Toni Braxton’s Yesterday Video

Check out the video for Toni Braxton’s single “Yesterday.” It features the young and sexy Mr. Trey Songz and is the first single from Toni’s upcoming “Pulse” CD.


  1. damn take dat back the two dudes w/out there shirts on yessss!

  2. toni braxton looks horrible. she really has gone and is going overboard with the beyonce hair and the plastic surgery.

  3. There is nothing wrong with being a beautiful 40+ year old woman. She is better than this. The song is nice but she doesn’t need this silly video. Brook Hogan Please give me a break. But this song is really nice. Tony just be you don’t try to be like these slutty looking young girls. You have class and talent you don’t need all that.

  4. Out of all the male singers out there that’s her age that can sing and look good she had to get up on a 12 year old? And that excuse she used on the Wendy Williams Show to kiss that boy at the end of that song on the Soul Train Awards was “BULL”.

  5. I dont like the videos too much either. But I love Toni !!! 🙂
    I’m not too familiar on Trey Song?

  6. One more thing,I’m sorry. With the way a lot of women attacked Alicia Keys about her thing with Swiss Beats and Mashomba, I would think they would be saying the same thing about married Toni Braxton and 12 year old Trey Songs. Wait, my wife just told me he is not 12 years old. Sorry. 15 year old Trey Songs…LOL!!!!

  7. Ummm Trey Songs is 24 years old…so all the jokes about him being 12 are corny…let it go…brother may look 12…but 12 he is not…

  8. Toni has always been sultry…this is very tastefully done…remember, Toni has a pop fanbase too and this is who the song is targeting, not most of us! The lingerie looks like lingerie, BEAUTIFUL…not something from a vegas peep show…some of ya’ll need to check out some old toni…she’s not doing anyone but herself, she was that same girl in the 90s…she’s in her 40s and looks great better than a lot of women half her age…she’s still got it…ask the fellas!…Thank God, white people like Toni Braxton here and abroad, because it would be a wrap for her…black women…black blogs…ya’ll helping to promote artists and ya’ll killin ’em!

  9. Wow, I loved this video!!! True, Toni doesn’t need to sale her music all scantily clad ’cause it’s already good on it’s own, but hey, I don’t blame her if I had a body like that at 40+ I’d have to show it off just a lil’ bit too jk. No but for real, this was a really impressive song AND video. Just beautiful and FIYAH!!!! 🙂

  10. @Cynthia Toni has never been pop. All her music is straight RnB that crossed over to pop. But she is definately an Rn”B singer.

  11. I don’t care if she would look older or chose to have a surgery. Her voice never drop even a bit and I love that!
    Really eagerly waiting til the album come out!

  12. Love the song and it’s classic Toni.

    Don’t care too much for the scantily clad clothing or the weave. She is one of the few people in the industry that can pull off short hair. Hell that’s how she came out. Don’t like the blonde color either. she definitely looks better in darker colored hair.

    Don’t get me wrong, the body is banging, but the long dress with the high split up front she did over 10 years ago in another video. That dress was blue I think. Can’t think of the song right now, but I know it was mid-tempo tune.

    Good luck Toni and I look forward to your album.

  13. Just got it!!! It was the video “He Wasn’t Man Enough”. Robin Givens and the ex-hubby are in it. She wore a blue dress with the split up the middle. I knew I would think of it………..hahahahahaha

  14. Toni looks great trey Looks great. Too bad this song is about her HUSBAND thats “so yesterday!” lol I dunno I think Toni’s a cougar on the prowl.

  15. @Mercifullove, Corny or not, 23 or 24, separated or not. The boy is young enough to be her son. And it was great for them to bring back “The Soul Train Awards”. My concern is that we won’t be talking about it as a major accomplishment and them bringing back such a staple that’s been honored in the black community for years, but talking about it because Toni Braxton chose to air her dirty laundry on the show. Not only did she disrespect her husband, but her family as well. She knew what she was doing and knew it would bring some attention and cause controversy. Handle your personal matters behind closed doors and just use your God given talent. She’s told old for that.

  16. @TalulaZoeApple
    Yeah that was him, and Shannon Brown (who ironically resembles an older Chris Brown). Toni must have a thing for the Lakers:) I aint mad though! But Brook Hogan????

  17. Toni is a beautiful talented woman and one of my favorites but this song has to grow on me. There isnt a real strong melody.

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