Toni Braxton Wows the Red Carpet

Toni Braxton still knows how to work the red carpet. The 43 year old mother of two turned heads last night when she showed up solo for the premiere of her new WE TV reality series “Braxton Family Values.” Decked out in silver-grey stilettos and a skin tight white dress that left little to the imagination, Toni showed that though time may have taken a slight toll on her career, it sure hasn’t on her looks. The singer was joined at the premiere by Gabrielle Union, Shanice Wilson, Toya Carter, her sisters and many more. Braxton Family Values premieres this Tuesday, April 12th at 9|8c. Will you be watching?

Check out another hilarious clip below of Tamar doing a spot on Toni impersonation that doesn’t go over so well with Toni.


  1. She looks stunning, aging so gracefully and looking youthful at the same time. That’s right Toni, show them youngins how it’s done….:)

  2. Did no one else watch that clip? It was funny as hell.

  3. I’m going to be watching that. They seem like they are a trip. Toni is sexxxxxiiiiii. She is so beautiful and her body is just stupid.

  4. Heck yes, I’ll be watching!!!! Tamar is absolutely nuts….smh, that girl is the baby and is spoiled and just a complete idiot. Haha, Toni had to bring the claws out on Twitter last week ’cause something Tamar said got penned on Toni as a Toni quote, but it was Tamar’s dumb “glass” and the school system was trying to expel her autistic kid from school. Man, if that’s the drams just on twitter, then I can’t wait for the reality show!!!! I am a die-hard TB fan and I’m only 21 years old. SHe’s my inspiration. Love her 🙂

  5. Tamar is clearly the standout. The one willing to act a complete fool for rating.

  6. Hadn’t watched their show.

    Everyone attending looks nice.

  7. I agree, they are beautiful and I look forward to getting to know all of the sisters.

  8. Everybody’s talking about how Halle Berry looks good at 40 but Toni is fierce!

  9. :/ @ she, meaning Toni looks great. Are we looking at the same woman???

    All that plastic surgery looks a hot ass mess. She looks like cat woman or something. Ewww.

    Oh and Halle could NEVER look this tragic.

  10. Looks like she has been given another chance at a comeback. She looks great, but I don’t like her hair this short.

  11. Tamar needs to ease off the plastic surgery she looks like Latoya Jackson!!!!!

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