Toni Braxton’s Tax Drama

Financial troubles are once again plaguing Toni Braxton. According to newly published reports, the singer has fallen behind in her taxes and owes the IRS $396,000. Toni and her husband, who are now separated, were hit with a lien on their property March 26th- this in addition to also being sued for $900,000 in delinquent loan payments. The singer also reportedly defaulted on her mortgage last year.

Toni’s money problems date back over a decade ago to when she first filed for bankruptcy. Toni’s troubles seemed to disappear as she signed a new deal with her record label and did a long time stint in Vegas. However, those ventures fell apart as Toni suffered from health issues that caused her show to close down and her record deal fell apart resulting in her manager suing her.

Since then Toni has found a new label and is scheduled to release her “Pulse” album on May 4th.


  1. I hate too see such a great talent wasted these last few years because the right people are not there to support her.

  2. Get it together Toni. I realize you don’t have the best track record (bankruptcy) but please learn from your financial mistakes! You are too awesome! LOL PAY YOUR TAXES! SMH. I read something about Faith Evans owing the IRS monies too. If lowly folk like me can get it right with Uncle Same (for fear of being audited) every single year, then these richie-riches-rich folk need to do the same!

  3. I agree toni needs to get it together and she definitely needs new people. i remember oprah winfrey saying that you can’t be too busy doing you won things that you can’t sit down with you tax specialist, your attorney and business people to check things out for yourself and know what is going on for you. and to be certain she does not even have to rely on her business people she can check things out for herself to make sure things were paid and when. sad for her.

  4. Heard about her financial crisis again & again. I really don’t want it to happen with my all time favorite artist like Toni.

  5. poor poor Toni. Her manager is a punk for suing her when he/she knows she has health problems. I know she will be okay though every one has financial problems every now and then, it doesnt diminish her worth in my eyes. Keep ya head up girl, you still have a fan me. 🙂

  6. dang, that’s really some bad luck on her. she needs to get new ppl like every other person said. but i always wondered, (this could be a silly question) how does this kind of information get out? it shouldn’t be public information right ???, and why do they have the authority to “publish” stuff? i don’t see how telling the whole world about her private crisis is gonna help her emotionally.

  7. Poor Toni…but, as stated…girl, pay your taxes, personally, it’s not worth it…to continue to rebound…the opportunities may not always be available like they are today…what’s interesting is that no matter how many other millionaires rich people know…they are on their own…I know Toni’s going to get over this hump…her children will help her to do it, her talent and fans…but, dang, Toni!

  8. This woman made/makes millions upon millions of dollars there’s NO reason at all she/they can’t pay thier taxes. SURABI- I remember Oprah saying that aswell (very smart woman), she needs to get like Oprah lol.

  9. Oh no not again! Sorry to see this happening again. Toni should have learned from her past bankruptcy. She should fire the people who were supposed to be handling her business. She is so talented. I hope she learns from this.

  10. She seems to be bad with money. I wish her the best. Hope she gets it together financially. 🙄

  11. Hope god help her throughout her hard times 🙂 I’m Not buying Pulse until i hear more convincing material 🙂

  12. All that money she made in Las Vegas…didn’t she learned anything from the last bankruptcy?

  13. She’s finished … she needs to just hang it up. I am so disappointed in her.

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