Toni Braxton Talks Music & Movies

Quiet as kept, singer Toni Braxton appeared on 20/20 last week where she spoke about her upcoming album, her return to acting and those pesky rumors of her having recently had plastic surgery.

According to Toni, her new album, rumored to be titled Toni! Toni! Toni!, is being released via her own imprint thanks to a bit of advice she got from rock icon Prince. Toni says because she is releasing her music independently, all the proceeds come straight to her, effectively cutting out the middle man, better known as record labels.

Toni says she is already reaping the benefits thanks to her recent single ‘I Heart You’ going to #1 on the dance charts. Toni wrote and produced the song with ex-husband Keri Lewis, who still has a hand in managing her career.

With her finances looking up, Toni says she may be stepping away from her WeTv reality show to focus on acting. As we previously reported, Toni will be starring in the upcoming Lifetime movie ‘A Narrow Bridge,’ where she plays a black Christian woman who falls in love with a Jewish man.

Shooting is set to begin in early 2013 and Toni says you can expect to see one of her sons make a cameo.

As for those plastic surgery rumors, Toni says she hasn’t been nipped or tucked but wouldn’t hesitate to go under the knife to maintain her looks. “I work very hard to stay in shape,” Toni said. “However, I would be lying if said I never thought of having a tummy tuck.”

If you missed Toni’s interview you can check it out on the 20/20 website.


  1. So happy to see Toni thriving.
    When I watched her episode of Behind the Music I was wondering what movie she was doing because she was giving her family a tour of the set. Also glad to see her return to acting. Though her role was small I enjoyed her in Kingdome Come and always wanted to see more of her. The fact that this role is starring also bodes well for her. I see Lifetime is doing big things with black women these days. Glad to see someone sees our potential and knows that the black female movie audience is grossly under represented.

  2. she is THE LITTLE ENGINGE THAT COULD and i will continue to support her career.

  3. Toni doing well doesn’t seem to gather as many comments as her doing poorly does. Why aren’t all the Toni haters in here celebrating her the decisions she is making now to better her financial future.

  4. Toni doesn’t do anything for anybody other than Toni so why should anybody care. I will say, hope she doesn’t go bankrupt again. Good Luck.

  5. Thats my Toni!!! Shes doing big things and i love the new album title. keep up the great work

  6. Congrats to Toni…max out! I think she’s a good actress…I remember her also acting with Taye Diggs in a series of his…making .15 an album vs. $7 an album, more or less is the way to go…the major labels aren’t going to do too much promotion anyway…I hope her revenue streams continue to increase, being a single mom and her physical challenges…I hope this songbird soars! Her last album was really good and I look forward to buying the next one!

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