Toni Braxton Set to Return to Vegas


Toni Braxton Preps New Tour

R&B veteran Toni Braxton will be returning to Vegas this weekend to kick off her mini-tour at the Palms Casino Resort.

Despite reportedly losing control of 27 of her biggest hits in her bankruptcy settlement, in a recent interview with the Nevada Review Journal Toni called herself “lucky,” noting how her doctors once told her she would never tour again as a result of her Lupus diagnosis.

Five years ago Toni had a very lucrative deal with the Flamingo Hotel that went up in flames when she was stricken ill and unable to perform.

A second bankruptcy soon followed thanks to her insurance company, Lloyds of London, refusing to honor her Flamingo-cancellation policy, a decision that sent Toni spiraling into debt once again.

As for her new tour, Toni says getting insurance wasn’t easy… or cheap. “Insurance. Yeah, that part was challenging. We worked it out though. It was expensive, but it was also worth it.”

Looking back on her many challenges Toni says she’s in a happier place than she was at the height of her fame, and isn’t as testy as she used to be when asked about her double bankruptcies.

“I have nothing else- no other scandals on my plate. I don’t do drugs. I don’t drink. Well, I like Champagne. I don’t do sextapes. If money is all you have on me, I’ll take that. It’s actually not so bad,” she says.
Check out Toni’s upcoming tour dates below.



  1. Toni on The Braxtons is so cute. While, her sisters are acting crazy, and over-the-top, she’s quiet. The sisters well Tamar, jokingly scolds her for not eating chitlins, calling her Bougie, and saying that she used to eat them. While Toni vehemently denied it. Toni is funny, while her sistas are having fun, being silly, she’s like , “No, I’m the classy one of the group”,lol.

  2. I didn’t know she lost control of 27 hits!! Wow that is a huge blow. Poor Toni. God be with her though, I know she probably misses performing.

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