Toni Braxton’s New Single

Toni Braxton "Yesterday"

Toni Braxton is back and officially ready to regain her chart dominance. The singer is set to release her new single, Yesterday, from her forthcoming 2010 album, Pulse. The single is due to be released to radio later on this month and is said to be produced by DJ Frank E.

Click the image below to listen to Toni’s new single and don’t forget to tune in to this year’s VH-1 Divas Live Concert to see Toni, who as it turns out will not be performing, but rather presenting.


  1. I love her voice. I hope this cd is a success. And I would’ve loved to see her perform over some other performers, but oh well. And you rocked DWTS Toni.

  2. The sultry Toni Braxton She was the ish’ In the 90’s she can out-sing any of these chicks In the game today. I love when she performs “Take This Ring” that is my song it’s very instrumental

  3. Awe! Wanted her to perform but either way, it’ll be good to see her.

    I love Toni’s voice so, I’m looking forward to hearing new music from her.

  4. Its about time i have been waiting patiently for her to come back.
    I hope this will be as good as all others.

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