Toni Braxton Writes Her Memoirs


Remember back in August when Tamar Braxton told the world she and husband Vince were working on a book together?

Well, it looks like Tamar was once again following in big sister Toni’s footsteps.

Word on the curb, and Amazon, is that Toni has finished a book herself- a memoir titled Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir.

The book is due to hit store shelves and Kindles all across the country when it is released on February 11, 2014.

I believe the date will just about coincide with the second half of season 4’s Braxton Family Values.

To date Toni has not mentioned the book, and evaded all questions thrown at her about it via social media.

However, with a new album and reality show to promote in the coming weeks, I’m sure Toni will be more forthcoming with her fans.


  1. Toni is always doing something that never comes to fruition. Remember the cosmetics line? She was also suppose to start a new Broadway show this year. It’s always some new venture that never happens. If I was a fan I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on anything from her.

  2. I will be getting the book. Nice to see my girl everywhere. I hope she takes care of herself and not work too hard.

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