Toni Braxton’s Soundcheck

R n’ B diva Toni Braxton will step to the mic and make her Walmart “Soundcheck” debut on January 15th. Toni will perform tracks from her highly anticipated new album “Pulse,” and will also discuss what she has been doing in her time spent out of the spotlight and why she almost thought about retiring for good.


  1. I’m so excited for her new Album!!!! AAAAHHHHH….man, so excited. And whatever ya’ll just because Toni looks phenomenal for her age doesn’t mean that she’s botoxing. Plus, even if she did get some help that way what the heck are you talking about, she looks GREAT!? Her face is flawless 🙂 I just hope her music is likewise on this new album. I hope the single “Don’t Leave” got put on the album. Love that song for real.

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