Toni Braxton Titles New Album…

While sister Trina Braxton was busy unveiling her new single “Party or Go Home,” sister Toni was busy unveiling the title of her upcoming eighth solo album.

According to Toni’s official Facebook page, “Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes” will be a very dance inspired album, a sound Toni says she has been wanting to experiment with for a while.

Toni shot the video for the album’s first single “I Heart You” over the weekend and says she plans to take her music on the road this summer.

Look for “Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes” to be released sometime in May. As for her summer tour, speculates that a joint tour with her sisters may possibly be in the works.

Pictured above- Toni poses for the ‘Where’s My Sock?’ autism awareness campaign.


  1. Interesting album title…I hope it yields her the need publicity to help her to get radio play and purchases! I have no doubt, it won’t be a very good record. Toni’s from the 90s and did quite well crossing over without changing her sound. I hope her career is reborn with her fans’ support, it’s a no-brainer!

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