Toni Braxton to Start Her own Cosmetics Line

It seems as though Tamar isn’t the only Braxton sister cashing in on the success of the first season of “Braxton Family Values.” Oldest sister Toni is reportedly about to do the same. How, you ask? Well according to a recent interview with her assistant, Zo, by starting her own cosmetics line.

Toni has not announced the news personally. However, if it is true, I hope it is a quality line and not just something she throws her name on to make a quick profit.

I am personally a huge fan of Toni’s and love that she always looks so polished on her show. Let’s hope she takes a page out of Iman’s book and does it right.


  1. I would love to see all of them involved in something, some kind of deal with cosmetics and hair but since Toni is the biggest star and Tamar is on the rise then I guess I can see that happening to Toni right now.

  2. I know cosmetics lines can be risky. I think its easier for starlets to be spokespersons of already established brands. I wish Toni well and will support her product if this is true and if it appeals to me. Iman’s line is fabulous. So good luck Toni!

  3. Kanyade,

    I agree with you. Hopefully, she’ll come out with something really good and create a serious buzz. Toni seems methodical and her vast experience of ups and downs should prepare her to do something really spectacular at this time in her career. Think Jessica Simpson (Macy’s)…Iman…Burt’s Bee…HSN and QVC…Target…I wish her well!!!

  4. Cynthinia brings up a great point though- I had no idea how lucrative Jessica Simpson’s empire is ! Goes to show that sometimes you can branch off into another side venture and be even more successful in that.

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