1. Toni you are definitely aging gracefully 2 kids and did’nt she have a tissue scar In her breast or somethin’ like that…..anyways her 40 somethin year old body Is a killah

  2. I’m from Annapolis Md. I just wanna say I consider her as my neighbor so happy 2 c her back n the light shine girl n B that star that GOD want u 2 b….much luv.

  3. I love the first pic and the one under it! Jeez toni toni toni she is bringing fire, she looks amazing

  4. In that last photo It look like Toni’s facial expression was saying “come here baby let mama show you how It’s done” lol

  5. Shannon Brown and Ron Artest as the eye candy for the video? cool beans!

  6. Hot!!! She looks great! And I must say I appreciate video shoot photos that haven’t been snapped from someone’s crappy cellphone (as is the trend lately).

  7. The looks department was never an issue for her. I just hope she comes with some really great music. I have always loved her style.

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