Toni Braxton Takes Advice from Prince

Singer Toni Braxton, who is set to release her eighth solo album next month, is speaking out on why she decided to release her new album independently, as well as why she may not be joining her sisters for the third season of their popular reality series “Braxton Family Values.”

According to the 43-year old “I Heart You” singer, she wants to dedicate the rest of 2012 to promoting her new “Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes” album, as well as getting her own production company off the ground.

Toni says she is releasing her new album under the guidance of “The Collective,” a full service entertainment, media and content production company.

The decision to forgo releasing her music through a traditional record label according to Toni was partially because of advice the singer says she got from R&B/Rock legend Prince.

“It came down to finances,” Toni says. “With a label, they get paid first, as do the writers, producers and whatever is left the artist gets. Independently, not only do I have more control over the music I record, but the bulk of the earnings are paid to me because all the leg work is done by me.”

As for the strange title of her new album, Toni says it is a tribute of sorts to her Jewish and Middle Eastern background.

And in another bit of Toni news, the sexy songstress performed at the Dubai World Cup over the weekend, wowing the crowd with a medley of some of her biggest hits.

Check the videos above.


  1. Yes!

    When you look at reality tv stars or Jessica Simpson’s billion dollar empire, Toni should go for it! Everything is digital! I think she should continue to make guest appearances on the Braxton shows and executive produce some reality tv shows of her own (Shaunie). Reality tv is cheap, why not? HSN and an infomercial should be Toni’s next big stops…money up…the reality show was a blessing, her music catalogue and being a music icon is a blessing…being an us ambassador for autism…AWESOME!…use it all!

    Go Toni!

  2. I wonder how much of this article is true. There’s a lack of direct quotes for a lot of the things said in this piece. I do believe it was a great idea that she went indie. Stop being pocket-raped by label execs, Toni. They did her badly before and I’m sure she’s afraid of getting burned again. Toni doesn’t even have to go gold with her new album and she’ll still make many times more dough than she did with a label. So many black artist are ripped off by black label execs and it’s disgusting that they treat their own that way.

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