Toni Braxton Sues Former Manager

Toni Braxton Toni Braxton just can’t seem to catch a break.Court papers filed late Friday afternoon in the U.S District Court in Manhattan reveal that Toni is once again having financial troubles and is suing her former manager for ten million dollars.Toni accuses Barry Hankerson, who guided her career from 1997-2004, of putting his own financial needs above hers as well as tricking her into leaving Arista Records and signing to his fledgling label, Blackground Records.

It’s sad to see Toni has once again been duped out of millions of dollars.As you all may remember, Toni filed for bankruptcy back in 1998 claiming she was only paid 35 cents for every record she sold.It seemed like things had finally turned around for her as she has been playing Vegas for the last few months and apparently drew big enough crowds to have her contract extended.

Only time will tell if Toni gets the money she claims she is owed or if she can get off of Blackground Records and regain the musical career that earned her multiple Grammys and worldwide stardom.

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  1. Toni just can’t catch a break.She stay in court over her money.I hope this Vegas thing she is doing is financially beneficial to her and we don’t see her suing someone else a few years from now saying they stole from her too.

  2. I was never a die hard TB fan but I did purchase her first and second album.After those two nothing she did really touched me.I watched her New Year’s Eve performance online last week and I see why her career has fallen off.Toni can’t sing anymore.She mumbles her way through her songs singing in a really low voice and it is annoying.I wonder if she does that in her Vegas show? Someone needs to step to Toni and let her know breathing heavy and mumbling is no replacement for good old fashion singing.

  3. Toni is one of those singers who was totally dependent on Babyface making hits for them.When he dried up so did a lot of people’s careers.He understood her.Hell, he created her whole sound.Without him she has proven to be nothing.Not because she isn’t talented but because she doesn’t have the right producers and and songwriters to bring out the best in her.

  4. I like Toni but her time has come and gone.She hasn’t had a hit in nearly a decade and that’s a long time in the music industry.She should just stay in Vegas where she at least has a guaranteed paycheck.

  5. $10,000,000 dollras is a whole lot of money.I doubt she will even see a fraction of that but if her claims are true I hope she gets what she deserves.Poor Toni just can’t get her money right no matter what she does.I hope her Vegas money is right.If that gets stolen from her she is in trouble.Toni doesn’t have that many options left when it comes to the music industry.

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