Toni Braxton Spotted Out In Hollywood

Singer Toni Braxton was spotted last night by the paparazzi heading to Mr Chow’s restaurant after having taken in The BET Awards on the low. The singer, whose Las Vegas act was recently cancelled due to health concerns, looked fit and in good spirits. Toni hadn’t been seen out in public in months, leaving many to speculate that her condition was possibly grave. Glad to see whatever was ailing Toni has been taking care and let’s hope she stays well.


  1. Good to see she is well enough to attend the awards. Is that her husband with her? If it is I’m glad to see her with him as well. Tony is a good artist, she’s had a good career and built up a fan base, now it’s time to take care of Tony and family. I wish her well.

  2. She looks good, despite the wrong foundation shade. I love listening to Toni Braxton , I do. I had a marathon of her songs playing just a few days ago.

  3. It’s so good seeing Toni out and about, Love her.

  4. Yea, that foundation on her face is just a little too light. Other than that, I have not but love for her Toni. Seeing her out like this makes me feel better about her health condition. As always, she is in my prayers.

  5. I wish she would make another CD or go on tour. I just miss good music being played on the radio. I want to hear, EnVogue, Maxwell, Johnny Gill, and Whitney Houston. I wish they would come back with some more music.

  6. Much LUV to T. May God continue to bless her. She`s a beautiful Brown Sista who`s missed on the airwaves..

    “Human Nature-by MJ

    Looking out
    Across the nighttime
    The city winks a sleepless eye
    Hear her voice
    Shake my window
    Sweet seducing sighs

    Get me out
    Into the nighttime
    Four walls won`t hold me tonight
    If this town
    Is just an apple
    Then let me take a bite


    If they say
    Why, why, tell `em that it`s human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way
    If they say
    Why, why tell `em that it`s human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way

  7. Even if Toni does make another cd it won’t get any play. She is out like Brandy, Monica and all those other singers from the early 90s. Music has moved on today and the fact that you once sold a lot of records doesn’t mean anything anymore.

  8. Love Toni Braxton’s voice and all her albums. Really miss when good music was in the top spot.
    I still play her songs in my car, home and ipod.

    Wish her good health and yes she still looks good despite her illness.

  9. I love toni She is an amazing performer
    I hope she is okay

  10. I pray that her health is OK. I also pray for the strength and comfort of her family.

  11. What n da world iz up wif the make-up! And she’s tooooooooooooo skinny! Dress is toooo tight and tooooo little…. I love Toni but not n dese pictures.

  12. Not to mention that third picture with her lips looking crazy! LORD JESUS!

  13. her illness has definitely taken a toll on her body, she looks too small- almost like a bobble head.

    I like when she is tight and toned, hoping for a continued recovery, missing her beautiful voice

  14. You know what I hate Majesa?

    Women who can’t give a straight compliment. You say something nice then follow with something negative. Toni’s skin looks flawless and she still lools twenty-six. I would love to see a picture of those who point out every flaw in someone else.

    I wish you well Toni. God Bless.

  15. I love and miss Toni Braxton. She looks great and fit to say she has two kids. I hope that all is well with her health internally even though she looks healthy.

  16. LMAO!! No one can just make a straight compliment nowadays. have the throw that negative in somewhere i guess

  17. I’m not being negative, I just comment on what I see. Her make-up doesn’t match, and it’s noticeable. I still like her and love her music. I don’t down people, and I didn’t down Toni Braxton. If you saw otherwise, you are mistaken in my intentions.

  18. Majesa, I’m with you. I like Toni and I’m not trying to be mean but it’s true her make up is just off today. No one is trying to be negative I’m just saying what I see. Geez, these people who post act like we are talking about them…

  19. Gorgeous (even if the foundation is all kinds of wrong)!

  20. Nobody wants to have an in-depth discussion on the fact that she’s been dippin into Lil-Kim’s makeup kit… huh

    Her foundation is about 4 shades lighter than her face. Look at the hairline, jaw, ears, heck her whole body is a beautiful brown, and her face is geisha-paint-chalky…

    Sighs… Jesus-be-a-mac-studiofix-in-the-right-shade

  21. lol@Reddy! Sighs… Jesus-be-a-mac-studiofix-in-the-right-shade

    I hope the best for her too… But she still need to take that toooooo lil dress off and that blond foundation off her face. Toni knows betta den dat!

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