Toni Braxton’s ‘Unbreak My Heart’ Ratings


Unbreak My Heart Ratings are Music to Lifetime’s Ears

Lifetime’s Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart biopic was a ratings winner for the network. According to published reports, the two-hour movie event drew just over 3.6 million viewers and averaged a 1.8 in demo. Nielson also revealed the biopic to be cable’s top-rated movie in key demos since the January 2015 premiere of Lifetime’s original movie Whitney, which drew 4.5 million viewers. Unbreak My Heart also dominated social media, securing an 18% share of all Twitter TV activity.

Next up for Lifetime, a rumored deal in the works to secure the rights to the life story of disco icon Donna Summer. There are also rumors the network is angling to do a biopic of singer Britney Spears. And while Britney’s camp is reportedly not interested, Donna’s husband reportedly wants his wife’s story told, but is pushing to bring it to the either the big screen or HBO.

As for Toni, she recently revealed plans to release a follow-up to her Grammy-winning album Love, Marriage & Divorce.


  1. While Toni’s movie wasn’t bad, it wasn’t that good either. It felt rushed and kind of disjointed. I think someone with more experience and a bigger budget should tackle Donna’s story. Same for Whitney. HBO has bigger budgets. Lifetime tapes their films in two months and have a limited budgets which affects quality. I’m glad the movie was a success though. Good for Toni.

  2. I liked the film for the most part. It was better than Aaliyah and just about equal to Whitney. The TLC biopic on VH1 was better than both. But the Josephine Baker story on HBO was epic. I don’t blame Donna’s husband for wanting HBO do her biopic. They are masters and will do her justice. They’ll also seek out a real actress. All Lifetime’s movies have questionable casting and iffy acting.

  3. I didn’t get to watch it. I would love to see a Donna Summer feature and would like it on HBO or a similar network.

  4. I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was great. Yes it was a bit rushed but I got the gist of it.

  5. @kanyada Donna Summer was my first love when it come to female pop stars. Whenever a plane would fly over my house I would yell “Take me to Donna Summers!” That was before Internet and you saw stars when you saw them. She needs an HBO biopic if it must be tv. Just like Josephine Baker. People forget but that movie was so epic.

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