Toni Braxton Shoots New Video

The hotness that is Toni Michelle Braxton, was spotted over the weekend shooting the video for her new single “I Heart You” at the Civic Center Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Toni released her new dance inspired tune and so far it has been well received by the media and fans alike.

With the help of her ex-husband Keri Lewis, Toni plans to release music from her upcoming eighth solo album independently.

“Gemstone,” as it is tentatively titled, will reportedly contain ten songs, 9 original tunes, and one remix.


  1. Hate the hair. It makes her look her age. But I do have a crush on them thighs. Go toni.

  2. I love the song. But releasing it without the backing of a major label is going to make it tough for the song to be played on the radio or get any major support.

    She’s going to have to really put in the work to make this album a hit.

  3. on the UPSIDE….if it is successful, most of the money will go into her own pockets this time as writer and producer…

    she NEEDS this to work, and i hope it does.

    if not she will be like Whitney in the end, not having much financial worth because her name was not on any songs as writer or producer adn an easy target for bankruptcy.

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