans that are just glued to her no matter what be, because that voice is one that we cannot afford to be shaddowed. She must just produce, produce, produce and produce. If she has something undeniably more than a hit – let it be and if not big – i bet it is still as good. Honestly she is a diva.

    YOU NO.1 RSA Supporter. Toni Liscious

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